Watching My Wife Impregnated By Another Man

Finally Get The Watch Another Man Fuck My Wife

It had always been my fantasy to see my wife fucked by another man, but I never thought it would ever happen, as until now I thought my wife was a one man woman, how wrong can a person be.

It was a Friday night, Friday being the night my wife and I go our separate ways, she goes out with her friends and me with mine. I always go out with three ex work colleagues we have a laugh, chat up a few women, it never goes any further than this and always the worse for wear at the end of the evening, we go our separate ways, but this evening was different.

One of my mates Jim, who usually takes a taxi home, was having trouble getting one. My other mates live some distance away and in the opposite direction, so as it was less out of my way than theirs, so it was looking like I would be the one to have to take him home. Being a little over the drink drive limit I decided it would be better to take him back to my place for the night, as it wasn’t far and therefore less likely I would get pulled over by the police.

Now I can’t say he was one of my best mates, in fact I didn’t really like him; he was a bit of a prat. He had been out with lots of women, so it was probably because I was a little jealous, but I felt it my duty to help him out. At the end of the evening we said good night to the others and drove the short distance to my house. We entered quietly as not to wake my wife Jan, as she usually gets home first A little tipsy and goes straight to bed, but tonight it was different.

Entering the lounge we found her asleep on the couch in front of the T.V. still in her party best, it looked like she had collapsed there after a good night out. Her hair all dishevelled and her skirt rucked up revealing more of her than I wanted Jim to see. The pale skin above her black stockings clearly visible and just a hint of her lace panties. Jim couldn’t take his eyes off her; he was obviously getting turned on.

As we entered she half awoke and realizing the state she was in, straightened her skirt, ran her fingers through her hair and said hello, then asked how the evening had gone. I told her about the problem with the taxi and asked if it was O.K for Jim to stay the night. She said it would be fine. I asked her if she wanted a coffee as I was making one for myself and Jim. She said yes.

Jim made a point of sitting next to her on the couch. Jan still only half awake started to chat with him. My wife knew Jim from past meetings and knew of his reputation, to be honest he was well known for being a bit of a lad. It was rumoured he had a huge cock, but he modestly always denied it. He had spent most his life going from woman to woman and although now in his fifties, he was still doing the same. As far as I was concerned he just could not be trusted around women. I left them chatting and went to make the coffee.

As I switched on the kettle I heard the T.V being turned on, but didn’t think too much about it, thinking it was just something to watch if there was a lull in the conversation. My wife now fully awake was laughing with Jim, who up until now I thought she didn’t like. I listened more intently, the conversation becoming quieter, almost a whisper, which seemed a little strange, what could they be talking about that required them to whisper. I heard the words sex and porn mentioned and I knew Jim was up to his old tricks, he was actually chatting up my wife in my own house, almost right in front of me.

I returned with the coffee and set it down on the table for them to help themselves.” Is this the best you have on the T.V? “, he said, “What do you suggest?” I asked, “how about the porn channel?” he replied, looking at my wife and winking, but instead of the look of disapproval I expected, she was actually smiling back at him, the thought seemed to please her.” O.k. the porn channel it is”, I said reluctantly.

This in its self felt strange, my wife and I had only watched porn together, not in the company of others. Stranger still was what happened next, “let Jan choose”, Jim said, so I gave her the remote. I expected her to struggle to find a channel having, as I thought, never tuned into a porn channel herself before. But without hesitation she flicked through the channels stopping at a film of this big black guy holding his huge cock, fitted with a cock ring obviously about to wank himself to orgasm. She did this too easily for it to be her first time.

I think Jim was a little surprised to, as he, like me thought Jan, who is the picture of innocence, would not go through with it, but there we all were watching as this guy started to masturbate. His cock covered in oil, he stroked it slowly, and the room now silent both Jan and Jim were watching intently as the guys cock got ever harder.

My attention was now more on Jan and what Jim was doing, than the film. Jan was moving uncomfortably on the couch, a sure sign she was getting aroused by what she was seeing and the situation she found herself in. Sitting next to another man who known to be a letch watching a black man masturbating right in front of her. I just knew her movements were due to the wetness forming between her legs.

I looked at Jim, who I had not noticed before, had moved closer to Jan and his right leg was touching hers, she had made no attempt to move away. There was a large bulge in his pants, which he made no attempt to hide, in fact quite the opposite, he wanted Jan to see it and seemed not to care what I thought. I saw Jan glance several times in his direction at the bulge, each time squirming in her seat has her wetness increased together with her arousal. I have to admit I was getting pretty aroused myself, my wife watching a man wanking, sitting her leg in contact with another man, who she knew would love to get into her pants.

