Working For An Older Man

A Job That Changed My Life

I can still vividly recall a few years ago when I was about 20 years old, I replied to an ad looking for a man to help around the house doing household chores, cleaning, lifting furnitures, and light cooking.  It sounded Luke an easy job and I needed the money at the time for my school, so I decided to proceed with the interview.  As I arrived, I was greeted by a man who looked in his 60’s with beer-belly wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.  He told me that since his wife passed away a few months ago, he lived alone and did not have time nor energy to keep his house tidy and clean and preferred a young man to do the job and that I fit his description.

I told him that I could only work a few hours after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.  He agreed and further indicated that the job required that I’d be in the nude the the whole time while working, as he really enjoyed looking at a naked young man.  I told him that I felt a little awkward as I had never been naked in front of a guy before.  He said he would pay me more that what was stated in the ad.  Since the job sounded easy and I needed the money, I thought it would probably be not so bad.  After all, we were the only guys.  So I accepted the job and to start on Saturday morning.  

Bill, still in his pajamas,  was happy when I showed up his front door of his big two-story home on Saturday and welcomed me on my first day of employment.  Without hesitance, he asked me to take off all my clothes and he would show me around the house and explain to me my tasks.  I started to remove my clothes slowly as I felt uncomfortable, yet a little excited, to know that he was standing there to watch my every move.  I took off my shoes, socks, t-shirt, and jeans and when I was down to my underwear, I was hesitant to take it off due to embarrassment as I felt my cock begin to twitch and slowly grow.  I was pretty sure he must have noticed my throbbing bulge start tenting my underwear. I was hoping in my mind that he would just let me keep my underwear on.  He told me to go ahead and strip off my underwear.  I asked if I could take it off later, in hoping the my erection would subside by then.  He then reassured me that it was normal to get erection in front of a guy and not to be embarrassed about it.  As I pulled my underwear down, my stiff cock sprang Into the air pointing toward the ceiling.     He smilingly said to me, “You have a very nice smooth body and a beautiful uncut cock!”. He did not even make an attempt to touch me or my cock.  I guessed he was trying to be professional.  It was kind of weird to walk around the house with my stiff cock sticking out during the orientation.  I started to tidy the place before cleaning and vacuuming.  I noticed that while I was working, he often looked at me.  I didn’t think he was checking my work but more so enjoying the view of my naked body.  My cock alternately softened then hardened and quite often, I could see his cock tent his pajamas.  One time as I was on my knees scrubbing the hallway floor and could feel my balls bouncing to and fro and sideways.  Curiously, I looked behind me to see if I was being watched, and caught him looking at my behind then quickly stepped back into his bedroom pretending not noticing anything.  I also pretended I did not see him.

Another time he was just sitting on the sofa reading newspapers and eyeing me while I was vacuuming and dusting the living room, and I was certain he must have enjoyed viewing my nude body in all kinds of position – squatting, kneeling, lying, and climbing ladder.  I was beginning to feel at ease and enjoying walking around the house completely naked.  

