Mine forever

I have seen a bit of the world and learned a lot of things in my nearly 35 years of existence. There was a lady and her young son occupying the seat in front of me. It was obvious that the lady was tense and nervous. Usually I travel by A/c because of the dust and heat. Generally it was also less crowded and noisy than the sleeper compartment I was traveling in. But there was no ticket available even in the notorious black market and here I was traveling with the 'common' man. The lady was around 40 years old, maybe five or six years older than me. She was a bit on the plumper and darker side, but had a manner of bearing that was very attractive.

Vacant Tryst

It had been a long day and Kari was ready for it to end. She was an apartment asst manager and had been working alone all day. Between the paperwork, complaining residents and constant phone calls she was wore out. Just twenty more minutes and she was off for the next two days. Just then a young woman walked in the door. Kari introduced herself and the woman said her name was Tina. She needed a small one bedroom because she was going to college and didn't want to live with her parents because she wanted to have fun in college. Her parents were going to pay for everything she just had to find a reasonable priced apartment in a good neighborhood.

Strap-on Empowerment

Jill and I were always very open to one another about what turned us on, but there was one thing that I hid from her. I had let one of my previous girlfriends to use a vibrator on me while giving me a blowjob. I guess I was just still unsure if this was ok or if it was something I should keep to myself. I knew one thing, and that was that I did enjoy it. Early on in our relationship we spent a good deal of time talking online and on the phone. It was in one of the conversations that the topic of vibrators and dildos got brought up. I can't remember now who brought it up, but it was most likely me. I was always interested in sex and thought about it a lot.