Well...I Asked For It!

Well…I asked for it….!!!

Here is what happens if a girl like me gets to frisky!

Besides other activities, I work as a special escort for my friend Ben. Now, there are several rules on both sides: like I don’t fuck a guy I haven’t seen pictures of and Ben don’t want me to act in movies anymore so my face doesn’t get to public….

See, I like to act in front of cameras, I’m an exhibitionist. Not that I didn’t had a chance to get filmed, but only on Ben’s special events in his club. I wanted to do my own fantasies in my own videos.

So I asked Ben if I couldn’t do so…Sure he said NO.

Well I was pissed and I denied to fuck the next client, even so he was good looking and had a wonderful black cock. I broke one of the rules: if there is no good reason not to serve the client, like a health risk or the client is ugly, I have to do the job.

For 3 days I didn’t hear from Ben, I started to worry, cause I knew I was in trouble.

When my phone rang and I saw his pic on my phone, I did answer it immediately.

All Ben said was: meet me at your store at 5.

I’m the co-owner of a fetish-shop here in London, so I was there before 5. Susan, my companion asked me if there is something wrong, she said Ben had called her earlier asking for some stuff and that he didn’t sound happy.

Before I could answer Ben rushed in the shop: Hi Susan - you got the things ready I asked for - fine! Now we need to get her to try the boots on. Ben pushed me over to the shoe section and I landed rough in one of the chairs.

Susan handed me a pair of spiked high-heeled over knees, sky high, chrome metal heels, black leather.

Try them on, Ben insisted. OK, they look great, come on now, we need to go…he took the bag Susan had prepared, pulled me out of the chair and to his car. Get in bitch, we have to be on time, the crew is waiting!

While driving, he grabbed a mask out of the bag: put that on!

The mask, was made of black latex contoured like a head, even with ears, had zippers over the eye and mouth openings, strings on the back to fit it tight.

I…what…? Don’t even think about protesting bitch! You will get your wish today, you’ll act in a movie, but you will cover your face with this! No more questions, you do just what I tell you to do!!!

I put the mask on, pulled my long blond hair through the opening on top and tightened the strings.

I could only imagine how I did look, with that mask, my silk blouse, yellow short skirt and those boots.

While I was thinking about all that and what was about to happen, the car stopped. Get out bitch! What? Here, in the middle of the city in daylight, dressed like I was?

Ben just pulled me out of the car and in the building which looked like a warehouse.

In there was everything set up for the production of a movie, lights, cameras and a bunch of people.

Ben pushed me in the arms of two girls - get her ready!

The girls took my blouse, skirt and little panties off. Then they put latex gloves over my arms, tied a latex corset around my torso, pulled my nipples through the small openings and chained them together on my nipple rings.

A metal dog collar and my had cuffed - done! All this happened fast and I was just recovering from what happened to me as I got pulled away by two guys.

They had me kneel on a platform in the middle of the room, pulled my arms forward and hooked my handcuffs to a ring in the floor. My legs got pulled apart and I heard a few clicks…when I looked back, I saw a bar spreading my legs far apart and hooked to a ring in the floor. I couldn’t move much anymore, but it got worse…a belt put around my hip and tight to the floor pulled my breast and face down, while my ass was sticking up as high as possible. I couldn’t see what was going on behind me anymore.

Some hands did something at my pussy…I should see what it was in a minute, a monitor was placed in front of my eyes. We don’t want you to miss a thing!!!!

I could see something was put on my clit, which sucked hard on it; my clit got stretched to the point of pain, than that machine started to suck and suck and suck…it didn’t feel good, because it just stretched my clit to much!

Well after what seemed like an eternity, the feelings got better and my cunt took over! My brain protested, but my cunt said yes…I got wet and hot.

The machine sucked me “almost” to my first orgasm, but somebody turned it off right in time…I wriggled in my restraints, my protest couldn’t be heard since the mouth zipper was closed!

When they pulled that tube of my clit, it was SO sensitive, even the slightest breath of air made me moan! I could see in the monitor how big my clitoris did stick out of my cunt.

Well now it’s time to bring in your master…..the zippers over my eyes got closed while the mouth zipper opened up…I could feel hands on my latex-ears and a penis forced it’s way in my mouth. That wasn’t too difficult for it, since my chin sat on the edge of that platform and I couldn’t move anyways.

The penis moved faster and deeper and it did grow just as fast…and I mean GROW…it got HUGE!!

Now, I like to suck dick and I know I’m good at it…but that monster between my teeth made me gag. But that penis didn’t care, he fucked my throat like a jackhammer!

Ouch! My master used a whip to hit my pussy! That wouldn’t be such a big deal usually, but my pumped up, sticking out, sensitive clit had to take all the hits! That was way too much…I came and cried out my first orgasm…cried out - well actually mumbled it over that big cock hammering my throat - he seemed to like that, fucking me even harder.

Suddenly the cock pulled out….the eye zippers opened up…and I could see my penetrator in the monitor….a really big dick which belonged to a leather glad MIDGET master! It was a very bizarre sight! But I didn’t have much time to think about it, cause my master decided it’s time to fuck his bitch. He rubbed his penis over my clit, over and over again, I was on the verge of my second cumming, he most have noticed, he pinched my clit short but hard…I screamed of pain, my lust was gone…he rubbed his penis over my clit, I got on the verge of orgasm, got pinched….rubbed…pinched…rubbed…..I came the second time, the moment he pinched my clit HARD!

While I had that shattering orgasm, he pushed his dick in my dripping pussy as deep as he could go!

He fucked me brutally for a long time…suddenly stopped, pulled out and shoved it deep in my mouth…that midget shoot his enormous load down my throat spurt after spurt…than he told me to suck the last drop out and lick him clean…what could I do?

That beautiful big monster dick didn’t got limp…my master went back to his bitch’s pussy and fucked her wild again.

I screamed 2 more orgasms out that evening!!!!

That midget just used me as his fuck toy, finished up with dumping his second load in his bitch, had her clean up his tool and just walked away!

I was left there on that platform with all kind of juices running out of my fuck hole, tied to that platform…. Somebody came and closed all zippers…. I heard noises and people talking, but couldn’t understand them with that latex mask on….

I could feel my pussy got wiped out…than I’ve been taken by 4 more guys taking turns on using my mouth and pussy…the end of that evening was Ben (oh yes, I know that dick very well) fucking me in the ass!

I always climax the moment the first cock fucking my ass is ALL THE WAY IN!!!!!

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