In about a month, while I was mopping the kitchen, Bill was sitting on his sofa nearby and admitted to me that he admired my nude body and asked if okay for him to take a look at my pith body up close.  I said it would be fine.  He called me to come to him and I was a little nervous.  As I got close to him with my cock semi-erect near his face, I could see the excitement on his face.   He asked me to turn around slowly so he could see my buttocks, then asked if he could touch my body and my cock.  Slowly and lightly, he touched my face, chest, nipples, my sparse pubic hair, my smooth balls, then pulled my foreskin all the way out to cover my mushroom head and twirled and rolled the skin between his fingers, then retracted the skin all the way down my shaft to fully expose my red spongy head now engorged and pulsating.  After milking my cock a few times, he smelled my cock and told me that he really loved the smell and to play with my foreskin.  Next, he fondled my smooth balls.  Then, he asked me to turn around with my butts facing him and told me to bend over.  I felt his hands parting my butt cheeks a few time to check out my asshole.  I could hear him sniffing my butthole as if savouring it.  Suddenly, I felt his finger softly brushing my hole up and down, and while circling my butthole, he told me, “I sure would love to lick and taste your tight little pink butthole.” Before I could respond, I felt a wet tongue up and down and circling my hole, and it felt wonderful.  My cock continued to grow until it became very stiff and throbbed with ectasy.  I could hear his lips smacking ad he sucked my hole as if vacuuming.  I never knew what I was missing all these time. Never had I anyone done this to me, and I was enjoying every minute.  When he asked me to turn around, my hard twitching  cock started to leak a large clear drop of pre-cum.  He grabbed my cock at the base and slowly milk my cock toward the corona and squeezed the spongy mushroom head to extract more pre-cum and it started to drip from the slit and dangle halfway.  He picked up the dangling string of clear pre-cum and began to rub it around my cock head until it became very wet, glistened, and beautifully shiny.  It felt so arousing that I thought I was about to ejaculate.  He stood up to lick and suck my hardened nipples now glistened with his saliva.  Sitting back down, he asked me if okay for him to taste my throbbing cock.  How could I say no at this state?  He licked my shaft up and down and around my purplish mushroom, and I could feel the tingling from head to toes.  What a feeling!  Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm engulfing my cock and I knew I was inside his oral cavity.  With slurpy sound, he continued to suck my cock nice and slow.  He paused to tell me to let him know when I was about to come, so he could watch me shoot my semen into his mouth so he could taste it before swallowing it.  He then moist his middle finger with saliva and inserted into my rectum and started to move it in and out. While fucking my butthole with his finger, he resumed sucking  my cock.  It felt so good that I thought I would burst!  Within minutes, my cock started to twitch with engorgement, I signaled to him that I was coming, he pulled my cock out and lightly milk it as he aimed the it toward his opened mouth while his finger still moved in and out of my tight butthole .  Within seconds, my cock engorged then a thick string of pearly white cum ejected powerfully and I could hear the splashing sound as the cum hit the roof of his mouth.  I could feel my sphincter tightly gripped his finger upon each spurt.  Spurts after spurts, my semen overfilled his mouth and some of it began to drip down his chin and neck.  He kept his cum-filled mouth open and continued gliding my foreskin back and forth until my cock became soften as he tried to drain my cock to the last drop of juice.  Once done, he closed his sperm-filled mouth, swished it around, gargled it to savor the cum aroma and flavor, then swallowed it with a big gulp.  It took him about 4 gulps to clear his throat of slimy and sticky cum.  He smiled and said to me, “Thank you young man, that was quite a load and it was very delicious!”.  He proceed to again suck and nibble on my foreskin if my limp cock as if to further drain my cock dry.  He got up and took off his pajamas and sat back down fully naked and asked if I could help him out a bit.  He directed me to kneel in front him facing his throbbing circumcised, erected cock.  His cock was about 6.5 inches but pretty thick.  I told him that I never touched or even sucked another guy’s cock before.  He told me not to worry about it and this would be a great opportunity to try out as there were only two of us guys and no one would know.  He placed my hand onto his cock and hairy balls, and I began to pull on his scrotum, play with his balls, and stroke his thick meaty cock.  I never realized it felt so good touching another guy’s cock, especially squeezing that spongy purplish head.  It was weird but at the same time enjoyable.  I can smell a little urine and a bit of tuna aroma on his cock.  After a few strokes, I noticed a drop of clear glistened pre-cum oozed from his slit.  He told me to lick that drop as he pulled my head toward it, and I decided to at least lick it to see what it felt like.  It tasted bland and slimy with a tinge of saltiness.  He insisted I place his yearning cock in my mouth, and I started to lick around the mushroom head then I engulfed the whole head and bobbed my head up and down until I got more than half of his stiff cock inside my mouth.  His cock felt so warm and meaty and twitching in my mouth.  Once in a while, he grabbed the back of my head and attempted to push it all the way until my lips glided to the base of his shaft and my nose touching his pubic hair.  I gagged and almost choked trying to swallow that whole cock.  In a few minutes while I was sucking. I felt and tasted a jet of something salty squirted in my mouth and realized he had ejaculated without warning me.  After that one spurt, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and watched his thick, sticky milky-white cum erupted all over my hand down to his pubic hair.  I continued to milk his spastic cock until it became flaccid and covered with churned frothy and slimy cum that smelled like bleach.  I could hear the swishing sound while stroking his cock and his body wildly jerked with pleasure.  He said that was the best and powerful ejaculation since his wife passed away.  He then told me to lick up his sperm from my hand and taste it and no one would know.  I was somewhat curious about smelling and tasting another guy’s semen and often wondered if it would be the same as mine.  I licked and slurped up my cum-covered hand and his slippery cock and ball clean and swallowed it.  He asked me how it tasted and I told him that it tasted salty and a bit bitter. He said my cum tasted very sweet and yummy.  He later told me that ever since I started working for him, he had always been looking forward to see me come to work so he could view my naked body in motion because it turned him on greatly.  Now that he got to touch my body and suck my cock, it was a dream come true for him.  