The black guy was stroking his cock faster now, pulling hard back on it, exposing the swollen knob to its full extent, pre-cum glistening around its opening ready to release its load for the pleasure of many women, especially my wife.

As if I weren’t there, Jim whispered something in Jan’s ear, I couldn’t catch quite what, but I think it was about the guys cock, because she went bright red, again shuffling in her seat. At the same time in a well practiced move his left hand fell onto her knee. He looked over at me and winked and I knew at that moment I could not stop him, I wanted it to happen, it would be Jan’s decision, it is up to her how far it goes, but I really wanted to watch her being fucked.

The black guy was groaning and now very close to releasing as Jim again leaned over to whisper in her ear, but this time he I could hear what he was saying. He whispered “would you like to hold my cock? She did not reply but looked at me and I could see in her face this had gone too far. She was so aroused her breasts were heaving with her rapid breathing. She was a bitch on heat, I nodded my approval.

Jim took the initiative and unzipped himself releasing his cock, it stood huge and proud, and the rumours were right; he was easily as big as the black guy. While Jan was still looking at me, he took her hand and placed it on his cock, she did not resist. In her eyes there was confusion as what to do, in what she wanted and what I may think. I looked into her eyes and from across the room, mouthed silently “do what you want it’s O.K”. Almost before I could finish she looked back at Jim then at the guy wanking, he was about to shoot.

The decision made, with a firm grip on Jims cock she slowly parted her legs and Jim moved his hand to inside her thigh and then carefully inch by inch moved his hand higher towards his goal, my wife’s very, very, wet cunt, taking her dress with it. As I watched I have never been so aroused, I could hardly breathe, my heart was pounding out of my chest, his hand slid higher first revealing the top of her black stay up stockings, then her pale white skin, then her lace panties. He changed his position to enable him to change hands for better access replacing his left hand with his right.

I thought he would immediately shove is hand inside her panties, but he didn’t, he just leaned back to admire is prey. That was what she was to him, there to satisfy his lust, to prove to me he could have my wife and to do it right in front of me, what a bastered he was. What a picture though, my wife slumped on the couch her hand still wrapped around his huge cock, legs apart. This was wanking material for many a year to come.

My eyes moved from what he was doing, down to between her legs, the white lace panties I watched her put on to go out in, were now a far darker shade, much darker. Her earlier discomfort there for all to see, she was soaked. Her panties partly disappearing into her crack, her pubic hair wet and glistening protruding either side and I could smell her. Aroused her cunt smelt so strong it was intoxicating. His hands moved over her panties and dipped into the wetness between her legs. She moaned and bucked as he toyed with her, squeezing, stroking and tugging at her panties, for the first time she was now comfortable with what was happening to her.

She started to stroke his cock, long strokes pulling him right back just like the black guy was doing, holding it painfully stretched, his nob bulging, until he could take it no more, then she would release him. When drunk and aroused, she can be quite brutal, but that’s what I like best about her. There is no holding back, she wanks hard, so hard sometimes it hurts, but there is a lot of pleasure in a little pain.

There was another groan from the black guy, which startled us, he was wanking furiously, his eyes closed. Jan watched eyes transfixed on his cock about to explode. She started to match the guy stroke for stroke on Jim, both perspiring heavily. They were going at each other like there was no tomorrow. Jim was becoming wild, he grabbed a hand full of lace and violently ripped at Jan’s soaked panties, I became worried for Jan’s safety, but after several violent tugs they gave way and he ripped them from her. He shoved his hand into her wetness, Jan, her eyes still on the guy wanking, rather than being frightened by this, loved it, pushing back at his hand, wanking him harder.

I then heard that familiar juicy sound of a woman being finger fucked. , my wife finger fucked by another man. How many fingers he had inside her, from where I sat I couldn’t see, but when fully aroused with me she could take four, but from the way she was moaning and bucking, he may have five in her or even fisting her. She was like a woman possessed. Then there was another loud groan and the black guy came, fountains of sperm shooting across the room. That was all it took to tip her over the edge, she stopped wanking Jim, grabbed his hand with both her own, holding it deep inside her. Arching her back she came on his fingers like I have never seen her cum before, her whole body shook and trembled for several seconds before collapsing into the couch, Jims fingers still embedded in her.

