Trouble At Hogsmeeds Dark Deeds


As Lilith return to her class room she sat down at her desk. The secret door in the middle of the room open and Jill came in still nude. She walk over and went threw a stack of papers need grade and pull one. She wrote on it and summons an owl to take it to the student.

Lilith: what are u doing.

Jill: I have a plan she smirk.

We need to talk.

An hour latter Lara came walking in.

 A tall blonde elf. She long pointed ears and a body that would make any super model worry . She a nice set of medium breast c size the were a little saggy. And a ass that made Jill horny for her. Her were a dark glowing green the was put anyone she wanted under her spell.

Lara: please I need an A+ or I will fail at my goal for this class. I will do anything.

For Lara any thing less then an a+ is a failure for her kind. Elves pride them self’s on (excellent) every thing them do must be of the highest standers and a a- will not do at all.

Lara came to hogsmeeds as a part of an breach out experiment by her kingdom to so off her kind and what they can offer. For Lara her studies are free so that she can go to a premier collage if she in the top 3 at hogsmeeds.

Right now she in first only Hermione can challenge her if she make up the 1000 point lead. But only having a few week left of summer school it just not possible so why Lara is panicking is beyond me. She take 12 class to Hermione 8 class. And all ready with a 900 points  lead in the main school year she only has to take 6 class to win. Hermione 13 classes to win. but only 12 classes  Hermione can take because of state laws for students.

Jill is wise the perfect deed to make Lara dreams of a perfect score go down in flames.

Lara: please help me Jill I do anything a  o shoot. I got a test yes that it a surprise test.

Jill cut her off.

Jill: any thing right.

Lara: yes?

Jill: Initiation.

Lara look shock.

Jill: see Lilith is the last member  of her sorority and she want to rebuild it here at hogsmeeds and now is ur chance if u do as I say we will call it a test but I warn u. If u win I will change ur grade to an

A+. If u fail u keep an A- all next year.

Lara : why do I half to join I think she made a mistake on the grading.

Jill: you ask me too help.

Jill hold out Lara test with the A- here.

Lara: ok I do it I will take the Initiation.

Jill: TEST. This way she open the door.

Welcome to the Order Of The Brothers.

We sisters are here to server their needs and desires.

Ur test and Initiation will be filmed for our records and use as we see fit.

Lara yes.

Jill open the dark door in the middle of the room.

Jill: I warn u again (anything) goes in here ur Initiation is this clime the tree and get the key to return to us a sister.

Lara: my TEST is this clime the tree and get the key. THAT NOT SO HARD.

 She stood up and grab her bag and wand and head to the door.

Jill: hold on a sec.

She grab Lara bag and wand. She gave her a note pad and a pen and a plastic sandwich bag.

Jill: good luck.

Lara: laugh and said still not hard.

Jill. Do u offer ur self to us.

Lara: yes.

The  she walk though the door.

As she enter looking at the garden of nude plants people and huge pond with a small island that had a 175 foot tree with to large black apple hang from it. And a large red and black marble stone with a monster look like Satan sinking into it.

She jump when the door slam shut.

Jill: was laugh to the desk were Lilith was sitting. She reach down for eraser. She hand it back to Lilith who laugh out load.

Jill: she so smart she is dumb. Students are not allowed to change grades it protected by magic ahaha.

Lilith drop the test Jill change the L in Lara to a T in Tara, Lara’s brother.

Lilith: she did not look at hand writing on the test.

Lara made her way to the pond she was followed by a nude plant of a girl hold a camera. Lara reach the pond she was placing the pen a note in the sack. She took off her union form and shoes. Leaving just her black silk bra and panties on. She turn was shock to see the bush girl filming her.

She turn her back to her and was  about to step in the water when she felt a hand touch her. She turn the plant girl had her hand on her shoulder. She pointed to a stone block 50 feet away. Lara look at her golden dog tag is said Ashley.

 Lara walk over to the stone it read


Lara: really or what.

She look at Ashley.

Another plant girl walk up holding a long whip past the handle was the lash with rose thorns all down it.

Ashley step forth hands by her waist.



Ashley moaned out with joy but Lara was shock.

Lara: ok I see rules are rules.

She turn was pause to see another plant girl in the water filming her.

Lara blush as she took off her top.

A flash of light came form the pond. To witch Lara twitch her nose.