The next Saturday I came to work as usual and was surprised to see Bill open the door completely nude.  I got inside, took all my clothes off, and got on with the routines.  By mid-afternoon, he asked to come to his room and told me that he noticed I had been working hard and would like to help me release my stress and tension by offering a massage.  How could I refuse my boss’s order?  I lay face down on his bed as instructed and he proceeded with massaging my ears, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and down to my toes.  Every now and then, he would knead my butt cheeks and spread them wide to either view my asshole,  brush it with his fingers, sniff it, ortongue-lick it.  Once in a while, I felt his hand reaching under me to roll my testicles and to squeeze my growing cock.  It felt so good that my cock kept twitching and engorging.  Bill’s cock also elongated and thickened with excitement.  When I turned over on my back as being told, my cock stiffly pointed straight up to the ceiling and palpitated wildly.  Looking at my erect cock, he said, “Oh my! Look at that beautiful and delicious cock of yours! You certainly need a stress-relief, and I can’t wait to milk it and suck it and watch your loads of semen shooting out from that cock!” He continued to massage my forehead, face, neck, shoulders, chest, hardened nipples, abdomen, inner thighs, and down to my toes.  He didn’t touch my cock yet, maybe he did not want me to cum yet.  I never thought how good it felt when he started to lick and suck my nipples and toes.  I could feel the tingling sensation all over me.  After a few minutes, he began to pull on my scrotum and fondle my aching balls then gently grabbed my cock with leaked pre-cum dangling and with my foreskin half covered my purplish throbbing spongy head, and slowly pull the foreskin down as far as possible to fully expose the glistened glans.  After gliding the skin up and down a few times, he gently bit on the mushroom head with his lips and teeth, and it felt bouncy.  In no time, my cock was in his warm mouth smoothly sliding up & down the shaft and the feeling was too intense that I was about to expel my load.  Sensing my verge of explosion, he  quickly withdrew my cock from his mouth and left it untouched to build up more cum juice as he said he wanted me to spew a very big load for him.  While stalling, he  sucked on my balls and pinched my nipples.  I felt I had the best and most complete physical exam where every part of my body was inspected leaving no part untouched. My cock was now very sensitive and tender that I was worried that just a touch would trigger it to erupt.  He spent a few more minutes massaging my chest and thigh and that gave my cock time to calm.  Then he said that he needed to go back and eat my cock, as he slurped up the pre-cum puddled at the tip of my cock, lapped the head with his tongue, chewed on the foreskin, then engulfed my cock and continued sucking.  I told him I could not take it any longer and that I would cum any seconds.  He said it would be all right to shoot but to let him know when so he could watch my cum bursting out.  Within seconds, my sensitive cock spastically engorged and I told him I was coming, he quickly took my cock out and held it straight up and a thick long string of white cum powerfully ejected more than half way toward the ceiling then fell down and splattered onto my chest.  He then tilt my cock down a bit and the second spurt spewed the hot jism over my head and landed on my hair and face.  The third spurt hit me on my mouth and landed on my chin and neck.  After about 10 spurts, my body literally was drenched with hot cum that gave the room a nice aroma, and Bill said he really loved the smell of cum.  He went on to suck my wet cock until it went limp and popped out of his mouth.  He then started to smear my warm slimy semen all over my face, neck, chest, abdomen, cock, balls, and anus.  My body felt very warm and slimy and sticky.  As he lay on his back, he motioned me to turn around to lie on top of him and bring my butts to his face as I face his hard cock.  We simultaneously sucked each other’s cock; his was very hard and thick and mine was still flaccid.  He spread my ass cheeks and licked and sucked on my butthole and my cock began to grow again.  He even tried to tongue-fuck my hole and was now getting soaping wet.  He asked if I ever had fucked anyone in the ass or been fucked in the ass before, and I told him never and the only thing I fucked before was a girl’s cunt.  He said the butthole would be better than the cunt because it was tighter and it would strongly grip the cock at each thrust and that he would like to fuck my small virgin asshole if it would be okay and that he missed humping a hole since his wife died.  He told me to get on my knees and he squeezed out my pre-cum as well as his and smeared it on my anus to lubricate.  My cock began to twitch and I was a little nervous in not knowing how it would feel like with that big cock inside my butt. He asked me to relax as he began to insert his cock slowly.  