Warm Summer Nights And Even Hotter Days

New Friends Online

Well what was I going to do tonight? I wanted the weekend to be exciting. Yet being single and wanting to do something, what some would consider kinky was going to be a challenge. It was hard sometimes nearly impossible getting a couple; give a horny single male the chance. I had my computer so I started to surf the net. I found this web site where I was able to IM them long enough for me to convince them to call and talk to me. I explained even though I had never tried Bi sex before. I had for some time been turned on by the thought of the pleasures of sex with a male and female at the same time. After sending them some pics attached to E-Mails both nude and face shots. They did the same.

She was cute and he wasn’t bad looking either, we agreed to meet at an out of town restaurant that was near a nice motel. They also had a bar that was darkened and not loud to help couples to get to know each other were you could be sensuous and a bedroom close not to lose what was building by driving home. That’s why swingers knew this place well and often agreed to meet there. We met at the restaurant around 5:30 and since I was the odd one I smiled hugging them both. We talked over dinner and drinks we all agreed that we were attracted to each other. Since they were looking for a friend with benefits Frank said they had wanted to add a male for a while especially after he told Lisa he had on occasion before they met to go to sex shops and had male to male sex.

She was tired of role playing with toys and wanted to see him with a real hard one down his throat, Lisa admitted she was already wet with the thought of how close it was to being fulfilled. Frank said he missed the sex but was very happy with being married and that he was lucky that Lisa was supportive of his occasional desire to be with men and were excited of how close it now was. They had me horny my dick was hard I told them that even though I had never had sex with a man I loved watching Bi-sex porn but no one but them knew as I was nervous yet excited at the same time. So we hoped our honest conversation would now lead us to a sexually satisfying evening. As we stood to leave the restaurant, to head over to the motel I stepped between them and gave them both a hug.

As we walked outside we knew that a new bond had formed and our future was off to a pleasant start on this warm summer night. Lisa walked between her horny men and was being very passionate with the both of us rubbing our legs making us both comfortable of sex being three and not two we laughed as the sexual tension continued to grow. I knew my dick was hard and wondered if Frank’s dick was trying to bust out as mine was. Lisa was wearing a short dress that had men’s heads turning and wondering what we three had going. As she held both our hands, we decided to go to the liquor store first Lisa sat between us rubbing out crotch as I drove I was so hot I started to sweat and Lisa kissed my neck while Frank played with her wet pussy and I was ready to get this party started.

She whispered she wanted to fuck my ass as I sucked her husband. As I begged and she agreed I could eat her sopping pussy that now had the sperm of her husband in her as they fucked while I was in the store She wanted me to orally clean her when we got to the room. She said Frank pulled off her panties and fucked her to an orgasm with his 8” thick cock. She told me she loved all sizes and my smaller dick would fit nice in her ass as her husband fucked her pussy and then after we came in her he would service her orally too.

My dick might only be 6.5 inches but my oral skills always have my women coming back for more. Well when we got to the motel this tall good looking black man smiled and winked as the three of us ask for his nicest room with a King bed in it. He told us that he would be happy to provide us with room service if we needed it. Lisa smiled at him and said she just might need something hot to eat by then as the sexual tension permeated the lobby. He told her he got off at midnight and would bring us what we needed before he went home.

We all smiled and said thanks for the offer got the key and went to our room. As soon as the door closed Lisa took off her dress lay on her back and opened her legs as I saw that beautiful pussy for the first time her lips were large and puffy just as I loved. I began to make love with her lips I kissed nibbled swabbed and tongued her slowly savoring her taste mingled with the taste of his sperm as I continued my oral lovemaking of her pussy she became wetter and her breathing became more focused on how pleasurable it felt to her she was saying oh yeah baby your making my kitty purr. It was in perfect shape for licking and the color was turning redder from how good it felt as my mouth watered with the pleasing taste her moaning increased until she finally orgasm shooting her fluid in my mouth.

