They lay, entwined, with arms and legs clasping each other, sharing the afterglow that their sex always gave them. The dark was complete now, total blackness, leaving their sense of sight useless. They had watched the embers of the fire wink out, one by one; tiny sparks of orange that stayed bright until its dying second. The fire had warmed the cave walls, the rock absorbing the heat to radiate back throughout the night, keeping them comfortable in the ambient coolness of the outside. Their coupling had to be carefully done now, almost choreographed, where the life growing inside her, was making it uncomfortable for any other position than his entry from behind while she lay on her side.

Start of My SEX Journey

HiThis is Raaj(name changed due to some security purposes)Age:25(right now) in my 22(I have started my sex journey)Height : 6.1 Color : Fair Hair : Curling BlackBody type : Fit atheleticBefore Going to the story please excuse me if I made anySpell mistakes because iam not an distintion student. Now I will start the storyIn my 22(age) iam in ending stage of my graduation in my small town by the name nellore in andhra pradesh. That day morning I have got a call from banglore .That Call brought me a bad news one of my relative uncle in banglore Has died due to heart attack.I never expected iam going to Have some special in my life.

Wet Dreams

I know there has to be something wrong with this apartment. No one rents out a huge loft like this for one-tenth of the market value unless it's haunted or something. But since I haven't found a steady job yet, I don't really have a lot of options. This is all that I can afford. I search the place thoroughly, but I can't find anything obviously wrong with it -- no rats, no roaches, no bloodstains, and the plumbing and electricity both work. I go to bed feeling extremely lucky. When I wake up, though, it's a different story. My asshole is sore, like I've been ridden hard, but I broke up with my boyfriend months ago and haven't been laid since.

The AC Guy

My childhood was not normal, typical childhood. As most kids were chumming around with others, I ended up spending most of my time at home or with my dad or uncles. Interestingly enough, I went a number of times with my dad to his favorite hangout; a friend of his operated a gas station that was frequented by truckers. So, by the age of 13, I had been exposed to every known word in the book, along with stealing some glances at the magazines that they had there. Seemed like some of them used used "fuck" for every other word coming out of their mouths. Needless to say, this left me with an idle curiosity of women as a whole.

Brief Visitor

I waited for the girls to pick me up and watched TV. There was some news about abnormally high solar flares or some such thing, and that the weather forecast would be a bit shaky since several satellites were malfunctioning. Anyway, I soon heard a car-horn from outside, and grabbed my backpack, said quick goodbyes to my parents and promised to get to a phone or something if something happens, etc. Once outside I threw the backpack into the car trunk and jumped into the back seat. And so our little trip out of the thrills of civilization started.

evil kingdom breeding night

The young prince was fall a sleep after 1 hour past he turn in to. A evil demon his long spike tail his golden horns about a foot tail come out of his head his eyes were glowing red his skin was dark black with a tribal marks in gold shining like a candle he is about 9 feet tail the golden queen come down the stairs with a group of young villagers about 8 in all hello my queen he said it be a long time yes the queen said to long is see looking at his cock I see ur looking fine as always Darkcon yep he said walking over to the bed the first girl come over skipping all the way.

dragon 2 party night

When he get home in his mustang hi mom sorry I am late it ok I half to fly out tonight I be back Monday bye mom she leaves he go up to his sister room her and je friend are watching a movie hey come see the basement hey a hout tub wow u di this yep we need a party good weds day bring ur friends yess they smile let get in go a head I make us some drinks soon they were his to command how many are coming nine good he pick up a cell phone call.

dragon boy

adsorbed he wach and then an evil sprit suck his souls out the boy look down the smile evil and walks to a ware house the knocks a young girl say who is the door open by it slef she shock my my lord he smack her on your bitch her mom walks over soory she need manner sorry u early we were not expecting ur for anther 3 years no excuses he look around I need to breed soon my ready the sacrifices yes my lord come my daughter no leave her she need a lesion she walk away don't worry I won't kill her she look scared then horrified as he glows red now bitch time to teach u a lesion u will never forget his tongue split I...

Breeding Station

Valerie was the rookie of the exploration team. They left her behind to take care of the mothership while the rest of her crew landed on the planet to explore an abandoned space station. The large old structure was not registered in any of the federation charts and it wasn't sending any identification signal as was mandatory for every civilized construction. The team had been gone for three days and Valerie was bored out of her mind. She just walked around in her underwear feeling sexy, checking the monitors in the command center and hoping this mission would end soon. Why are they taking so long to check the station? It didn't look that big in the structure scan, Valerie wondered.

Alien Seduction

Tom was sitting on his porch, drinking a beer, when he saw the strange lights in the sky. They seemed to be in a circle and they blinked blue, yellow and red. They didn't look like any plane he'd ever seen before. He headed off into his cornfield to get a better look. Walking between the long, straight rows of prime Iowa corn he kept one eye on the sky. It was still there and, if anything, the circle seemed to be getting bigger. Whatever it was seemed to be coming closer to the ground. A white light began glowing in the center. Darned, if it didn't look some kind of flying saucer, Tom thought. He saw a thick beam of white light and then his world went black.