Little by little, his spongy head passed through my sphincter and eventually his whole cock was inside my rectum.  As he moved in and out, it felt a little painful and weird feeling as if wanting to defecate, but after a few thrusts, it did not feel as bad – just different kind of good sensation.  He groaned and fucked me hard and deep.  A few minutes later, he pulled his cock out, lay on his back, and suggested I sat on his cock as this would make the penetration deeper.  Although my asshole had been stretched, it took a few seconds to push his cock through the sphincter ring.  Once inside, he guided my up and down movements by grabbing my ass cheeks and having me move all the way down as much as possible and I could feel his cock very deep inside filling my rectum.  Every now and then, he would play with my balls, stretch my foreskin, and rub my pre-cum around my cock slit and head.  Not for long, I began to feel his body tensed up and his cock became engorged and harder as he moaned and said, “Kid, I’m coming! I’m going to shoot deep inside of you!”. Instantly, I felt a very warm liquid gushing inside my rectum with spastic spurts.  He told me to keep continue fucking him slowly until his cock softened and it slipped out with a “pop” sound.  He then told me to squeeze my sphincter tight to retain the cum and had me move up and squat over his face and lower my buttocks to have me dump the churned semen inside my rectum into his open mouth and said he did not want to waste any precious man juice.  I relaxed my sphincter and watched huge globs of thick, slimy, creamy white, bubbled cum drip into his mouth onto his tongue.  When finished draining, he told me to push more cum out by straining until no more drops leaking out.  What a site! It was as if I was using his mouth as a toilet for me to literally shit in.  But he seemed to enjoy greatly as he swished and gargled the cum before swallowing and said it was deliciously tasty.  He inserted his finger in my butthole to scoop whatever was left inside my rectum and licked his finger.  He then cleaned my anus with his tongue and began sucking my balls.  He paused to tell me, “Boy, now it’s your turn.  I want you to experience the difference between fucking a guy’s butthole and fucking a girl’s cunt.” I was hesitant because I had never fucked anyone in the butt before, not even a girl’s anus.  He reassured and reminded me that only two of us here and no one else would know, and that made me feel at ease.  He got on his knees with his face resting sideway and spread his ass cheeks wide open to reveal his tight rosy butthole.  I moistened it with my tongue and used my pre-cum as lubrication as I was being directed by him.  Slowly, I managed to insert my cock al the way inside his warm rectum.  Within minutes, I told him I was getting ready to come.  He told me not to shoot inside but to pull it out and bring my salty cock to him so I could come straight into his mouth as he wanted to eat more cum.  I brought my hard, wet, sticky, pulsating cock to his face and he quickly sucked it with delight.  Within seconds, my body trembled and I forcefully shot my loads while he continuously kept on sucking until I was completely drained and my cock shrunk.  He smiled and looked at me and said, “Your cum from your cock coming from my ass tasted salty and sweet together giving a nice flavor.”  We both lay in each other’s arms with our bodies sticky, sweaty, and slimy and the room smelled semen.  Half an hour later, I excused myself to go to bathroom as I had a very full bladder and to shower before going home, but he stopped me and said, “Wait, let’s pee and shower together.” I pictured we both would just piss in the same toilet, but it was not what I thought.  He took my hand and led me to step into the bathtub with him and said, “We will have two different kinds of shower. What do you think?”. I asked him what he meant by that, and he replied, “Well, golden shower first then clear shower.  We’ll pee on each other to clean with piss then rinse off with shower.  How about that?”. Just before I could say anything, he told me to turn around, bend over, and spread my ass cheeks so he could see my butthole. Strangely, I felt a hot stream of liquid forcefully hitting my anus and all over my butt crack and my lower back.  Then he told me to quickly straighten up and turn around as he continued to piss his yellow urine on my stomach, my cock and balls running down to my legs.  It felt bubbling but actually it felt pretty good.  After he shook his cock to rid drops of urine, he sat down in the tub and held my cock taking control of aiming and told me to go ahead and pee.  I let out a strong urinary flow and he pointed my yellow steamy urine all over his hair, face, in his mouth with gurgling and bubbly sound, on his chest, down to his semi-erected cock, and down to asshole.  I would never have thought of doing such thing, but it was actually fun.  He swallowed whatever amount of urine in his mouth and said that he had always wanted to try that.“. Finally, we soaped and shower each other off, and I somewhat felt content driving home.  

