What Mom Doesn'T Know

My mom has always had the belief that what her husband doesn’t know can’t hurt him. He’s her third husband, he came around at the time I was twelve (I’m 19 now). I had spent most of my childhood with my real father and a few years with my mother’s second husband so he wasn’t necessarily a father to me, but I still saw him as my mother’s husband and an authority figure.

He and I have always gotten along rather well. We like a lot of the same things, cooking shows, history channel, being outdoors, that kinda thing. I used to bake a lot and he liked my cookies so much he never wanted my mom to bake (something she was rather jealous of). Little did I know at the time that he liked some other things of mine better than hers as well but I am getting ahead of myself.

As I was saying, my mother tends to think that if she wants to do something that my stepdad doesn’t like she can easily go out and do it and then lie to him. She always says “What he doesn’t know wont hurt him.” So how could she really be surprised when he’d eventually start thinking the same way?

By the time I was twelve I was in a C cup, by 16 it was a D cup. I also grew a few inches and dropped a few pounds coming down to a slender 125 with a good 15 pounds of it in my chest, or that’s what Mom used to say anyway. My tits were very large and men always loved to look at them. Sometimes I would wear these little see through camisoles to the store and enjoy watching women get mad at their husbands for staring. I was just learning the power I had over men and had no idea what to really do with it.

Now, my stepfather had a nighttime ritual of brushing out mine and my mom’s hair and then rubbing our backs. As can be imagined having heavy breasts often caused me a bit of back pain and I found this rather helpful. Usually he would rub my mother first and then she would go to bed while he was rubbing my back. We would watch a cooking show or something and eventually he’d get tired and go to bed.

Of course usually that was followed by my mother squealing ten minutes later but I never seemed to put the two together at the time.

What he didn’t know is that usually afterwords I would pull his navy picture off the wall and take it to my room with me. There I would set it up on the bed, strip for him, and then lie on the bed with his picture between my legs. I would lie back and spread my virgin pussy and gently rub it, teasing myself and imagining him watching me. Maybe a little silly, but I was just 16 and still a virgin.

One night my mother had to work late so my stepfather promised a little extra time to work on my back. As I sat there watching the show and delighting in the feel of his hands on my back he asked if I could take my bra off as that would make it easier for him to get to my back.

“Sure, no problem!” I reached back and unsnapped my bra and proceeded to pull it out of my shirt sleeve. Immediately I started feeling naughty. I wasn’t often without a bra around him and the feeling of the shirt on my nipples was getting me excited. I had a man’s hands under my shirt, albeit from the back, and I wasn’t wearing a bra.

The show continued and I watched it, but I noticed his hands every so often brushing the skin under my arms (not the pits, but lower!) I battled quickly with myself. This was my mother’s husband, however he was also the only male in my life currently and I’d never felt this pleasure before. Besides, how many times did she do things and lie to him about it afterwords? So I lifted my arms away from my body just enough to allow him access.

Slowly he worked his hands around to the front and began slowly brushing his fingers along the bottom slope of my tits. I could feel myself getting wet. I tingled with every brush of his fingers.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He asked me. Of course I was!

“Yes!” I replied somewhat breathlessly. He pulled me back against his chest and began fondling my tits aggressively. He cupped them, squeezed them, and began tweaking my nipples. He never did it to the point of hurting me and I’ve never known another man to touch them so perfectly.

As I scooted closer to him, being seated between his legs, I could feel the bulge in his pants push against the small of my back. I had never seen a cock before and I wanted to so badly but before I could ask I heard a car pull into the driveway. Mom was home!

I quickly jumped off his lap and grabbed my bra, shoving it under the chair I usually sat in. I sat in the chair as my stepfather composed himself. I heard the car door shut and knew she was walking up the driveway.

“Can I see them?” He asked so quietly I had to ask him to repeat himself. “Can I see them?”

Without a thought, seeing the back of my mother’s head out the window behind him I quickly raised my shirt and flashed my large D cups at him. The look on his face was priceless. I quickly pulled my shirt down just as I heard the key go in the lock on the front door.

Mom came in. “Hi, guys.” I merely smiled. She kissed her husband hello, made some comment about the show we were watching, and then went to her room to change.

My stepfather whispered “Thank you,” got up from the couch and followed her.

I was surprised at the lack of guilt that I felt, in fact I was still very excited and loved the idea of almost getting caught. I reasoned that whatever mom didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

Now, if only I could take him to bed instead of his pictures…

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