The she pull off her panties reveal her pubic hairs the was cut short and in a strip look like a piece of gum 3 inch high 1 inch a cross. And her pussy. Flash another shoot of her nude walk in the pond was taken. She swam a cross hold the bag with her teeth. She after a 5 min swim land on the island and walk over. To the smooth tree and look up. Wow only in my home land do we have tree this big she felt the trunk a small bulge appear by her foot. She step on it. And lifted her self up. She look back and saw the plastic bag and step down. She jump when something smack her ass. She look all a round on the plant girl was their 10 feet behind her filming. She pick the sack and turn the bulge was gone. She look up the tree brushing her breast on the trunk and the bulge came back. She pulled out the note pad a to some notes she jump back when a black face appear on the tree trunk. She look at expression it was smiling at her. She step up on the bulge and look up the black face kiss her lip leaving a liquid on her lip. She lick it off a Brach grew just above her 7ft tall body. She reach up and  pulled her self up when she felt the face licking her breast. She let goes the branch. The black face turn mad a hand grew next to her and smack her left chick hard leave a hand print. Lara ouch. She look down at the note pad on the ground.

Lara: hey Ashley can u write this down for me.

She yelled a few words and again she look up at all the branch’s and knots and bulge forming above her.

She look at the face smiling again she saw one just out of reach.

Can u move that closer for me she said to the face.

Tree face: kiss me.

Lara kiss his lips again the yellow liquid went in her mouth she grab the branch and pulled up. Again the knot was just out of  reach. She think to her self if I step off or let go I get punish. When I make out I can clime up. She again kiss the lips but she let goes when she felt his tongue goes down her throat.

Lara: opps no shit.

She look at the tentacle come out of the tree. zap a sparked of light came form it.

Lara look at the face.

Wait so let get this right to go up I must make out. If o go down I gets punish.

The face smiled.

Tree face: unless u have my seeds.

Witch no hand can carry.

Lara again started her clime.

She look up and grab the branch and pulled up. She pause when she felt a hand rub her left breast.  She reach for another limb. Her right breast was squeezed. She put her leg on a knot. But let goes of the limb when her pussy was touch. She watch as the tentacle went to her side of her breast. Zap

Lara: ouch.

She saw another knot grew right beside her left leg she step on spreading her legs apart. The two hand went back squeezing her tits.  

She look and saw no braches.

She look at the face. The black face open it mouth a 10 inch cock came out.

She felt her she went up a little like an elevator. Ok so u want a blow job a.

She lick his cock and few her  going up more. Then it stop another knot appear on above her right hand. She grab it

Lara: uhhh. She felt a tentacle giving her anal. She let goes a look over her shoulder at it. She grab the knot again.

Lara: ARHH. The zapper shock her clitoris.

Again she stop now a knot was for her left hand.

She grab it and went back up again.

Half way she say. She look at the face again the cock came out.

She wasted no time get back to suck on it. She reach top branch 5  minutes latter of get anal sex and cock sucking her belly full of the liquid he pist down her throat.

 She walk over and got the key.

Lara the seeds were are they she look at the end a stone and a large cock was sticking out over to the left a waterfall of the same golden liquid was flowing.

She read the rock.

In order to leave one must bare my seeds

Bath in the water to show how many SEEDS  need to BE carry. No hands can touch the seeds.

Lara showers in the water fall rubbing her self clean. A golden light on her belly shine she look at the water fall like a mirror. 9 appears on her belly.

She look at Ashley riding the large cock jetting out of the branch she was amazed the Ashley could take all 13 inches of it. All while filming her.

She walk over and took the cock deep in  her pussy and started to ride it. Zap

Lara: ahhh a red light flash on her belly.

She yelled out that one as she was fucking faster.

Lara: 2 ahhh.

She look at the stone black man rising from the branch he walk over and stuck his cock in her mouth.

Lara think to her self 3 ahaha

4 urghhh 5 shit. She look up at Jill and pull his cock from her mouth.

Lara. What ur doing her. She saw her hold a small whip. Still riding his cock.

Jill: ur Initiation. She smack her back with the whip making Lara even more horny.

Lara took on a doggy position in the cock making her more at ease.

She again started fuck his cock.

Lara. Ha ha why is shocking my pussy?

Jill: see their his pets he laying in ur womb.

Lara: 6 o god I Cuming.

Jill smack her back again as the face grew a bit her right nipple.

Lara was covered in sweat. It was dripping off her.

Lara: see the brothers you know no are monster real monsters.

She pull Lara’s hair to make her look at her. Zap

Lara: arhhhhh 7

 Jill grab lara right breast ad drag her nails a cross it.

 Another eggs rose in side the penis and with a charge shot deep inside Lara womb.


She walk over to the trunk and turn to face Lara making her  watch as she slid down on the cock and her self was riding a cock.

Jill: see his pets can take the shape of anything.

Lara: o god o going to cum.

Jill: yes you are. So am I well in a few.

Lara look up at the trunk were Jill was riding the Blackman’s cock. He was squeezing her breast so hard they were purple and she was enjoying it.

Jill: fuck I love big dicks. Now the egg are dormant and  they need a little jolt.

Lara look as Jill pussy was shock.

Jill: once they are laid in side u it take a few for them to hatch.

Lara: o god I Cuming soon ahaha.

