After Amanda got home she stripped down to her panties and laid down in bed. She began to rub her hands up and her ample tits and then slid her hand down to her crotch and reveled in how wet she was. She then pulled aside the gusset and slid two fingers into her still dripping pussy. As she thought about the experience she just had at work she instinctively removed them, brought them to her mouth and reveled in the taste of her own juices mixed with her bosses cum. Susan walked into the office and said "well guys, looks like we're going to be here late tonight. Bob called and said that the office move was pushed up so we have to pack things up".

mouth for rent

I was excited when when Kerry, a former work colleague, phoned me to ask if I would got to an office friday night christmas drink and meet up with everyone I used to work with from the office. Apart from seeing them all again and reminiscing on the laughs and fun we had there, my hubby would be working at the London site and said he would stay over to watch his footy team play on the saturday. I was a bit annoyed at the time but then thought how fortunate that he needn't know that I would be out getting drunk with all the girls, he never did like me going out with them when I worked there as he knew they could be a bit bawdy and he didn't want me being influenced or acting like them!

Shes tempting Part 2

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The first thing people heard was the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. She walked with confidence with her head held high. Next was seeing her caramel skin tone, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair and the curvy shape of her body. Her lipstick color always matched her outfits. She was very attractive, in her late twenties, and single. "Good morning" she would say with a smile to people who were near her. The perfume she wore was soft but, very strong. The females in the office would see the men close their eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of her perfume and then exhale.

Slave: Chapter two

The remainder of the voyage passed by timelessly. It might have been the six weeks it actually was, or six months or years or just a few minutes. Someone marked the days at sea on the base of the mast where it was founded in a complicated joint to the keel board. Victoria didn't bother to look or count the groups of four vertical lines with a diagonal slash across for each completed set. Her passage of time on the voyage was taken up, either sitting alone and silently at the far end of the hold that held just over half of the original cargo, or being violated by her captor who had chosen her body for his own pleasure.

The office

Before you read this, it isn't a stroke story as such. A story with sex in it yes, but not a quick fire wham bam. I thought it best to let you know. The players:Stella was a bitch, pure and simple, a statement of irrefutable fact. Somehow, in her twelve years working at the small Accountancy practice, she had charmed, or perhaps bullied the senior partner into making her the Office Manager. She was the archetype of the Office Manageress. Quite tall, at around six foot, as slender as a rake handle, with hair pulled savagely back into a bun at the back of her head that you would swear was pulling her face out of shape and taking out the wrinkles.

My First Babysitting Job

I was babysitting my young cousins one night at my Father's cousin's house. I babysat for them occasionally and was excited about making some of my own money. The kids were in bed and I was bored and tired, watching T.V.. Michael, the Dad came home and said he was just there to change clothes and then go out again to meet his wife. He came into the living room where I was sitting and asked me a few questions about my day. He asked me to play a quick game of backgammon and I thought that was nice of him. Michael was the husband of my father's cousin. He always seemed really nice. We played a game and talked.

Bossing the boss

I joined the travel agency as an executive. It was run by a lady named Nancy, who in fact was the owner's wife. Since Mr.Philip had a lung problem he never came to the office. Hardly went out from his home even. Nancy was at least fifteen years older than me and not a very appealing lady. She was fairly tall, dark and heavy. Her face was Ok enough, without the padding in the cheeks in fact she would have been passably good looking.

My audition

I was a country boy come to the city for the first time in life, in search of a career. The first job I landed was in a design firm. I breezed through the interview getting a salary much more than I expected. Right from the first my boss seemed to like me and he helped me find an apartment at a very cheap rate. He was very kind to me taking a personal interest in helping me familiarise on the job and learning all aspects of it. He was though a bit on the short side, well built and handsome. A very masculine figure in spite of the pierced eyebrows, single earring, thick gold chain and golden bracelets. I felt proud walking with him when he took me to meet the clients.

Ride To a New Life

It was great news when Tina got the offer to move to Texas for a job that paid almost double what she made. She just had to be there by the following Monday which gave her five days to get there. Buying a bus ticket due to her fear of flying and making reservations at a motel near the her new job, Tina felt she was ready for her new life. Even though she was going to be on a bus for two days she was excited and ready for the new future ahead. The first few hours on the bus went smoothly and she was enjoying seeing the countryside. After a quick bite and a bus change she sat in the back and went to sleep.

The Learning Curve

The summer was ending and once again Rob had to get ready to get back to work. This year would be different, Rob had become the Headmaster of a local prep school and he was looking forward to that atmosphere after 10 long years in the public school system. All administrators had to report a week before the students. Rob got to the office early, wanting to make it his own and meet and greet his staff. He had a morning meeting and headed back to his office. Within the hour a woman walked in the door declaring that she was his executive assistant. He seemed to become immediately attracted to her, but he soon got work back on his mind.