Volunteering For Project For High Mark

A 19 Year Old Straightlaced Student Volunteer For Prof'S Project

Alice Brewster was a quiet shy first year university student. She was fair skinned, freckles, wore glasses, had red hair down midway to her back. She was a straight-laced business student who always wore formal attire -a collared shirt, a brown blazer, a formal brown skirt to her knees, opaque black stockings and black shoes.

Alice often went to extra help sessions with her profs and took interest in getting extra help in understanding Human Sexuality with one black prof, Dr.Heinzman. Alice was introverted, very naive, very inexperienced and did not know what to make of all the illustrated pages of sex and sexual practices in her textbook.

Dr. Heinzman contemplated what to do to give clarity for her constant questions and planned on making it clear to Alice what she should do to fully understand.

Alice arrived for an extra help session and Dr. Heinzman greeted her with a smile. He was 37 years old and in great shape. He was looking at making his own book on human sexuality and had it in mind to have Alice as a participant in this illustrated book.

Dr. Heinzman said: Are you making any sense out of the material of Human Sexuality in my textbook?

Alice said: I really do not know. I am shy and never had a relationship so much of this is just theory to me.

Dr. Heinzman looked at her fair freckled face and said: It is all theory on printed pages until put ino practice. I am looking for a volunteer for my new book that is going to have illustrated pictures of sexual topics. I will participate myself in some photos. This participation will help your mark and also give you the knowledge you seek.

Alice grinned nervously and then said: This sounds interesting, I want to explore this and feel what I believe to be turned on by the prospect of being in this book.

Dr. Heinzman took out some papers and got her to sign an agreement. Basically giving the Prof the right to use these pics where he wanted.

There was a female erotic photographer present who was 30 years old named Dana. She was a big blue eyed blond lady with a big bust who had a grin on her face looking at Alice.

Dana said: Dr. Heinzman and I want you to get relaxed so we are going to removed your shoes and your stockings. First I will take some pics of you clothed from the front, sides and the back.

Alice was seated and had both her legs raised up by both the prof and Dana. Alices mouth opened a bit as she watched them both remove her shoes and slowly take off her stockings. Her bare shapely legs and pink soled feet were revealed much to Dr. Heizman’s pleasure. Dr. Heinzman caressed her legs and feet on his lap as Dana took pics.

Dr. Heinzman said: How does that feel?

Alice said with a grin: It feels nice!

Dana kept snapping photos.

Dr. Heinzman unbuttoned his pants and pull them down revealing his big erect cock and stiff big ball sac. Alice gasped with her eyes wide behind her glasses and mouth wide open.

Dr. Heinzman gripped his cock and said: You are going to demonstrate a foot job by putting your bare feet against my cock and rubbing it. This will demonstrate a foot job in my book and feed into the foot fetish ideology.

Alice put her bare pink soled feet against his erect cock and rubbed it the best she could. Dana smiled and snapped many photos.

Dr. Heinzman then instructed Alice to remove her panties and show her virgin pussy to the camera. Alice was told to spread her lips and show her tight cunt. The prof caressed her lips through her pubic hair and stimulated her clit with his tongue.

Dana snapped continous photos as Alice moaned.

The prof kissed and tongued Alice kissing her neck as well in front of the snapping camera. He then ripped open her button up shirt the her bra revealing her perky breats with erect nipples. The prof licked them slowly caressing her pussy and sucking her nipples. Alice’s eyes were shut and mouth open in excstacy. Dana kept photographing everything. THen Alice got up and took off her skirt. The prof got totally nude as well. He instructed Alice to get on top of him to get a spanking. He spanked her big butt which made her thighs and tits jiggle. The prof rested her tits on his legs as he spanked her cheeks hard making her grimace. He then got her to grip his cock. He put it up to her lips and got her to lick and suck. The prof caressed her pussy as she sucked him for a few minutes. He then got her to put her to get on top of his lap and position her pussy over his erect cock, but she was facing towards Dana and the camera with her back to the Prof. The prof pinched her tits and then grabbed her love handles lowering her then pressing his cock on her hymen. With one thrust and a yelp from Alice the prof deflowered her. The prof enjoyed the sensation of her tight warm pussy and his erect hard cock thrusted deep long strokes bringing Alice to a state of euphoria through her moaning.

Dana grinned and felt horny snapping all these photos with the expressions of excstacy. The prof put Alice on her back and put her feet on his shoulders.

Dr. Heinzman said out loud: Do you want my cum, do you want to be pregnant with my seed?

Alice in her horny state said: YES I WANT YOUR BLACK SEED!!

Dr. Heinzman smiled and looked back at Dana as he inserted his cock on top of Alice.

Dana said: Take his black seed let him spurt it in you fertilizing you!!

Dana took pics of the prof’s cock impaling her pussy with his big ball sac and seeing Alice’s expression of pleasure with her mouth open and eyes squinting as she moaned.

Then it was Dana’s queue to join in and show a threesome as the camera took pics on its own. Dana got nude she had big tits and a tanned athletic body. Dana positioned herself over Alice’s mouth and got her to lick her pussy. The Prof pounded Alice’s pussy like an animal and Dana licked her nipples ferociously. Both Alice and the Prof shuddered in a tense orgasm together as sticky cum was shot deep inside.

About a month later Alice said she was pregnant and was keeping it.

The prof took pics of the pregnancy as it developed over time. In her second year in September the Prof published his sex text book and there were pic series of the prof on an online porn site and in a porn magazine. Word spread as students watched Alice bare foot in sandals pushing a stroller and everyone knew this redhead was impregnated by black cum.

With many prim and proper introverted female college students around Dr. Heinzman was prepared to create more sex textbooks.

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