Bisexual Male

Best Friends

They were friends for over 30 years, you could say best friends, sharing every conversations, and at time in great depths. It was one of those mind meeting conversations the start of the fantasy was created. This was to be the most imaginative venture they had ever come up with. I'm a smaller slender male, 5'7", 180 lbs,32" waist, and I must say not in bad shape for the age of 55, a slight belly and receding hair line.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true story) "part 2 of 3"

John turned round as he walked away, Looking forward to meeting you again "he said" louise replied, It will be in your wet dreams tonight!. He laughed and said "Yes Probably" & thanks again. Louise waved bye bye! we drove away. "OH MY GOD, Where the fuck! did you find him?", she said"I laughed" A dogging site! "I replied". DOGGING? "she said" (with a confused look on her face). I explained what i was told about dogging from a friend at work. She said, So you joined a dogging site? "laughing""I said" YEAH, When you told me the other night you didn't know how you would react if one of those lads had grabbed your top to get your tits out i wanted to make it reality for you.

Park patrol

Far from the battle fields of the desert in Iraq , I had made it back from hell only to find out that there is a hell of a different kind waiting for me . My young bride had gotten a better offer and hit the road for greener pastures. The war had left me with a permanent limp and so my budding career in law enforcement had been stopped cold before it even started. So here I sit , campus cop at some ag tech college in the middle of some cornfield in Ohio. My nights once clearing streets in Bagdad where now spent breaking up noisy frat parties and coeds screwing in some of the most peculiar paces. But it was a paycheck and along with my disability I was able to live okay.

Failed but fun threesome

Every year my wife and I organise a night out with friends to a random town or city. This year it was to be Manchester. The usual group is made up of twelve to fifteen people, on this occasion it was to be twelve due to other commitments. This group was made up of four couples and four singles two female two male. We all travelled their in our cars and met in the hotel bar after sorting our rooms and baggage. We discussed our food and transportation plans to get into the city centre, then went up to our rooms. My heart started to race as we approached our hotel room as we always have wild sex in every new place we stay.

You Better Watch Out

It wasn't suppose to end like this, but maybe it was. Yeah, I was another of those little dicks who wanted it all. You can't fucking have it all, sometimes you can't have any. Sitting in my furnished apartment, all by myself, over thinking how a fantasy can get out of hand, fast, once unleashed. I took a boring, but safe and functional, marriage and destroyed it, all because I wanted to act out my feelings of inferiority, just because my cock is undersized, go figure. It nagged at me from the start of our relationship, that weird game all wimps play, if my attractive, successful wife wants me, a clearly inferior man, then what is wrong with her.

Good Samaritan

The highway wound through the country. Everywhere there was pitch darkness. Off and on lights from vehicles in a hurry came up behind me, before swerving to the right overtaking me and accelerating off into the horizon. I was feeling thirsty. I badly wanted a fag and more than that I was feeling very horny. It was almost a month since I had sex. I reached a bus station where there were a couple of shops and a small restaurant. I stopped to have a cup of coffee and got into a conversation with the restaurant owner. He pointed to a youngster sitting at the end table. "Look at that kid there. He's studying in one of the colleges nearby and they are having their hols.

Bi curious? Not any more

Bi-Curious? Not anymore. Okay, so you have read the title and it has caused you to see what the story is about I guess. So, without further ado, I will relate the details as follows: Let's say I'm in my later forties. It is an out an out lie, but for the sake of my ego, please bare with me. I have been married to the same woman since I turned 19. You do the math, but it equates to very many years. During this time, we have managed to produce a couple of kids, bring them up and got shot of them as they branched out on their own.

The Game

My day started off like all the others, cleaning and doing laundry. My boredom was really starting to drive me insane. I had today off work, while my boyfriend was gone. Nothing to do, not even any hot action between our sheets. My pussy ached with the normal need for attention. I could always use my jack rabbit like I did for just these occasions, but I wanted a real dick. I could already feel the hot, thick, smooth cock as it slid inside my tight opening. But, I knew that would have to wait. I only had a few hours to go, so I decided to play some solitary. A couple of hours went by and I heard my boyfriend's car pull in the driveway. My pussy screamed for him to take it.

My brother and I

I had woken up to find my mother and step father gone to work; this was always a normal thing at my house. It was always just me and my brother at home. We never really got along, until one day. My mom had just got in from work, carrying a beautiful kitten. I was in awe at the sight of it. My brother and I really loved animals, it was the one thing we had in common above all. We would spend time together playing with the new pet. My mom decided to take a weekend trip with her new husband. Leaving me and my older brother at home alone once again. I knew nothing could go right of this, because now he had started a new habit, placing the kitten on my back while I was trying to sleep.

Disney Vacation

This past week, my family and I went to Disney world for vacation. When we arrived at our hotel, I soon realized there were lots of girls staying there and they were barely wearing anything while at the pool. Even when getting on the buses to go to the parks, they wore short skirts and tight shorts. Up til leaving for the trip, I had already been horny. This definitely was not helping the horny situation. You see...My wife and I have been together for 20 years and sex is not one of my wife's priorities. I would spend the day in Disney, staring at tits, ass, legs, and lips. I would take my shower in the late evenings when the family layed down to go to sleep.