A dogs perspective

Bruce heard the jingle of his lead. He cocked an ear to see if it had been an accidental brush by one of the people causing it to jiggle or if it was the promise of a walk. Nobody came through the door to the living room and he didn't hear the lead again. Assuming it had been an accident; Bruce laid his head back down on his paws and resumed watching the baby crawling around the carpeted floor. He was bored. The black box in the corner with a silvery screen that showed sometimes, other animals, sometimes other dogs, but never with any smell other than of heated electrical wires, was flickering to its self with the volume turned down. Bruce kept an eye on the child.

Bi curious? Not any more

Bi-Curious? Not anymore. Okay, so you have read the title and it has caused you to see what the story is about I guess. So, without further ado, I will relate the details as follows: Let's say I'm in my later forties. It is an out an out lie, but for the sake of my ego, please bare with me. I have been married to the same woman since I turned 19. You do the math, but it equates to very many years. During this time, we have managed to produce a couple of kids, bring them up and got shot of them as they branched out on their own.


It took Jon nearly a year to arrange it, but now his careful planning and meticulous timing was coming into fruition. Having past the wrought iron gates and driven down the gravel drive with tufts of grass growing through it, the end game was now in full swing, like a run away juggernaut, it was unstoppable. He could picture when it all started, the re-run going through his minds eye as he drove towards destiny. It seemed that it had been one of those days; one of those occasional days, when anything and everything that could go wrong, would go very wrong. The car had stopped for some inexplicable reason, probably electrical.

A Street Party to Remember

My name is Louisa and i am a happily married woman who enjoys having the occasional affair and extra marital sex with my husband's full consent. I have a good figure for my age as i am over forty; i have pert 36B breasts, a lean 5 foot 7"figure, firm legs and bum. I work out regularly at the gym three times a week. My usual type of guy is young and fit, someone that is looking for a good time and no strings. I do limit myself to one or two sessions a month and enjoy relaying them to my husband whilst making love to him. It's been a while since i put pen to paper about my sex life, but i felt what happened the other day was worth writing about.

Perfect slave

The perfect SlaveDenise really was the perfect slave. The level of submission and compliance was far beyond that of any I had experienced before and I have been training slaves for a long time. The golden rule is establishing a safe word at the very beginning. It can be anything that wouldn't be used in the context of sex so a word like "apricot" is good. Denise had never used her word even though I had taken her to extremes of torment. Never once had she complained when my whip slashed at her skin, raising deep red welts across her tits and buttocks. Using a speculum on her hadn't fazed her at all.

Escort Services

Chapter 1. At last, she allowed him to cum, letting his seed spurt into her mouth in almost painful spasms of ejaculation. Her tight grip at the base of his cock released, allowing the pent up seed to pass, so that it shot through his urethra at blast velocity. His hips bucked involuntarily, raising his narrow cheeks off the stone slab of the poolside paving, his orgasm ripped through his body. Her lips, locked around his purple head, creating a seal, trapping his viscous fluids until she was certain she had it all. Then, as the small tensions subsided, she let his come dribble from between her painted lips, to run down his shaft and coalesce at the base of his shaven cock.

fobidden lust

Her name was alice and she was nervously approaching the hotel door.. inside she knew he was waiting for her luscious body.. she looked herself over once more taken every glance that she could through the fogged up window. he was in the living room of the hotel waiting for her to open the door. she slowly opened the door and there he stood all 5'7 of him and no hair his body was covered in tattoos and she knew she wanted him bad.. her eyes looked him over and over taking in every single inch within her memory. his body was built like a brickhouse and he was very attractive and very tempting. she went over to him and gave him a quick brush hug to not let him know what she was hiding.

I Let My Bosses Husband Fuck Me

It was the evening of the office christmas paty. To avoid any drink driving the event was held in a hotel in the function room and we had all been given suiets to stay the night. After arriving and checking in, my cell beeped it was Andrew my boyfriend it read "cant make it babe night with the boys" what a bastard I had my hair dyed jet black and had got a full body wax and some time on a tanning bed for this. Oh well I'll just go and have some fun I thought.

My Birthday

This was going to be such a great night. Mom and dad were taking me and my boyfriend, Jason, out to dinner for my birthday. Dad said we could go to that super great Italian place called Iliano's, totally expensive. Mom told me to wear something nice cause it was a fancy place so I was going to wear my new blue spaghetti strap dress, I thought it was cool wearing something with spaghetti straps to an Italian place. I was showering, washing my long blonde hair with the new shampoo I got for my birthday. The water was so hot running over my shoulders and tits and back down over my pussy. As I lathered my hair one of my hands cuped my tit.

How I dared to sex with my wife's friend

Hi, this happened a while back. My wife has a really close friend (let's call her Shauna) they met thru' work and have been good friends for about 8 years by now. I have never thought about Shauna sexually until now!! Let me tell you a bit about her, she is 30 years old and about 5'8".she has black hair, blue eyes and tanned, I'd say she is about 140 lbs with a slightly large ass and her breast are big and bouncy. Me, well I'm 5'11" 70kgs, average build and have a 8" cock kept neatly trimmed. Ok, back to the story. Well Shauna invites herself over for a few beers and to stay the night, as her and my wife hadn't seen each other in a while.