my time with Dany (part 1)

Me and Dany go way back, we met when we were in Kindergarden and have remained close for who know's how long, this year was when I really started to get interested in her, I noticed she had developed more, her chest jutting out, her butt getting bigger, she was skinny, but in an attractive way, kept fit from her years in track, her raven black hair reaching to the middle of her back, and her skin dark and tan from the time out in the sun.

Sexual Experiences in the Shower!

I approached your house and knocked on your door, as I stood on your doorstep in the cold, I saw a slither of light protruding through the door frame, there was no answer but the door was slightly ajar so I entered. I slowly opened the door and I quickly reached the top of the stairs, I turned right and approached her room, I walked in and saw the pile of clothes on the floor- her tank top and shorts and her lacy bra and underwear too. This led me to the conclusion that she was in the shower, so I quickly left her room and approached the bathroom and I knew from previous experiences that the lock on the door didn't work and also she had a phobia of being locked in a place.

Come fly with me!

I heard the announcement that the gate for our flight was now open. We were first in the queue and there were less than a score of people on the flight anyway which was unusual but it was off peak and early morning. We were shown to our seats, they were on the back row, we had our personal screens on the back on the each of the seats, the toilets were just around the corner from us and the air hostesses was at the other end of the plane. We had some privacy as we were travelling business class whilst only one other person was and he was already falling asleep. There were four rows on either side of aisle between us and the next couple. I stretched out and pecked you on the cheek.

First time for everything!

I walked up and down the pavement outside the house, my palms were sweaty and my heart was thumping. I didn't know if I was ready but I needed this! I was fixated it with it, I'm completely sexually frustrated. I plucked up the courage and strolled up the drive, the car wasn't there meaning that her parents were out and I knocked on the door, looking around precariously to make sure the neighbours didn't see me. She opened the and I saw her, she was leant against a wall as I approached her, she was wearing a long overcoat, she closed the door and smiled at me and enticed me deep into the heart of the house.

You never know what happens in the woods...

I approached you from behind; we were in the woods by your house, the sky was red as the sun was setting, it was warm and I pressed up against you; you felt my muscular hands begin to squeeze your bum. You turned around and clung onto my biceps, I moved closer, my tongue slowly licking your lips and I tightly wrapped my arms around you. The weather began to quickly change, it was still warm but the clouds began to gather and it appeared it was going to rain. You pulled off my shirt, revealing my rippling muscles. Your fingernails ran down them as the heavens opened and you watched droplets of rain slowly run down my body.

Another Rough Encounter

I pushed you against the wall, panting out of breath, I pinned you roughly against your bedroom wall. I noticed the cute innocent pictures of the younger you but now look at the vicious wild sexual girl in front of me. I ripped off your shirt and boob tube and you did the following with my shirt. Sinking your fingernails into the flesh of my back before running your fingers along my chest.

Some Bondage

I began to lead you back to my house, as we approached, I blindfolded you and ushered you inside. I sat you down and removed your blindfold, you soon realised that you were in a bright room with only a chair and some toys on the table. Your eyes widened as you realised you had been gagged and tied up. I began to slowly pull off your clothes; you couldn't stop me even if you wanted me too. You could tell, I wasn't going to; I began pulling off your bikini top, revealing your perky round large breasts. I through it across the room aggressively before i began to slide down your body and pulling your thong off with my teeth. .

Sal's Lover (Alt)

Sal picked up the wall phone on the second ring and tucked it under her chin. "Hello." Her hands were covered in flour and a stray lock of hair got pushed back with her wrist. "I know what you did last summer." The heavily disguised voice announced through the earpiece. "Josh! Hi how are you? Where are you?" Her pleasure at hearing his voice was evident in the immediate flush to her cheeks and breathlessness he always caused. "Hi-ya Sal; I'm downtown and around for a few days; Just wondered if you fancied a meet sometime over the next day or two. I still know what you did last summer though." He laughed in his easy manner; oblivious of the effect he had on her.

Woman at the sex shop

I dont usually stop at Mc Donald's, my doctors, among many, tell me not to. But, I cant help myself. I park in an area facing a strip center that contains "Plezhurz".. a sex shop of sorts. There is a lot of fuckwear and things with feathers attached in the window, and I'm sure, inside are things that cant be displayed in the window. It was fun to watch the people that went there, looking around before darting in. Then a woman walked down the sidewalk towards the store. I was sure she would walk by it, discreetly looking away as she headed to a hair salon or back to her work. She wore a nice black dress, down to her knees. She was slim, a darker blond, streaked a bit, nice, short hair.

Park patrol

Far from the battle fields of the desert in Iraq , I had made it back from hell only to find out that there is a hell of a different kind waiting for me . My young bride had gotten a better offer and hit the road for greener pastures. The war had left me with a permanent limp and so my budding career in law enforcement had been stopped cold before it even started. So here I sit , campus cop at some ag tech college in the middle of some cornfield in Ohio. My nights once clearing streets in Bagdad where now spent breaking up noisy frat parties and coeds screwing in some of the most peculiar paces. But it was a paycheck and along with my disability I was able to live okay.