After a few minutes of her deep breathing her hands squeezed my head as she moaned my name and said for my reward. I could choose what I wanted next. Being so turned on by her sensuality and Frank’s voice approving all the way. I motioned him to stand by the bed as I undid his pants and pulled them down and slowly removed his underwear as she helped with his shirt. She was kissing his back as I slowly not sure if I was going to enjoy sucking a man. I looked over and saw Lisa had this strap on the bed that was more my size and she had said my virgin ass would be able to take Frank’s big one later. I closed my eyes and reached out and put my hand on his hard dick it felt strange and I felt myself blushing as I liked holding a larger dick then the one I had. I stuck out my tongue and tasted what a dick tasted like. It was OK so I opened my mouth and took just the head in and got use, to having a dick in my mouth I slowly took it in deeper and deeper as his moans increased and Lisa was verbally encouraging us in our man to man sex. I took in more and started to learn to relax my throat and take more of his large thick dick down my throat. Lisa started to remove my pants as Frank said to lick his balls he wanted me to play with his asshole as I sucked him off. I smiled to myself as my hotness made me want to not play with my hands but with my tongue. He lay back on the bed as I raised his leg and put my tongue on his ass and licked and licked his asshole and worked my tongue in a little as the massaging of those sensitive places had it relaxed as more of my tongue went in. Lisa worked her way so she could jerk him as I turned his ass bud on. Lisa smiled at me as I had her husband moaning in pleasure his dick was getting harder and he was almost to orgasm when Lisa who had strapped the dido on mounted her husband and I moved around so I could once again put his tasteful dick dancing on my tongue he grabbed my head and moving it up and down his 8” cock. I could tell he was getting closer to coming as his wife was fucking him the way a woman wants to be fucked. She was talking to him urging him to come for her. Telling him she loved watching a man suck his cock. How her pussy was soaked and how she wanted to call room service to service her. She was hoping his dick was big so he would fuck her pussy while one of us was fucking her ass and she would suck mine. How her orgasms were going to be strong and would make her squirt. That sent Frank over the edge and cum he did. He filed my mouth I could hardly swallow fast enough. Salty but tasty my first taste of cum. Lisa got up at 11:30 and called the front desk and asked Simpson to come on up and be of service. He said give me thirty. The three of us got up and took a shower together. We all began cleaning up for a night with three men and the babe. Lisa was playing with my balls telling me how good I looked with a cock down my throat. I blushed and had to admit it was tasty not as tasty as a nice pussy but just as satisfying bringing pleasure to a nice couple who could have such an open relationship with each other. We were all getting nervous about Simpson how would he be would he shun bi sex. Would he be compatible with us yet as we talked it seemed he at least knew we three were sharing one bed. As we were finishing to dress there was a knock on the door.

I was in my shorts with no shirt Lisa was in a long T and Frank was wearing tight show the outline tight. Simpson told us we could call him Sam. He smiled at us and I fixed everyone a shot of whiskey then two. We all began to talk and the conversation turned to sex and Sam told us that his motel was popular with open couples. But he said he likes it more when there is Bi sex involved as he likes sucking dick and fucking a tight ass. Everyone said I would be tight as this is the first time I have had sex with a man. My ass was tight as no dick had ever penetrated me. My ex would rub it with her wet finger to help bring me to a stronger cum.

He told us he was ready to fuck me or Frank or Lisa as we all laughed and he came over to me and kissed me I felt a little queasy feeling a man’s mouth on mine. But I put my tongue in his mouth as Lisa and Frank undressed us. When Sam’s dick sprang free Lisa giggled like a school girl at his size it wasn’t thick but it was long 12inches with a large vein popping out along the side he was already hard. As I started kissing him lower and lower until his manhood was touching my lips I opened up and took as much in as I could Lisa also got on her knees and played with his balls as Frank went to work on my dick. Lisa was saying how lucky she was going to be when all her hot holes would be filled with dick. His black dick glistened with my spit. He was getting harder by the second and telling me what a good cock sucker I was. Frank was sucking me and fingering my lubed ass. The bed started moving with all the bodies and the sexual energy being produced by the four of us. Lisa got up and said she had to feel that big dick and being so wet her pussy engulfed him in three strokes. I got behind her and sucked her ass as Sam kept up the steady pace of bringing Lisa to orgasm.

After I saw she was wet from my mouth and her juices I started working my dick into her anus. As she started to meet our strokes it didn’t take long for us to get into a good rhythm as Lisa started having multiple orgasms with her screams of pleasure being quieted when Frank put his dick into her mouth then you could see her eyes rolling around as wave after wave of sexual energy overtook her. As our tempo increased Sam started moaning as well as Lisa, Frank and me. All four of us were about to come. I pulled out of Lisa just as I came spraying her back with my love juice a second later Frank pulled out and came all over her face as Sam came deep inside as Lisa just collapsed on Sam’s chest panting and moaning as the pleasure totally consumed her. Frank took her off Sam’s cock and sucked and licked her pussy clean. We just rolled off and let out a sigh of contentment. As Sam said he have a nice surprise later that next morning he said we could stay until four the next day and not have to pay he got up took a shower and left. I got some wash clothes and towels and washed the sweat and come from our bodies. Within ten minutes of the love fest we all fell asleep.

