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Trans Secretary

"Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! "Good morning, Mr. Drake," she said in an upbeat voice, "anything special on the agenda for today!?!" Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, "Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay!?!" "Certainly, Mr.

Cock Whore Gets What She Wants

Well this post is already in the forum section - but for those that dont necessarily go there I decided to post this here as well. THis is not my normal type of story but was done as a request for someone wanting to be degraded. If that doesnt appeal to you, as well as, the rest of the tags above then no point in getting yourself upset from reading this then. If you read it please rate it all. It lets those of us that write if you like our time we put into something and takes so little of yours to click yes or no. Comments are always welcome too. Anyways ... Had been watching you at the beach. Your bikini barely covering the parts of your body it is supposed to.

Summer Love

It was summer. I had just graduated from high school, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I'm a tall guy, around 6'3, and I'm of average build. I have dark hair, brown eyes, and I'm tan year round. I never really had any trouble with girls in high school, having a long term girlfriend once, and a few short flings. I loved girls, I never thought of anything but them, but for some reason, I had a nagging longing in the back of my head for a man. I don't know if it was so much wanting a man, but wanting a cock. I would often play with my butt while masturbating, and I'd even gone so far as taken a few vegetables out of the fridge to penetrate myself with.

Best Buds

"yo, you about mate?" "What ya looking for?" "Ten" "Five mins, usual." There I was going to pick up yet another ten bag of weed. Why?? You ask! I'll tell you why. It started last summer. I had just turned 18, was 5ft 7 medium build, short brown hair and bright blue eyes. It was summer break and one of my good friends Callum, was back in town from uni, so naturally we arranged to meet up. Should this be a good time to mention that Callum is hot as fuck?? Oh yes... I'm gay... Callum is around 5 ft 9 slim, tight ass, long dark brown hair and facial stubble to die for.

The Sex Tutor: Our First Date

It's Friday night, and we are getting ready for our first "date" with Lacey. She and I decided that it would be a little bit more fun if she invited another guy along for our first outing. His name is Pete, and he is very sexy. Built like a god, and well enough endowed to take care of both of us girls for the night. He is not gay, but does not mind having a guy suck on his dick from time to time, as long as there are females playing as well. This worked out perfect for my purposes, as I wanted to be the first one in this adventure to fuck my husband up the ass with my 8 inch strap-on.

An Unlucky Game of Cards?

He felt himself in such a quandary and was unsure of the exact moment in which he felt the night take a turn for the worse to put him in such a position. He tried to reflect back on the night and figure out just where things went awry...

Back to Brazil!

There may be no sight sexier to me than a woman with her feet off the edge of the bed, on her knees and.... her tits! Think on that a moment. Get the image....knees apart on the bed and tits on the bed. To be in that position a woman must arch her back severely offering her ass so exposing her asshole and pussy to her lover. Nothing better. Except maybe having two young children; her little girl and her little boy on either side of her in exactly the same position with me standing up right behind them. OMG!

My First Cock

I have dreamt about cocks for a long time. I tried to imagine what other guys cocks look like and what they would feel like to hold but when I was younger I could never imagine I would go any further and actually get to hold one, let alone suck it. I would surf the internet for hours looking at straight porn but I would always find myself finishing off on gay sites or chat rooms, looking to see as much cock as I could. I always found I could get a better hardon looking at guys jacking off than I could watching a m/f fuck frenzy. Anyway....I suppose it all really kicked off when I passed my driving test, at last I had the freedom I needed.

Rommates with Benefits - The Pool Party

When I left off with the last story, my roommates Jenny and Amber, who were mother and daughter, were standing in the kitchen with me, all of us nude. The three of us had just had an incredible sex session together and were recuperating from all the physical exertion. After we had a refreshing drink in the kitchen, we decided to take a shower together in my master bathroom, which was large enough to contain the three of us comfortably. It was fun, we soaped each other up and generally teased each other while we were in the shower. First I thought we would end up having some more sex after drying up, with all the continued visual stimulation.

How Good it Felt...

It was a cold October, my friend John and I had just gotten off the bus as we walked toward his house, I told John that when we get to his house we should look at his dad's porn stash since he was away on a business trip. Many times I had asked John to but he never did want to. John said that if his mom caught him we would both be in a lot of trouble. I told him not to worry, that when we hear her get home we can turn off the video and put it back. John was a bit skeptical but agreed. As we were getting closer to the house I asked him if he had ever seen a girl naked. He simply said no and that he was not that eager to.