Jeff and his Daughter part 2

Jeff looked a little surprised but it only slowed his fucking by a little bit. "Expecting some one?" He asked? "Oh yea dad, Caitlyn said her dad had that thing you need done, and was going to bring it by today." Jessica breathed in between Jeff's thrusts into her love slot. "Should we move some where more private?" Jeff asked. "No, Caitlyn's cool. If your lucky maybe she'll join you." I said putting the camera down and walking to the kitchen to answer the door. Caitlyn had what we had been waiting for. Her dad, Mark, had been editing the photos and video for maximum effect and sent his 22 year old daughter to deliver it.

Making Mom my Sex Slave,and intrducing her to gangbanging,part 2 introducing mom to female bisexuality

As you read and know mom is my sex slave,I fuck when I want and where,given a gangbang with a few friends,gave her others but will write about that later,now that I had guys fuck her I wanted to try something different,she is anti gay bi tv tg and cd,which bothers me I am not gay or bi but friends that are a little of everything I mentioned, sooo, I figured it was time to introduce her to bi life and I just the female for it.

The Magic Girls 4 - Midnight Snack

Cindy continually found herself tossing in turning in her bed, rolling her sheets blankets about as she lie half covered by them. In her pink tank top and her tiny spaghetti string panties, she lie their sweating and unable to keep her eyes closed. Her sexy curves and bare skin glistened as the powerful moonlight poured in the window. Her perfect ass cheeks seemed to glow as their round curves bounced the white light off of her skin. Uncomfortable with the night air, Cindy tossed onto her back. She found herself staring up at the ceiling in her massive bed, her sweaty cleavage spilling out of her tiny pink tank-top.

The Magic Girls 3 - Veronica's Secret

Cindy was having a very difficult time accepting who she was and where her life was going. Cindy sat on her bed in the late morning with her legs folded over. She just sat there and tried to grasp the last few months of her life. Her friend Hannah had paid her a quarter million dollars just to quit her job and stay at home, among other things. So for the past month, that's what Cindy had done; stayed at home. She had little to no contact with the outside world, and had not seen Hannah since her last amazing day of work. It was over these months that Hannah had even helped Cindy perfect her body to that of a super model or a porn star.

The Magic Girls 2 - Day Dreaming

It was almost ten at night when Cindy stepped into her apartment, tired from the day's work. She had been running around all day since eight in the morning, and wanted nothing more than to just go to bed and sleep a long gloriously sleep. She didn't even bother to turn the lights on her apartment or check anything at all. She merely stepped into her bedroom, dropped her purse and suit jacket onto the floor. Sleeping had slowly become Cindy's favorite thing to do over the course of the last month, and Cindy wasted little time in getting into bed. She stripped down to her tiny blue panties and slowly pulled on an old T-shirt over her C-cup breasts.