Early the next morning I ordered Breakfast for the three of us as Frank and Lisa showered. After they were finished they had their Breakfast as I showered. We then went down to the pool for some swimming and to see who was around. To our surprise there was a cute couple there they were on vacation and this was their third day and were quite bored with our town. Well in no time the five of us acted like we were old friends Dale and Betsy started to drink some of the booze we brought down to the pool. They started to become less inhibited and asked what rooms we were in when we said the three of us were sharing the same room and bed they laughed and said they didn’t believe us. I went over and gave Lisa a kiss and Frank gave her a kiss on her beautiful breasts.

We then explained how we become friends with benefits they seemed to now be more interested in our story of open love. How we men had just tried bi and even though we both enjoyed the opposite sex same sex was exciting and turned us on. Lisa said she had been Bi since Frank and she met. They were married 3 years before they started to tell their fantasies to each other. Frank finally admitted men also turned him on. Lisa said it made her hot to see her husband suck fuck and be fucked by other men some dale’s age dale blushed and said nothing as Betsy said she would love to fuck her man. As bi sex excited she and she had some girl on girl sex in college. Well it was getting hot and we all decided to go back up to the room Dale and Betsy accepted and we knew that Sam was coming soon and it could turn out to be another day of uninhibited pleasure.

I went to the bar and made drinks as the two couples put on the TV as they were still nervous. Lisa explained they would not be forced to do anything they would regret. At that moment I remembered the movies they had in the xxx section there was some male bi sex and I put it on. Since no one changed the channel I got up went over and started massaging Dale and Betsy. Betsy looked so turned on she bit her lip as she started to rub the bulge in Dale’s pants. Liquor is so good for relaxing one’s mind. I then went over to Frank and as the young couple watch as we undressed each other. Lisa went over and without any resistance undressed both Dale and Betsy. Betsy and Lisa started kissing as I went down on Frank.

Well at last I was starting to become better at the art of the blow job. As the girls started to explore each other they didn’t leave out Dale. They knew in no time Dale would be so turned on Betsy might finally fuck him in his hot ass. Well Frank and I reached the bed we got into the 69 position. And Frank started to lube up my ass as I was still a virgin there and Frank told me not for long. We could hear the girls and Dale make their way to bed. Well Lisa continued her sexy ways on Dale’s body as Betsy went and put on the strap on.

She lubed it up and then proceeded to lube his ass hole. Betsy continued to mount her Husband and slowly made progress in getting the dildo in when it was all the way in Dale said wow it feels fucking awesome fuck me baby fuck me. to jerk him off with one hand while I held his balls with the other. I licked his shaft and felt that head jerk a little as I opened wide to take him in. He was still enjoying being fucked by Sam and his balls were getting ready to explode. I couldn’t wait till I had his sperm coating my throat. Then I would taste Sam’s to.

I was officially Bi and loved dick now as much as pussy. I always loved oral sex and this was twice the turn on. I feel all sex is good as long as no one’s hurt. Just then Sam pulled his dick from Barb’s ass and told me to suck him clean I saw cum starting to ooze from Barb’s ass as I quickly went behind her and first lick her clean then I went to Sam and cleaned his cock and balls. Now the three of us turned our attention to the others on the bed. As Dale came down Lisa’s throat she swallowed every drop and turned him around so he could clean the dildo that fucked him to such a great orgasm.

He sucked it with no hesitation. Frank was enjoying his fuck with Penny as Penny had a dildo in her ass to add to her pleasure she also had three fingers in Frank’s ass and would take them out and have Frank suck them wet and then she flicked the dildo on and the vibration was all he could take as his body stiffened and he empty a load in Penny’s pretty pussy. Then as soon as he stopped coming Penny got off him and startled his face so he could drink his cum and her sweet juices she rubbed her pussy and then she came and made Frank drink her juices frank seemed to love it and you could see him swallowing her and his cum then she rolled off and he licked his lips and had a content grin. The room became quiet as we all laid there satisfied. What would the future bring?

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