My First Experience Part 1

My name is Jay a young n sexy guy. I am 24 years old at that time. I'm from Surat, India. I had many experiences since I attained my adolescence and most of them you must have gone through my stories posted here. I hope, you have enjoyed them all. Once again I have come with a new one for you all to share with. One of the sexiest among them, which I was thinking to share since a long time, is here. It's in 5 parts to conclude my experience in detail. This happened to me when I was 23. I was staying in my Mom's sister's (Aunty) house in the city attending interviews. My uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunty was 31 years old that time.

My family is full of freaks

My cousin and i had the typical relationship. We never really hugged each other or said i love you to one another. One day we were at my grandmothers house. Her grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. We would always go to the basement and watch tv because it was a old house and there was nothing much to do. At that age we were both sexually curious. I had tried masturbation as every teen boy has. My cousin and i were rough housing and wrestling on the ground and i accidentally grabbed a hold of her breast. She was shocked and so was i. I didnt know what to say but i released it quickly. At that time i was ridiculously horny. So i tried grabbing it again.

Aunty(mother's younger sister)seeking sperms from father and son

I have first time read a story of newly wed Bengali lady fucked by her father in law ,while she was demanding more and more and expressing her happiness in Bengali. I liked the story very much and feel encouraged to share my personal experience with my aunty (my mother's younger sister) who is 13 years younger than my mom and very beautiful. She is 30 and married for last 5 years and still childless. Her husband is business man and remains busy in making money. She got herself medically examined by an expert male gynecologists, who declared that she fit to bear child but the sperm count of her hubby is very low. She was advised to take help from semen bank to get conceived. But she refused f...

Sex with my neighbor

This incident happened when I was 22 yrs old and was working with a private firm as an Engineer. Sunita aged 26 yrs was my neighbor; she was a widow with 2 children aged about 6yrs and 4yrs respectively. Let me tell you about her physical appearance, she was a very slim lady and you can't guess her age by her looks. Her height was 5'7", complexion very fair, very slim, and having a figure of 32-26-36. She had very long hairs. I shifted to this place just 6months ago at apartment in Kolkata and Sunita used to stay with her parents and her brother just in front of our flat which was on the first floor.

Fucking My Friend's Hot Mom

One day, while I was in high school, on my way home from soccer practice, I stopped off at my friend Pankaj's house to see what he was planning on doing over the weekend. I rang the doorbell, and his mother answered the door, dressed in a pair of shorts, and a vest. His mom was a total fox, tall and slim with blonde hair. It was hard to believe that she had a son my age. "Hi Mrs. Sonia," I said, as I my eyes roamed over her body seeing how well she filled the shorts and vest that she was wearing, "Is Pankaj here?"If she noticed me checking her out, she gave no indication of it, and she replied, "No, I'm afraid he isn't Dave. He has gone to movies with Steven.

My aunty my love

Hi readers, this is Jay once again with a brand new incident. This incident has happened a long back. So I am narrating the same and we have a group of 5 friends. One of them was Pratik and he had lost his father due to heart attack a few years back. His mother's name was Yogita and at that time she must be around 40-42 years of age after death of Pratik's father, we used to go to his home so often just in case, Yogita aunty need any help. So, one day, after coming from my college, I had my food and went to Pratik's home. Pratik opened the door and took me in. We then went to his room and were talking to each other.

My Wild Sexual Experience Part-1

My sexual experience it was just two days before my twenty first birthdays. I was very excited and making plans to celebrate it in a memorable way with my friends. So after coming back from school, I quickly finished my home work and rushed to Udit's place to give finishing touch to the plans and to finalize the list of invitees. Udit is my next door neighbor, my class mate and among one of my best friends I had at that time. He was not at home. When I rang the call bell, to my surprise the door was opened by Udit's aunty from Dubai, always bringing chocolates for us during her every visits over here. Oh! It's you aunty. When did you come?

My true sex encounter

For the past one week since my wife went to her parents I found this Site and started taking out prints of various stories available on the site. Few of them I found were matching to my first experience in sex with my bhabhi. After a long thought I decided to share it with you. At that time I was 17 and was in 11th standard. I am now 31 and she is 37. I still look for girls/ladies for fucking and sucking. Till my marriage I have not had any sex other than my wife. Still I want to have with someone who wishes to have it. What happened on one day after marriage of my brother, my newly wedded bhabhi came out of her bedroom and saw me sitting on the drawing room.

My First Experience Part 4

My Cock entered in to her. Then she started moving up and down and started acting like a Grinder running. I kissed on her mouth and pressing her jumping breasts so hard. My cock was splitting her pussy in two parts and she was moving like she wanted to break my Dick. "Ssssh. huh! Humma! Amaaaaaaaaee haaaaaaa. It is good. Hold on to that Jay" She was mumbling. I was holding her body with my legs. Her body was shivering and shaking. I found that she was going to cum. I cooperated with her to get her orgasm. She was in climax and her body started leaking Sex juices and at the same time I gunned my cum in her.

My First Experience Part 3

She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it. "Uughh Aunt! Suck It" I urged, my dick pulsing in my own Aunt's mouth, I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn't thinking about anything else but sucking my cock, she gripped my cock shaft tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me, I looked down watching my Aunt suck on my hard meat, I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft, and I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. "Aunt I'm going to cum!!" I moaned, I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk.