Warm Summer Nights and even Hotter days

Well what was I going to do tonight? I wanted the weekend to be exciting. Yet being single and wanting to do something, what some would consider kinky was going to be a challenge. It was hard sometimes nearly impossible getting a couple; give a horny single male the chance. I had my computer so I started to surf the net. I found this web site where I was able to IM them long enough for me to convince them to call and talk to me. I explained even though I had never tried Bi sex before. I had for some time been turned on by the thought of the pleasures of sex with a male and female at the same time. After sending them some pics attached to E-Mails both nude and face shots. They did the same.

8 A.M.

I kept looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until I could punch out. It was 7:55 a.m. and I was ready to go. Now, before I continue, my name is Thomas, and I work 3rd shift. It's usually pretty boring, but today I had plans for the morning after work. Back to the story... the clock turned to 8, and I was on my way out the door and on my way to the best morning of my life. I parked on the curb 3 houses down, turned my car off, and waited. The door opened, and I slid down into my seat to avoid being seen. She opened her car door, got in, and left for work. Five minutes later, I received a text saying I could come in. I ran for the door, unable to wait any longer.

Monday mornings.

It was a dull Monday morning as always, me and my sister were getting ready to go to school, we're twins, both 18, she has a slim body with the perfect long bronzed legs, long wavy golden blonde hair that always falls perfectly in front of her eyes, and a dainty size of 5ft 5, me on he other hand, a tall 6ft, short spikey blonde hair, and a well earned 6 pack, I walked past Natasha's room, I noticed she had the door open a little, she must of thought that she was alone because when our parents were in she would always keep the door closed.

Vacation on Fuck Island

Sometimes you find a place you like to go back to again and again. It's warm, the sand and sea are closeby, people are friendly and wear few if any clothes. That's why Cindy and I went back. It was a place of adventure where couples did things they wouldn't do anywhere else or they would do it here first. Cindy had gone topless then nude in public here for the first time. It was here that we kinda decided to add some new sexual dimensions to our world. It was here that Cindy tried the big black cock thing. We had found this nice resort each building consisted of four efficiency studios.

OMG He had a huge cock

Well my first story to you all, Im kinda excited !! I dont really tell anyone about my lil sex capers ha but I got lotsa them.. SO this one starts this morning, I was going to just get up and go bounce on the trampoline n sit in the sun in my bikini, which I was doing.. Oh I live at home btw but my mom is never home, so I have free rayne until about 8 pm everyday !! woohooo,, anyhow I was walking out to my trampoline and I saw this guy in the alley behind my house doing some mechaniks stuff or whatever..

Fantasy time, me!

Following Mine and Kevins exploits with the fantasy world, and a stud named Gary, i felt it was about time i tried abd lived one of my fantasy's that knowone but me ever knew about, i wasn't sure which one, i just knew, it was time, Kevin didn't need to know everything, besides this one was for me, that'll make it 1-1! Right!? The following days after my husbands bi-sexual threesome, with myself and the internet stud, Gary, i had been given an opportunity to go to scotland for a learning weekend from work. Hurrying at the chance, a little get away is always good, i jumped the first train, after say bye to my hubby. Upon the train, a 15 hour slow train journey had begun.

An Indecent Proposition (Part 4)

My lusty male urges had not only been satisfied but indulged to the maximum, after entering into my no strings arrangement with Amy. In a week or so, I had ended an almost year long sexual fast in spectacular fashion. I had fucked her three times at my home and once in the bucolic Rutland countryside. It was apparent that Amy did not hold sex with a very high priority in her life, but enjoyed the attention I was giving her. She confessed that she masturbated quite a lot but didn't feel any the worse off for not dating.

Stranger From The Net Fucking My Wife Hard

Having tried several MFM threesomes and a touch of fem on fem we decided to find some horny hung rampant male to claim all my wife's holes as his own. We trawled the net looking for mr right and finally found one, a soldier called Mark from Yorkshire. We chatted on line for a few weeks and exchanged photos of various body parts before we decided to meet, one Saturday night. We decided to defuzz and remove all pubic hair before he came over at nine pm that same evening. We had plans of dp, spit roast and lots of other stuff all involving two cocks and various objects then disaster struck. I had an allergic reaction to the veet and burnt my cock.

Gay in a Small Town

I'd known I was gay since high school, but until I met Charlie, I'd never done a gay thing in my life. Living in a small Mid-west town, where everyone goes to the same church, everyone has Sunday dinner, and everyone knows everyone else's business, exploring one's sexuality can be problematical, to say the least. I was twenty-five, almost six foot, with blue eyes, brown hair, and the kind of tan you can only get from spending long days on a tractor. I had my own place in town, but I still worked on my parents' farm, so I was lean and strong, the kind of guy any girl would want, as my mother constantly pointed out.

A night of pleasure

I walked towards you slowly, I looked around to size up the environment before I slammed you against the wall with my hands squeezing your wrists holding you to the wall. The adrenaline had began pumping and I made sure I controlled my breathing as the adrenaline continued to flow. I tightened my grip on you and noticed the numerous photos of you on the wall, I noticed the cute innocent photos of the younger self and now looked at the vicious wild sexual animal portrayed in front of me who's only need was sex as you growled at me and tried to fight out of the position. I looked smug as I showed my strength as I overpowered you and kept you tight against the wall.