Failed but fun threesome

Every year my wife and I organise a night out with friends to a random town or city. This year it was to be Manchester. The usual group is made up of twelve to fifteen people, on this occasion it was to be twelve due to other commitments. This group was made up of four couples and four singles two female two male. We all travelled their in our cars and met in the hotel bar after sorting our rooms and baggage. We discussed our food and transportation plans to get into the city centre, then went up to our rooms. My heart started to race as we approached our hotel room as we always have wild sex in every new place we stay.

Close friends turn into lovers

My best-friend Mia and I have been close for some time. We haven't seen each other since she left for college and has come back home for the summer. Her parents have gone away for the week and she has the house to herself. Mia invites me over to have a girls night out. It's just her and I drinking and having a good time. I pull into Mia's driveway around 10:35pm at night and I get out the car. I take my over night bag out of the car. I hear Mia coming out the house. She runs to where I am gives me a hug. Jenny, I've missed you so much how have you been? I've been good Mia and you? I'm doing good and I'm glad your finally here!. Mia and I start walking towards the entrance of her house.

Sex with my neighbor

This incident happened when I was 22 yrs old and was working with a private firm as an Engineer. Sunita aged 26 yrs was my neighbor; she was a widow with 2 children aged about 6yrs and 4yrs respectively. Let me tell you about her physical appearance, she was a very slim lady and you can't guess her age by her looks. Her height was 5'7", complexion very fair, very slim, and having a figure of 32-26-36. She had very long hairs. I shifted to this place just 6months ago at apartment in Kolkata and Sunita used to stay with her parents and her brother just in front of our flat which was on the first floor.

My wild sexual experience Part-2

Moreover the more I moved my tongue on that spot the more her body started quivering. Now she removed her mouth from my thing but clasped it tightly with her hand. I understood that my tongue movement on that thing is pleasing her tremendously. I increased the speed of my tongue movement. Later on I came to know that this very sensitive part of a girl's vagina is called clitoris. It contains the same number of nerve endings as on a boy's penis and it has no other function but to give ultimate pleasure. Aunt's entire body was now writhing and quivering with the pleasure that my tongue was giving her.

Game over

Game over. Chris paced the carpet. Driven by the temptation to go back a watch his wife and her lover, but he didn't, knowing that he was most definitely excluded from the action of their bedroom, hearing the squeals of delight, the sighs and sounds of sex coming from the room only a few feet and a couple of doors away from him was pure torment. The television played to its self, unobserved and disregarded as his minds eye played out the visions of what he knew was going on in there. Jacqui's body writhing in its supple way, sweat glistening on her skin as her lover bringing forth another wracking climax from the tongue teasing her swollen clit would be receiving.

You never know a woman

How much do you know your partner? Even in later years, contrary to popular belief, new things can and do happen. We have been married now for many years, enjoyed each others company, grown together, produced our children and basked in the love of our grandchildren. Without giving too much away, our eldest daughter is thirty five and mother of four boys. In those years together, we have played, tried many things, with varying degrees of success. Several of those experiences have formed the basis of stories published to the net on many sites, some of them here.

Yummy Mummy

Jenni is a neighbour of mine. We live in a small estate of bungalows, grouped in a horseshoe at the end of the road. Jenni passed by my place every morning, taking Jessica, or Jessy, as she preferred to be called, to school. Jessica would be bouncing around, constantly chatting and being a normal happy little girl. She would always wave and call out, Hi! I liked Jessy, but my eyes would always be watching Jenni's ass in jeans as she walked on by and thinking how good it would be to have my cock slide between those beautiful cheeks. Most of the neighbours were working and left their houses for the better part of the day while they slaved in offices.

My first time tasting female juices!

First let me introduce myself...I am Jay from the beautiful city Bangalore. I am 29 yrs old male with an athletic body and nice and juicy dick of 8 inches. I am very fond of sex and anything related to sex. You can say I am a sex maniac. I always see sexy ladies in their beautiful dresses and think of having sex with them. I started watching blue films when I was in 8th class and from then I got into the wonderful world of sex. I use to read porn literature and watch adult movies whenever I got the chance. Today I would like to share my experience with a couple which happened to be in Bangalore.

Believing Her Bullshit

Guys, you think you have had more sexual partners than your lady, certainly no fewer. If you have a seven inch cock or bigger, you are sure she has had none bigger. If you have six inches or less, you truly believe that size doen't matter. You've heard the stories that start with: "I've never done that before." or: "I've only done that once before." Or, "No, we never did, we were just good friends." Come on, be honest, you know it's bullshit You believe this because this is exactly what she has told you. That's what Cindy told me.

My friends sexy mom

This story is when I had just finished my college and was around 20 years old. I met my friend Vicky when I was in High School all the way until I finished my college, I used to like spending time at his house, and he was the only offspring of his parents. Vicky was Gujarati. His mother would always wear Sari in Gujarati style. I never looked at his mother Prema sexually until one day when Vicky was at the market and I reached his house and his mother told me he will be back in a little while, she was washing clothes and was a little wet. I sat in the living room and their bathroom was right across where she was bent over and I could see her huge ass jiggle.