Lisa couldn’t take it anymore. She had been holding back her feelings for her roommate for almost 6 months now and she had to do something. When she and Paul agreed to move in together to split their expenses she always thought it would be Paul that would be overcome with lust for her but instead she was aching to devour him every waking moment. Just to hear him talk made her weak and the thoughts she was having were effecting her ability to work. She was so stress today that she left work early to spend the afternoon with her favorite dildo while laying in Paul’s bed thinking about how passionate they would be together. Her heart raced as she had walked into the apartment when it nearly stopped at the sound of the shower running. Lisa was ready to scream in frustration when she noticed the bathroom door was open. Neither she or Paul were never home during the day so she figured he must have just left it open to take a shower in an empty apartment. Desire took all reason away as Lisa walked to the bathroom door and was gifted the image of Paul’s body through the opaque shower doors. His distorted image was still enough to cause her body to react as her heart raced again and her lust overtook her entire being. Without a thought she removed her clothing right there in the doorway and proceeded to walk to the shower and opening the door she stepped in while looking into the eyes of a shocked Paul with complete need of all he had to offer.

Paul stood in shock at first but then Lisa was given the lips she so desired with all the pent up desire that she now knew he shared in kind with her. The hot water sprayed over both their pressed bodies as they enjoyed each others hunger for soft lips and probing tongues. Lisa’s need was still in control and slowly she kissed his wet body as she lowered herself to the shower floor to finally enjoy what she had imagined was her dildo for so many lustful nights. First caressing Paul’s wet hairy testicles as she enjoyed the soft moans he made she then took the full length of his semi-hard cock into her mouth and instantly started cumming from all the pent up tension that had been building all morning. Sucking the length of Paul’s dick in and out of her throat she marveled at how he kept growing in length and thickness till she was stroking 2 hands up and down the shaft while still sucking quite a bit in and out of her mouth. This wouldn’t be her first large dick but she hadn’t enjoyed it that much last time and a lil worry creeped in for just a second before again her unstoppable lust took over and forcefully she took the entire length into her mouth and down her throat. The gag reflexes seamed to be completely suppressed because she only felt pleasure and want as she repeatedly took him down her throat till she felt another cum approaching.

Lisa knew she wanted to have Paul inside her when she came again. Standing back up she put her arms around his neck and as if he could read her mind Paul reached down and helped Lisa up till she had her legs wrapped around his body and slowly lowered herself down onto his hard cock. With ease his head found her wet open cunt and she took him wonderfully into her hungry cunt. Inch by amazing inch the length and thickness of Paul’s wonderful cock opened and filled her like she so desperately needed til she was filled completely and screaming loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body. After calming down a bit she felt Paul push her body against the cool shower wall and relentlessly start fucking his cunt soaked cock in and out of her as they both grunted and moaned like lustful animals. It only took a few minutes of the powerful strokes before Lisa was on the edge again. This time though Paul took over and lifting her to the ceiling she straddled his shoulders as he drove her lips and tongue into her swollen cunt till she was filling his eager mouth with the most powerful orgasm she had had in years. Paul never slowed down as Lisa felt 3 fingers stroke in and out of her cunt and lips sucking on her throbbing clit till she was dizzy with passion. Finally after cumming again Paul lowered her to the shower floor where she was guided around and over till her ass was rubbing up and down on Paul’s still hard shaft.

The feel of Paul thick cock between Lisa’s wet ass cheeks was amazing and she knew she was his to take as he wanted. The water was just starting to cool off as she felt Paul ease his dick in from behind filling her cunt again with the joy of his warm thick flesh. Slowly Paul’s dick slid in and out full length as the water turn cold and spraying across her back. Normally she would have jumped out by now but the heat of the large dick in her cunt and the unstoppable hunger of her body only made the contrast of the cold water most amazing and she started thrusting her ass back meeting each of his strokes in kind. The noise of their bodies slapping against each other was nearly drowned out by the moans coming from each of them. Suddenly Paul grabbed her waist hard and started pounding into her with great force and speed till Lisa felt the heat of his hot cum shooting deep into her cunt bringing her to another cum that caused her to nearly collapse to the floor if Paul hadn’t been holding her tight. She felt Paul move as he turned the shower off and they both eased to the shower floor and curled up into each others arms as they reveled in the afterglow of their spent passion.

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