Wild night at the Office:

It was a long night as usual at the office. As always I was the first to come and the last to leave. I loved my job don't get me wrong but sometimes I wish that I could just take a break. I never really get to do anything because I am always working not like I do much anyways but it would still be nice. As I am putting my things away a knock on my door startles me. It is my boss Mrs. Keisha she was a small woman with thick hips, nice perky tits, sexy full lips, long black hair with caramel skin. Keisha said," I am going to need to see you before you leave from here." I replied," Yes, Mrs. Williams." Keisha was a great site to see I bet if she wasn't my boss I wouldn't like it here much.

Company Picnic

My name is Jessica, just to give you a little idea of who I am, I love sex, I love to flirt and tease but most of all love a good fucking. I guess I've always been a bit of a slut but last summer I really embraced the idea of just enjoying it as much as I could. I'm 5'5 116lbs sandy brown hair, my breasts are a perky 34b, I have a flat abs and keep my pussy neatly trimmed and every one says I have a great ass and I tan really nice. Last summer I had just turned 18 and my birthday was about the same time as my dad's company picnic at a local park. He employs about 75 people so it's usually a pretty good party with every one and their family's playing games and drinking.

Debbie Do Part Two

When I arrived home that evening I had forgotten that Rene was going to be there. Rene was familiar with the hours my job had me keep so no questions were asked. However I had to be mindful that Debbie's saliva and my come may still be obvious on my dick so it was time to be proactive. Rene was the complete opposite of Debbie. Five foot nine, with a shapely large heart shaped ass, and small perfectly formed tits with nipples that became very long and erect with the slightest attention. She rose from her chair and said, "Long day huh. Let me fix you a drink." As she walked to the bar I saw my chance. Rene had showered and was wearing my light blue robe.

Office Tease, Will Learn to Please!

Pressing the enter key, confirming she wished to shut down the company PC, Amy straitened the things on her desk in preparation for leaving for the day. Leaning further over her desk than was completely necessary, her round ass was displayed to it's best advantage in the snug black skirt she wore. Amy knew that she had the attention of at least three of the four men in the office's that surrounded the reception area, where she stood sentry for eight hours a day, answering the phone and typing up reports for the four men that occupied the offices. She gave a barely audible growl of frustration that Mr. Raptic continued to be unaware of her attempts to tantalize and tease.

Jane's story

I turned 19 a few months back and am doing temp jobs between school and university. My new job started a few weeks back and it was a real eye opener for me. I was going to work in a publishing house and I wondered what it would entail. I had just entered the main door when I bumped into a boy I knew from school, he was very fit and it was clear now that he wanted to take me as much as I wanted him We quickly found an empty room and I removed my dress and thongs, I was already wet so I skip foreplay and fucked him hard we both came and fixed up our next meeting, lunch in fact.

Young Widow CH07

That whole next week I was in a pretty bad mood. I stayed away from people outside of work. At the office I tried to be my cheerful, smiling self, but people could tell I was unhappy. Jennifer, my assistant as well as a confidant, talked to me about it on two different days. "It's obvious something is bothering you," she told me in private. "I'm okay," I told her. "Just a lot of things hitting me at once, but I'll be fine.""We should talk. You'd feel better if you got it off your chest," Jennifer responded. "No, I really don't think so. I'd rather not talk about it. It'll be better in a few days."She was a good friend and didn't force me to talk.

Young Widow CH05

After our quick - and separate - showers, we dressed hurriedly and emerged from our rooms just about on time. No-one could guess that I had just woken Tom with a sensuous blowjob. But I had slept in his bed after a great evening of sex. So far it was looking like a nice business trip. We were working with different groups at this company, so we weren't together all morning. I was just finishing lunch in the company cafeteria when Tom came in to eat. We found a chance to talk alone, but tried not to act like lovers. "You certainly are looking radiant," he told me. "You just think that because you've had great sex," I said, teasing. "That is certainly true," he answered.

Young Widow CH04

Doug and I had sex two more times, the first times for me since my husband had passed two years before. I loved it. It was great, I felt so alive again, and now I knew I was fully recovered from my grief. I would never forget, but I was now ready to return to a full life. I also knew I didn't want to stay with Doug permanently. As nice as he was, as good as he had been to me, and as much as I had liked having sex with him, he wasn't the person I wanted to settle down with. Perhaps no-one was. That was something I was still unsure about. I also started to realize I wasn't a prude. I had always thought of myself as a little bit of a prude, except when I was in the bedroom with my husband.