You Never Know What Happens In The Woods...

I approached you from behind; we were in the woods by your house, the sky was red as the sun was setting, it was warm and I pressed up against you; you felt my muscular hands begin to squeeze your bum. You turned around and clung onto my biceps, I moved closer, my tongue slowly licking your lips and I tightly wrapped my arms around you. The weather began to quickly change, it was still warm but the clouds began to gather and it appeared it was going to rain.

You pulled off my shirt, revealing my rippling muscles. Your fingernails ran down them as the heavens opened and you watched droplets of rain slowly run down my body. You were wearing a tight white t-shirt and as the rain poured down, I could see the decisive polka dot bra. You slowly pull down her shorts to reveal a lacy black thong as you noticed that there was now an obvious bulge in my trousers. You realised that I couldn’t control myself any longer and roughly pulled your body against mine and I began to kiss you passionately as I began to nibble on your lip and you began to moan and I felt shivers gliding down your spine.

Darkness descended around us as we continued with the foreplay however I was losing patience and I opted to make my move, I aggressively pressed you up against the tree, my hands ran down your face gently and brushed away, your silky luscious hair before I start nibbling roughly on your neck again, I heard squeals and heavy breathing as I had remembered the pressure points which I had scouted out earlier, I solely worked on this area now, my hands gliding down your body and squeezing your boobs gently. I decided to let my other hand wander down your leg. I stopped at your underwear and slyly rubbed through your thong which quickly became moist. I could feel the outline of the clitoris and whilst I concentrated on your neck, my hands caused two other areas of pleasure which with all three combining was causing a lot of moans and sighs.

I placed your hand on my bulged boxers and I nibbled on your collarbone, before you slid down my body, pulling my boxers down, I gave you a free reign to do what you wanted. You began pulling on the shaft, in a forwards and backwards motion. After a couple of minutes, the head began to swell with semen, I held it in as it began to burn, you placed the cock in your mouth and swilled it around, directing it with your tongue. I felt you suck on it hard, and then nibble and bite it to make me feel even more turned on. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, the burning sensation, I felt the cum squirt out of my cock, quickly filling up your mouth. You didn’t swallow at first and held it in your mouth, I pulled my cock out, allowing you to swallow and you began to quickly lick my cock as it was caramelised with a glaze of cum.

I held you hard against the tree roughly, pulling your top off now and my hands began to rub your boobs, I unlatched your bra and demand that you push them together as I slide my already lubricated cock between them, you see the glint in my eyes and acknowledge what I want as you began to bounce up and down, the soft sensation was pressing against both sides of my cock now and although I had only just released one load, I could feel another one beginning to build up once again.

I was enjoying the dominating role in this encounter and this time demanded that you now told to grind my cock as I stood firmly against the tree, you seem excited and did so as for ages as I feel a cum-shot, building up inside me. I reach a stage where I can’t hold it in and shoot my cum into your face, resulting in a facial, I ask you to lick the remains off and the parts you can’t reach. I run my finger through and get you to suck it. I pull you further up against the tree, now are groins are level with one and other.I pull down your wet knickers and capitalised on the saliva which was still clinging onto my cock as it created a natural lube for my cock, I slid it inside you and the moisture took over, I pulled my pelvis back and began to thrust, steadily and deep. I began to gain speed and our voices became louder, I felt sweat dripping off my body, my arms, legs and cock as it began to be aching and it is red raw but I continue through the unbearable pain as each thrust catapults you against the tree, I press my body closer and I begin to thrust hard and deep, rubbing your clit whilst I do before I enjoy massaging the lips, I stop and withdraw and slip down your smooth body to take a closer inspection.

My lips brushed against yours and my tongue slithered teasingly across the top of your vagina but I plunge in. My tongue lashing every centimetre in a desperate search for your g-spot, I alternate between fast and slow, deep and shallower areas. I search for tender spots and work on them more than in general. I began to place my fingers in there whilst your hands wrapped around my cock. You began to tug, using different amounts of pressure and speed and was watching my expression to work out what was the right combination.

I opted to go hard and fast, to make you scream. It had the desired effect as I felt your back arch and your palms were sweaty, I heard the moans grow louder and louder, the juices had ran down the bark of the tree, your hands had become clammy and darkness once again descended as your fingernails were dug in my back…

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