Tails of Horror Return Of The Dark Kingdom

The dark witch and The Huntsmen. An old witch was waking up and slow made her way down to see the sun set when she sat on her front porch. She saw a vile full of a green liquid  and a note on a red piece of paper. She smiled and drank a third of the vile she look at her old self in the mirror and watch her self turn back into a 38 year old women. Caster her daughter spoke. Caster: wow this stuff is amazing. She said after taking the rest of the bottle turn back into a 19 year old girl. Her mother look at her with shock then she read the note. Miss Everdeen: we have work to do. Across the ocean in the us was a run down witch and sorcery academy. The old head master Mr.

Monday mornings.

It was a dull Monday morning as always, me and my sister were getting ready to go to school, we're twins, both 18, she has a slim body with the perfect long bronzed legs, long wavy golden blonde hair that always falls perfectly in front of her eyes, and a dainty size of 5ft 5, me on he other hand, a tall 6ft, short spikey blonde hair, and a well earned 6 pack, I walked past Natasha's room, I noticed she had the door open a little, she must of thought that she was alone because when our parents were in she would always keep the door closed.

So wrong but so right!

It had been a long hard day and finally I was able to put my feet up and was resting when I heard the door slam and the car wheels screech, I was completely clueless about what had happened but when I got up, I had notice my parents and their car had gone. I was worried and quickly shut and locked the door before heading upstairs to check on my sister. She was slightly older than me and was laying on her front in the bedroom, I slowly approached her with a gentle smile and sat down next to her on the best. It was an awkward silence but I explained how bored she was and she suggested something.

Wartime Comforts

After the monstrous Chaos Space Marines had attacked Manorus 4 of the Manorian Star System, Private Drax Weston had been sent out with the third company to protect the planet and it's humanoid occupants. The battle had lasted nearly three weeks but the Adeptus Astartes were successful in pushing the two platoons of world invaders out of the star system. There were nearly sixty casualties and thirty deaths in the Marine's ranks but the mission was deemed a success. The efforts of one upcoming hero in particular caught General Flanning's attention. Pvt. Weston had witnessed his commanding officer's Rhino evaporate under harsh photon fire.

My brother and I

I had woken up to find my mother and step father gone to work; this was always a normal thing at my house. It was always just me and my brother at home. We never really got along, until one day. My mom had just got in from work, carrying a beautiful kitten. I was in awe at the sight of it. My brother and I really loved animals, it was the one thing we had in common above all. We would spend time together playing with the new pet. My mom decided to take a weekend trip with her new husband. Leaving me and my older brother at home alone once again. I knew nothing could go right of this, because now he had started a new habit, placing the kitten on my back while I was trying to sleep.

Mom got hers now Sis turn,Part 2 Having fun with sis,s Ass

Being that mom busy getting her daily dose of black cock,and getting fucked regurally, and Sis is now my slave whore,figured what the heck have fun with her ass too,She was over some of the guys was over Sooo!!!

Eric and Lori

It had all been over so soon, Eric was making out with Donna in his bedroom when he pulled out a dildo. He'd found it in his sister's room the day before and really wanted to try it out on Donna. She was surprised, so much so that she walked out on him, it wasn't that Eric hadn't been to Donna's nether regions before, it was just that she had never seen a dildo before and wasn't comfortable with it. Eric's plan for the weekend had been ruined. His parents were gone and this was the weekend he would have fucked Donna's brains out, but it didn't look like that would happen now... Later that night Eric was on the couch watching some stupid shit on TV, trying to get Donna out of his head.

First Date - Part 2

With Lennie's hand on my cock rubbing and caressing me through my jeans, it was hard to concentrate on driving. Her squeezing and touching were making me so horny that it was going to be a race as what happened first-my coming in my pants or our reaching home. I thought about what might occur after we got to the house and were all alone behind closed doors. Lennie had been very frank in describing what she wanted-to be able to get naked in full light and see and touch each other all over. She had come like crazy from my fingering her pussy and had indicated that she wanted us to go home and to keep on playing with each other until we just couldn't come anymore.

First Date - Part 1

I live on a farm about twelve miles outside of Lubbock, so I guess you could call me a country kid. Other than the bus ride to school and the limitation on extracurricular activities, living so far out isn't bad at all. Our "farm house" is as modern as any you'll find in town, and we have all the conveniences everyone else has. The main restriction of country living has been its effect on my social life. It's a rare occasion for a friend from school to come to see me, and with no neighbor kids any-where near close, Lennie, my yearyounger sister, and I sometimes get a little lonely.

Holiday Romance

My name is Nicole and I live on a houseboat with my parents and my Brother Alex. Our family is naturist in inclination and we spend as much time naked as we can. Alex has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen, blond with jade green eyes and a sharp angular face. His torso is sun bronzed and toned to perfection, he has such a cute pert bum. He has a cock to die for, long, cut and of considerable length, it dribbles pre cum when ever he is sexually excited, which happens to be most of the time.