The Sex Is So Much Better When He's Mad At Me

I love rough, angry make up sex. The kind of sex that leaves you dirty, sweaty, sore, and breathless. And if I'm being completely honest with you, I admit that sometimes I'll initiate an argument on purpose, just so we can make up afterwards, but last night I didn't have to do that. No, last night I felt the tension as soon as he walked through the door. I was sitting in my office at my computer, paying some bills and sipping on a cup of hot tea. I had my Facebook open and my chat was on. I had been talking to a guy that my husband doesn't particularly care for (and, in his defense, for good reason). This guy that I was talking to (we'll call him Army Guy), he wants to fuck me.

My Fiance's Friend

Cassie was blow-drying her hair, getting ready to go to a birthday party with her fiancé, Pete. Her long blonde hair was tossed by the action of the blow dryer. She stared into the mirror at her body wrapped in a towel. At twenty-five she was quite a hottie. Her blonde hair hung down to her mid-back, her eyes were a sparkling green, her tits were a perky b cup with pink nipples that were notorious for getting hard and wickedly long. She knew even if she wore a padded bra that if she got excited her nipples would still poke out and be noticeable. Since her teen years she had known that was a sure way to get male attention. And she loved male attention.

Failed but fun threesome

Every year my wife and I organise a night out with friends to a random town or city. This year it was to be Manchester. The usual group is made up of twelve to fifteen people, on this occasion it was to be twelve due to other commitments. This group was made up of four couples and four singles two female two male. We all travelled their in our cars and met in the hotel bar after sorting our rooms and baggage. We discussed our food and transportation plans to get into the city centre, then went up to our rooms. My heart started to race as we approached our hotel room as we always have wild sex in every new place we stay.

my train ride

Class had finally ended and I was on my way home. I always took the train back and fourth from home to school three times a week. I always had my ipod and a good book to read when I rode the train. It takes an hr and half to go back and fourth. I always kept to myself and didn't talk to anyone who sat next to me. I checked my watch to see if it was almost time for the train to pull off. I was hoping no one would sit next tome. But he did, he was tall, bald, wore glasses and dressed nicely. He caught my attention and i turned to face him. Hello is anyone sitting here? I looked at him and said no. Usually people didn't ask to sit next to me they just do. But he did which surprised me.

You Better Watch Out

It wasn't suppose to end like this, but maybe it was. Yeah, I was another of those little dicks who wanted it all. You can't fucking have it all, sometimes you can't have any. Sitting in my furnished apartment, all by myself, over thinking how a fantasy can get out of hand, fast, once unleashed. I took a boring, but safe and functional, marriage and destroyed it, all because I wanted to act out my feelings of inferiority, just because my cock is undersized, go figure. It nagged at me from the start of our relationship, that weird game all wimps play, if my attractive, successful wife wants me, a clearly inferior man, then what is wrong with her.

My Husbands best friend

Marco was only supposed to stay a couple of weeks; he was a friend of Mike's from his old school days. He was French, and would come over every now and then to see mike, or Mike would go to France. Marco was fairly well off and didn't need to work, unlike Mike and i, who still had to make a living. We would both go off to work and leave him to his own devices during the week, getting together on the weekends and evenings. Marco was a fairly handsome man, tall, dark hair and brown eyes with a golden tan, got from the many hours spent sunbathing back home.

The Weekend with Moms Boyfriend

Jake's phone buzzed in his pocket as he was driving to his last business appointment of the day. It was his girlfriend, Marsha. He had been dating her for about a month now. They had met at Wal-Mart. He was standing in the check out line behind this hot mom, a total MILF, and her cute daughter. This girl had looked up at him; her head was even with his chest. He had smiled down at her. "Those are cute lil shoes you have on." He had noticed she had on sneakers with bright, lime green stripes along the sole. "Mom bought them for me for the first day of school. I'm not really supposed to be wearing them yet." She smiled with those pretty white teeth and those sparkling green eyes.

My Son Visits From College

Dave was feverishly finishing up a project presentation in his home office while his wife was upstairs cleaning their son's room and making his bed. They had gotten the call from Alan last night that he and his girlfriend were coming home from college for a weekend visit. Alan was a good kid, he got moderately good grades, played on the college lacrosse team, and usually called home regularly. These calls always had the same format - talk to his mother for a while, say "hi" to his father, then ask his dad for money. For Dave, the format was the same too, he would ask about Alan's grades, ask about lacrosse, go to the bank the next day to deposit a pile of money into his son's account.

She's Tempting

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The scent she wore was soft but very alluring. Mocha skin tone with long dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a smile that would light up a room. People couldn't help but greet her every time she came into the building. She only wore platform shoes to work and had a mean walk. She was the only female at the office who wore platform heels. The outfits that she always wore short & tight. Guys in the office turned their heads when she walked passed looking at her small waist, long lean sexy legs, and ass that had guys lost for words. The bra she wore barely held her large melon breast.

Moving Day

The house next door had been vacant for months since the Reynolds moved out. I was standing by the window as the moving van pulled up. It was early and I had just gotten out of the shower, wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt. I watched a Prius pull in behind the van. Some tall skinny guy got out of the van and this hot babe got out of the car. She must have been around 24 years old. She had blonde hair down to her mid back, tits that were an easy c cup just bursting out of her tight little halter, and an ass to die for, round and perky with no jiggle as she moved, this ass just seemed to firmly hold its shape. DAMN. The guy who got out of the van was a couple years older than this babe.