We continued to have sex each time I reported for work.  We tried variety of sex and played out mostly his fetishes and fantasies. One occasion, he had me ejaculate into a shot glass then took a straight shot of it.  I had to spew my semen into his oatmeal one time at breakfast and he said that would make the oatmeal nutritious in protein and fiber.  Frequently, he milked my cock to squirt my thick semen into his coffee and said to me, “Why use half-and-half milk when you can have full-strength?” We sunbathed and had sex outdoor in his backyard and watched each other urinating with joy.  He had me come inside a condom and sometimes inside a pantyhose and he would peel them off and smelled, licked, sucked, and slurped until clean.  He even placed my cum inside the freezer and later ate the icy semen.  I came on ice cream for him to eat. One time he asked me to wear my same underwear for 1 week then give to him for keep because he said he enjoyed smelling a young guy’s crotch and sniffing and sucking the juice from the underwear – the more pungent, the muskier, the sweatier, the dirtier, the better.  I had to wear a thong, a girl’s silk underwear, only heels, or a pantyhose while working.

One Saturday he gave me the whole day off with pay under one circumstance that I let him do nothing but lick, suck, and stroke my cock all day. He added that he adored my cock especially my foreskin and wanted to make me cum as many times as possible.  I remembered that day, he licked, sucked, and stroked my cock until ejaculation, got my cock hard again until next orgasm, then repeat the process until I was well spent.  I kept cumming and cumming until my cock became sore and can no longer shoot out any more semen but only air.  I must have cum at least 12 times that day, and it was well worth it. Never had I ejaculated that many times in just one day!  Another time he spread my arm and legs and tied them to the four bed posts and tickled me with feathers and play with my cock and balls and butthole by closely examining them, licking, sucking, and fucking them amy way he desired when I became helpless.  He would squat over my face and press his cock, balls, and butthole on my nose and mouth and dump his thick creamy cum on my face, and I just could not resist with my hands and feet tied.  We also played a spanking game where he roughly ripped all my clothes off and pulled me to lie face down across his laps and spanked my bare ass cheeks until reddened then fingered my asshole and stroked my cock and balls until a huge load of cum squirted all over his cock, balls, and thighs.  Then he made me get on my knees facing his cock and pushed my head down prompted me to clean him up from my spilled semen by sucking and licking his cock, balls, anus, and thighs dry.

