At Work


After Amanda got home she stripped down to her panties and laid down in bed. She began to rub her hands up and her ample tits and then slid her hand down to her crotch and reveled in how wet she was. She then pulled aside the gusset and slid two fingers into her still dripping pussy. As she thought about the experience she just had at work she instinctively removed them, brought them to her mouth and reveled in the taste of her own juices mixed with her bosses cum. Susan walked into the office and said "well guys, looks like we're going to be here late tonight. Bob called and said that the office move was pushed up so we have to pack things up".

Pocket Rocket

My cell phone beeped it was Kara my wife "B late wrkin late" it read. Kara and I have been married for four years now ,she was a bit of catch shes 24, large firm breasts, flat stomach, tight little ass,dark brown long hair,lovly tan,fully waxed body,beautiful brown eyes and a personality that attracts everyone. She only stands at 5' tall and in her teen years was a bit of a naughty girl with the boys, and a right goer earning her the nickname "Pocket Rocket" but since we got married he's stayed on the straight and narrow. Kara does work late at the office she is employed at off and on so no biggy I thought, as I lay down on the couch and dozed off to sleep,and slipped into a lucid dream.

Ex friend's Ex wife

Often in life you meet that woman you dream about fucking, yet you know you never will. Then life throws a few twists at you and all of a sudden you find yourself with your stiff cock spewing cum into her. You are in heaven, then you start thinking of the many times you will enjoy that pussy only never to get near it again.Ok, you think that I was a bad fuck or something. No not at all.They disappear, move on or out of your life. Maybe you were just there at that one special moment. Ok, maybe you made sure you were around for that one special moment of hers when she would drop her defenses. Through many conversations, you laid the groundwork so you could lay her. Then the defenses go back up...

Fucking my Optometrist

This story is from about seven years ago now. I was still in my 30s; just and had been single for a while - indeed celibate for about a year! I broke this particular fast in a most startling and unexpected fashion. It's true, that the most spontaneous sex is always the best, particularly when there's an element of the taboo. As there was here. I was due for my eye test at the big opticians in town. The card came through the door to say that I had not had my eyes checked for a couple of years and was now due. I didn't think my eye sight had deteriorated but I was ready for some new spectacles and made an appointment over the phone.

Calory Burning!

Well my job was based around exercise which was why I love my job. I love exercise, I love the burning sensation run through my muscular arms as I lift the weights and ignore the admiring advances of the women in Lycra to my left, I focused purely on pulling this heap of metal up and down until I was completely sapped of energy. After month after month of consecutive gym sessions on a daily basis, I was approached by a sharp looking woman in a business suit who proposed that I should become a personal trainer. I mean I get to exercise more and the gym was my social habitat; one that I thrived in as I could return the seductive gazes and join in with the banter thrown around but I didn't have any other alternative so I bit her hand off.

Maybe one more massage!

It was my last client of the day and I was dreading it, I could see the snow beginning to fall against the window and I knew that if I wasn't carefully, I could end up being snowed in at work and I couldn't think of something worse. I did decide however to make an effort as I lit the candles and let the aroma of vanilla drift through the air and fill the room. The room was nice and warm and I was ready as I stood there in my plain white uniform. I heard the bell ring which indicated the door had been opened and stepped out expecting to be rubbing the muscle of yet another strapping young lad who'd pulled something whilst playing some sort of exercise but I couldn't have been more wrong!

The Client

Everybody likes to fuck, and fat chicks are no exception. Most people balk at the idea of laying the wood to a fatty, but if you can get over the outward appearance, you can get some of the best pussy you ever had. These chicks might not be much to look at, but they'll drain the cum out of your nuts like a champ if you let them. Let's take Marsha for instance. She's the typical worker you'll find in just about any office. She's about 45, and overweight from years of sitting at a desk. Marsha's friends from work decided one day to give her a little present. They found a cute guy to give Marsha a little lovin'.

Can I Watch

Sarah worked as a maid at a hotel in New York City. Sarah's work keeping the rooms clean didn't bring her into close contact with the guests often, but on occasion she would get the chance to interact with some of them. Jason and Shawn, at least those were the names they put in the guest register, had been regular guests at the hotel for about a year now. They were both high profile professional athletes, Shawn was a defensive back for the Giants and, Jason an outfielder for the Mets. They would always arrive at the hotel separately, check in, and invariably wind up in each other's room.

Park patrol

Far from the battle fields of the desert in Iraq , I had made it back from hell only to find out that there is a hell of a different kind waiting for me . My young bride had gotten a better offer and hit the road for greener pastures. The war had left me with a permanent limp and so my budding career in law enforcement had been stopped cold before it even started. So here I sit , campus cop at some ag tech college in the middle of some cornfield in Ohio. My nights once clearing streets in Bagdad where now spent breaking up noisy frat parties and coeds screwing in some of the most peculiar paces. But it was a paycheck and along with my disability I was able to live okay.

Shes tempting Part 2

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The first thing people heard was the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. She walked with confidence with her head held high. Next was seeing her caramel skin tone, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair and the curvy shape of her body. Her lipstick color always matched her outfits. She was very attractive, in her late twenties, and single. "Good morning" she would say with a smile to people who were near her. The perfume she wore was soft but, very strong. The females in the office would see the men close their eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of her perfume and then exhale.