What To Do About Mom (The Racist Pig),Her Punishment Started Part 1

As I wrote in my blog moms punishment began,for being a racist pig.Those of African/American decent sorry for the wording about to follow,as I stated moms a racist pig cause my girlfriend and I to breakup,Always bad mouthing black people, and making derogatory remarks,thier no good all druggies females would end upsome ones whore or bitch or workinking the street.

Anyway her punishment started got her to come over one morning and had a few of my Ex,s male relatives and a few of my black friends over and we fucked the shit out of her all day and night gave her what she hates but deserves alot of black cock (sorry)myself and 7 others fucked her just about all day,had her give blowjobs and swallow everyone,s load,bent her over the kitchen table tied her down and took turns spanking her ass till it was a nice shade of pinkish red,then took turns fucking it I went first,I pounded her ass with my cock good,just before I was ready to cum I pulled out and shoved it in her mouth and fucked it shoooting my load in her mouth the rest followed,tell you the truth I,m hung pretty damn well but this guys got me a little jelous they were all hung really well,anyway moms ass got hammered pretty good and straight to her mouth we got her into the bedroom were we flung her into bed,we took turns sucking on her breasts,with all the sucking and bitting on her tits they started to lactate,we started to fuck her told her she,s our slave and our fucking machineand as she put it our whore,I fucked her first and sat and watched as the guys had fun,her eyes were rolling from all the fucking she was getting and all the (sorry) big black cock in her,asking her how does it feel to be a black mans bitch whore Told the guys when the last ones done lets start giving her a 3sum filling all 3 hole at the same time,and we did,she was ready to pass out a few times but pumped her up with redbull and no a dose pills she was pretty wired,took a little break then each of us had an hour on bed to do as we please,asking her so you like being a whore as you call it get use to it because this is the first of many to cum,this was one of her sessions,there are a few more.

One afternoon had her just sucking some(sorry) big black cock and swallowing it about 20-27 guys came over,so she sucked and swallowed for hours,One of the guys said check it out I know this honies that are Bi and would love to have some action,Told him cool call them, about an hour pass there was a knock at the door and 6 hot (sorry) black chicks showed up said we are here for the party,invited them in pointed to mom on the bed and said have fun,before I could finish my sentence they were already naked and in bed with mom,they right to work,kissing her sucking on her tits,one stradle her face and shoved her pussy in moms mouth and told lick me bitch,rocking her hole in moms mouth,pulling her head into her mom had no choice and started to lick and eat her pussy,the others took turn eating her pussy and when one finished sitting on moms face another would get right on top,then the girls started to suck us off one by one and letting use let our loads loose in there mouths and swapping straight into moms mouth,making her swallow all,they took turns 69ing with her,one said lets finger and fist this bitch and thats what they did the all took turns fingering and fisting her,then they said lets fuck her they all took out this huge monster stapons and started to fuck moms pussy and ass,her eye,s were rolling around in her head,she,s was dripping wet from sweat and her pussy and ass were that pinkish red cooler of soreness from all the fucking she took,as all this was going on I was asking how does it feel to be (sorry) a blackwomens) bitch,asked the girls now what they said theyed shower her off in the shower let her rest for a bit and start all over unless I have ant idea,s,they showered off put her to bed,Told I think this was enough for now till next time,they said cool next time there be more of us theres 16 of us in our group and we love pussy and sex,they all took turns kissing her goodnight and said till next time,they guys did the same, till we met again that should be in a day or two they left,Told mom now it,s my turn she said god no not after all that told her to bad and shoved my cock in her mouth had her suck for a while fucked and went to sleep more to follow soon.As alot of you are wondering why mom is getting punished she is a racist pig,bad mouthing all,espesciallly if your black,I had a beutiful young black lady I was seeing and mom would degrade her humilate and cause problems between us till the point the poor girl would leave my house crying if mom was over and started her shit,(Tasha) my Ex,s name called once and mom was over and answered the phone,and yelled out to me it,s your (sorry for the wording) little nigger black whore on the phone,sometimes she would make comments on any and all black people till I got sick of it and told her keep it up and I,ll punish you ,She,d laugh told point blank I,ll get a few balck guys togeather and let them fuck the shit out of you in every hole,She responded you wouldn,t do that you fuck me you wouldn,t want to put your cock where a black man cock was especially in me told her don,t kid yoursrlf your a slut whore anyway and your my fuck toy and yes I would,never the les you,ve been reading about moms punishment here also look on my blog I,ll post entries from time to time on new punishments,if anyone has any other idea,s for mom punishment I,m open to all suggestions thanks for looking,bye for now

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