He kept me on my knees as he stood up with one hand holding my chin to keep my mouth open as his other hand stroked his hardened fat cock  and shot his blobs of salty cum in my mouth and ordered me to swallow all of it down.  One evening, he strapped a dildo inside my rectum and made me wear it and keep it inside at all times while working for two hours straight.  At the end of two hours, he called me over to the carpeted family room and had me suck his limp, meat cock until it grew to full size.  He then positioned me to lie on my back and swing my legs up over my head with my cock and balls over my face and had me use my hands to help raise and support my buttocks.  My sphincter had been gripping the dildo for 2 straight hours stretching my tight hole, and when he slowly pulled the dildo out from my rectum, the butthole remained widely opened.  He told me to stay in the position I was in for a little longer so he could get to enjoy the view of my cock, balls, and any anus.

He started to stroke his cock and when ready to ejaculate, he pointed his cock and deposited his cum into my gapping butthole.  He then bent down to twirl his tongue inside and around my hole and attempted to slurp up the deposited sperm.  Next, he sucked my balls and cock and aimed  my cock as I spilled my seeds all over my face, and he slurped and licked up all the cum on my face.  Once he took me to an adult theater and we sat in the back row where he reached in my jeans and playfully stroked my cock until I spurted a huge load of cum into his cupped hand.  When my wet cock softened, he brought his cupped hand filled with my semen to his nose and sniffed it and continued to smell the cum on & off throughout the whole movie.  He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Young man, I really love the smell of your sperm.  The cum aroma turns me on.  I wouldn’t mind if I have to smell and taste you sperm all day long.”. When the movie was over, he licked all the cum on his hand clean, then suggested I went with him to the toilet to urinate before we left, and we both got in 1 toilet stall and ended up sucking and swallowing each other’s sperm.  

Our fun sex lives went on for about 5 months of my employment.  Then unexpectedly, Bill’s daughter from out of state had decided to have him move and live with her and to sell his house so he could enjoy spending money.  It was a sad parting and somehow down the road, we lost touch.  It has been years now and  I still miss him and wonder if he’s still alive.  Some people don’t even get to enjoy these act-out fantasies like mine, and it was discrete and still is, and my friends and girlfriend still do not have any clue that I also get aroused thinking or seeing other guys or male nude pictures.  

Quite an experience for me as I often considered myself bi-curious.  If I did not have this opportunity, I would never know and would miss out the great pleasure.  Thinking back, it was the best and easy job that made me feel liberal and always aroused to always looking forward to come to work each time knowing that I would feel good and be relieved from stress and no one else would know about my involvement with another man.  I often wish there would be a similar kind of job but for years now and I have not come across such ad for job requiring complete nudity while working. Now I have come to love to be totally naked at whatever chance I can get, to enjoy the nude massage, to play with cocks and balls, to watch another guy ejaculate, and to smell and taste guys’ semen.  I hope I’m not beginning to become cum-addict.

All these have become a turn-ons for me, and just to think about these, my cock is now growing very stiff and pulsating that I often wish someone would be next to me so I can just feed him my big loads of cum.  It’s usually a huge load whenever I come and I sure would love to share with anyone, young or old.  So Bill, if you’re reading this, you will know whom.  Perhaps the only way to possibly contact each other is to respond in the “Comments” at the end of the story.  Let’s get together and play with our cocks just like old times.  I hope you all enjoy my true story.  

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