My fantasy with beautiful young maid

I am a married man staying with my wife who is a teacher. Our children are studying and we stay together. I am 40 and my wife 33 and we have a very satisfying sex life. But I am always horny when alone... We have a maid called Amisha; she is wheatish, 23 years old and has a sad past. When she was in school and 13 a boy eloped her and made her pregnant with a baby girl. After six month he left her and got killed in an accident. She wants to marry again, hasn't found a man yet though we have arranged a children's home for her child. So she stays with us, she takes care of her body nicely. I work most of the time from home on net and so alone at home with my wife and kids at school.

My Encounter with Hot Babe

My name is Jay, I live in Bangalore. I'm a 21, good looking guy with a cock of good size: it is about 10 inches long. My first time with a woman was about 3 months ago and it was after a night out in a club. Well, I had sex with a woman 15 years older than me and was not satisfied. She was all drunk and horny and every time she kept trying to lick my ass. Since that bad night I had not had sex at all, and from this point I was a bit disappointed and regret about my life. Being a pretty attractive man (most of the girl I know say that) I never occupied myself finding a girlfriend, though I should. One day, I was hungry, and so I went down to my usual cafe about 2 blocks away.

Syndee Gets Serviced

Laren was the guy who worked for a service company and came to service our business. We have always flirted and had some fun but nothing really happened till one day he cornered me at work and kissed me. I wanted to so it was easy to put myself in that situation. We began to see each other and have even more fun. Later I told my husband that he was servicing me on the side. Not that he minded, but I know he likes to see me being fucked by other guys. I wanted to tell him of the first time we got together so I told about him about how Laren had called and wanted to come over a couple of times this week. I told him how I agreed today and met him wearing a see-thru shirt, a thong and jeans.

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It was a friday night and things were set for sis to please tasha me and then get gangbang from some big black cock,tash had shown up early she looked hot in her tight jeans and tight blouse wanted to fuck her then but I felt it might cheapen the thrill of sis pleasing her,so we waited for sis to show,she came about an hour later,and told her to strip naked and get into bed she was going to please tash then me she begged plese no told no either get undress or we,ll do it for you she did,tash got nake and got into bed told sis start pleasing her,she said please no,I smacked her ass,told her we,ll spank you,and see if you change your mind I want first

My sex encounter with female car customer

I was working as a sales manager at a car dealer shop. On this day, a young and smart girl, probably in her 30's came into the dealership to buy a low-priced car for getting her to and from her job at a motel where she worked in housekeeping. After a quick presentation of an older model Ford Escort, she agreed to a price on the condition that the car drove alright. I got in the car with her, Jaya was her name, and we headed out onto the highway. Jaya was pleased with the car and besides it was the only one I had that she could afford with the small amount of cash that she had. Yeah, she exclaimed, I think I like this and I know it would get good gas mileage. I'll take it.

Betting Kara

This is the third story in the Kara series....following 'Meeting Kara' and 'Hot Tub Kara' I have been seeing Kara for several weeks now. I am a 41 year old male and Kara is a 19 year old college student I had met while buying a TV. I don't want to say that it has been an all sexual relationship, but we have enjoyed each other sexually. I also believe that we have connected on an emotional level. We have enjoyed each other's company, both believing each other is fun to be around.

A hot experience never before

Initial years of our marriage were rather dry with both being illiterate in terms of sex life. We just did it for the sake of doing it. She was also totally unexposed to sex. I had to show and teach her everything. I am sure, many of our fellow Indian's go through the same situation. Slowly, I started to feel more and hornier, but my wife was not achieving that state of sexiness. I found out that likewise she is very hot but keeps herself covered and quiet. I decided to train her fully to make her just like any foreign lady, which I liked very much. It took years of trial and error and efforts and today the results are mind-blowing. I am narrating most of the things here. I need your feedbac...

the bet

The day was hot Jill was in the pool look out in the Nabors yard watching a young hot teen male named brad play foot ball with his friends she look over at Tina who the new hot guy she says that's brad he so not ur type. Why that she says. He real church fanatic if u what I mean he try's to convert even girl into a nun. Hey marry a young hot black girl says I have an I deal u should ask him out with that Tina and Marry were laughing Kim join them a hot tall black hair girl who tits and big and fake sounds like Jill has a crush. Ok Jill says I get him to fuck me tonight want to make a bet. Fine all the girls says but not just u all of us.

How my sex inclination started?

My uncle lives 2 streets away from our house and my auntie lives in another town. My uncle hired a maid servant to cook for him and do the household. She is very young and hot. My uncle, who is always horny, did not have the courage to tell the maid servant that he wanted to fuck her. So he got me into the house and told me that he wanted to have her and that I suggest a way for him to approach her. As per the plan, my uncle started touching my private parts when she was just walking into my uncle's room with his afternoon tea. That was just enough to turn her on.

Nidhi My Sex Trainer

Hi sexy guys and gals, this is Jay from Surat, Gujarat. At that time I was studying at Bangalore in Engineering College. I came to Surat to meet my parents during my vacations. I am a smart, tall and sexy guy with quite fair in complexion. Well! I am going to narrate a real story of my life which tells you how I had my one of my sex experiences. I live in Surat (Gujarat) in an apartment in which Nidhi (generally I call her Nidhi than aunt) used to live. Nidhi's age is 30(when this incident happened she is 30 and I am 19) with 38 size breasts.