As she recovered, her legs relaxed to release his fingers, he wiped her juices over his still rock hard cock. Then after first smelling my wife on is fingers he sucked them clean. Jan laid still, her eyes closed, but if she thought that was the end, she didn’t know Jim. His cock throbbing, its head swollen, it had to be satisfied and Jim would not stop until he had fucked her. He was taking great pleasure in fucking my wife in front of me and probably, no certainly would be bragging to our mates.

He stood, removed his shirt, then shoes and socks, his cock already free he just slid off his trousers and shorts. Jan, her eyes still closed did not know what he was doing. He moved to stand between her open legs, her cunt red from the pounding he had given her, was open and inviting to him. He bent to guide his cock towards her. As it touched her cunt lips she opened her eyes, only now aware of what he was about to do. Before she could react or reject him he grabbed her wrists forcing her arms above her head, he slowly pushed into her, I watched in awe as she took the whole length, every inch of it, much, much, more than she had ever taken before.

She twisted and trashed beneath him saying “no not this, please” she tried to extricate herself but it was too late. Impaled on his huge cock she was at his mercy. Should I help her? Drag him from her or just watch as my wife was raped before me. I couldn’t move I froze, forgive me but I was so aroused by what I was seeing I had to let it happen.

He slowly withdrew until only the nob was unseen, his cock covered in her juices, thick and creamy. For a moment I thought he had cum in her, but no, it was juices from deep inside, further in than my cock had ever been. This was her chance to escape, no longer impaled she could break free, she didn’t move. Quietly she said “Jim no not this, please, no”, at this he let her arms go and withdrew his nob from her. I thought it was all over, but neither moved, for what seemed like an eternity, Jan, her legs still spread wide. Jim was kneeling between them, his cock glistening and still rampant and only a few millimetres from her gaping cunt. They were just looking into each other’s eyes.

Jim moved forward his nob brushing her lips, “Please Jim, no don’t fuck me”, she said, but she didn’t resist as his cock parted her lips and sank into her, again she took every inch. She pleaded,” no Jim not this “but as he withdrew she followed his movement keeping him inside her. Again he withdrew as far as his nob “are you really sure you don’t want me to fuck you” he said, she didn’t answer. She just put her arms around his neck pulling him to her, kissing him passionately. He thrust into her, she grabbed his hair tightly, he withdrew and thrust again”ahhhh” she screamed,” your cocks so big, slower please, slower, it hurts”. He listened and slowed his pace, no longer thrusting at her like a wild man, he waited until she opened to him, it didn’t take long. Soon she was moaning “please, please”, he teased her, withdrawing to his nob and then waiting until she moaned and pushed up at him, trying to get his full length in her. As she did so he thrust hard, she screamed “my god, you feel so good”.

I sat mesmerised at the spectacle before me, my wife whimpering and moaning impaled on another man’s cock. Again he sank into her; she wrapped her legs around him, holding him deep inside her grinding on his cock. Tears rolled down her cheeks, “don’t cum in me, please don’t cum in me, not that” but this only encourage him. Again he withdrew, then almost violently he plunged into her, she screamed “you bastard”, he groaned and pulled out, again his cock creamy white with her juices, then again he thrust deep into her wetness. “Please I forgot to take my pill, I don’t want to get pregnant” she begged. I knew this to be true, as in the past we have had many close shaves, several times thinking she was expecting, luckily they were false alarms.

Spurred on by what she said, he moved faster, his balls smacking into her cunt, he was breathing heavy. His groans grew louder, he was cumming, he was going to cum inside. Again she said “no cum on me, please not in me”. Still begging, her actions belied her words. She was kissing him passionately as she matched him stroke for stroke, pushing back at him moaning louder with each thrust. Then through their kisses I heard her whisper, thinking I would not be able to hear, she said “do me, do me now, I want to feel you cum, and I want your baby”. I watched shocked at what she had asked him to give her.

She gripped him tightly between her thighs, dug her nails into his arse. “Yes, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming” she screamed trembling and shaking she came .That was all it took, his back arched, he gave out a primeval scream and came, as he came she convulsed beneath him writhing with each powerful jet of sperm he shot into her.

Emptied he rolled from her, his cock soaked with my wife’s cum and rapidly decreasing in size, She lay there legs still wide apart, impregnated, cum seeping from her cunt forming a pool between her legs, soaking into the couch. Time only will tell whether she is pregnant or not.

As I watched them lying there, I remembered the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

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