Jill: when they hatch like all carnivorous insects they need something to eat. See when u orgasm here in a sec ur life splits 9 ways or about 10years per egg.

They will then eat you and take on the shapes of people who we want.


Jill watch as Lara sunk in to the tree.

Another apple grew just of above the spot were she was.

Jill: normal we have them past out when we knock them up but the off spring are not as strong that way.

She look at the face again the cock came out his mouth. Jill: time form my orgasm.

And put her lip on his cock and kiss it before sticking it in her mouth.

            Chapter 2 orgy of the tree



She got off the tree cock breathing hard now that a good fuck. She look down a small red hair girl was undress. Meiko

Was a small 4-9 girl that love to swim she change in to her most skin tight swim suit. And was doing a few laps.

After ten minutes Meiko saw Jill waving at her and swam over.

Meiko walk over to her stand by a huge skull with silver thing that look like snake.

Meiko: hey Jill what cha doing.

Jill: wow skin tight does not fit the bill her I can see ur nipple and ur camel toe.

Meiko: the tighter the better is make you faster.

Jill: Meiko the pond is for members only and skinny dipping only.

Meiko look at her.

Meiko: well how do I join I love to swim in peace.

Jill: come with me.

She lead her in front of the huge skull.

3 tentacles was fix out like art work.

Jill stand here.

She grab her right breast and kiss her. Then she grab a tentacle this goes here and put it in Meiko mouth.

Jill: good you suck well.

Jill got down and was licking Meiko asshole for a min or 2 then place another tentacle in her anal.

Jill: this goes their.

She got in front and lick Meiko pussy.

After Meiko first orgasm she shove the tentacle in her pussy.

Jill : and this ur inside ur pussy.

Jill step back and watch the swimmer get cover in green ooze. And turn in a plant girl. The girl was on her knee arm out at the sun. Jill place a golden necklace around her neck that had Meiko name on it.

To bad they all can be that easy.

An hour past when the 3 L sitters came in with lee and spunky Chinese girl on red bull.


Jill: said their names Lenya , Laura, Lauren, and lee

I see ur here.

Now my girls here the deal u fuck the monster their in the pond and I will by you any car deal.

All four said yes.

She place one girl on each side of the tree.

Jill: ok  Lenya , Laura, Lauren I want u to undress and think of how u wanted to be fuck all ur life bondage, romance, fisting, anything ur heart wants.

Got it.

Girls yes Jill.

Jill: lee ur with me.

 Lenya went first to the trunk  she drop was second oldest. Her long black hair down to her mid back. To long silver ear ring dangle as she walk over she took off her skirt revealing  her black busy pussy hairs trimmed up a bit. Her body was tall 6-8 and her breast large 86 cm d she lifted up her top and let them flop down.

Her brown stocking with white tips showed she knew what Jill want.

Lenya: come let get this porno over with I always like rough sex so big boy give me ur best.

She laid her back against the tree trunk.

Two hand came out one grab her left breast. Another started rubbing her pussy the face grew of and started to kiss her as her leg were spread apart.

She felt a giant cock rammed it self deep in her pussy. She let her self go to his desires.

Her words were I knew it was sex.

Laura the oldest was next to her.

The short cut brown hair was cut in a way with her face that made her look 30. Right down to the eye rings she had on

Her black pussy hairs was cut into a bush strip. She was making out with a black marble man sprouting out form the tree. Her breast were big but the smallest of the group her tall body made them sag they were 78 cm d you would not tell. They say she look like her mom and it was true just the same spiting image of her at 30. She was romantic kiss him he pick her up and starting fuck her cowgirl. Laura  always want a lover to bad it was a demon who a darker plans for her as two more apple grew.


Was the youngest sister her 5-11 frame had a set of tit’s the made the boy say hello 44 d the kind most men dream about. Her black hair was cut short and held with bronze cone that run cross the for head. Her glasses made her a sexy nerd that made sure she a lots off boys.

She had her skirt off showing her bushy

Black pubic hairs.  As she walk over think of the only porn see saw was a girl get fisted and was think what would it feel like.

She came to the tree a pair of hand cuff were hang form a branch by rope. She cuff her self and watch the black demon walk out of the tree with three tentacle coming form in back keeping him plunge in.

A table appears with lot of bondage toys on it.  He grab face and rub his fingers on her lips. She opens and kick his fingers tips. He then spits in her mouth.

Mmm Lauren moan out. He show her a large butt plug and makes her sucks it.

She moans out as he shove in deep in her asshole and turn on the vibrate.

The monster kiss Lauren before handing two 2 pounds waits form her breast.

He held’s a tentacle like a fire hose.

Showing  her with the golden liquid.

The tree. Good all the sitters can take 12 seeds.

He rub her face and body as he goes down. One of the tentacle in is back is pumping 12 eggs in his left arm.

He rub his fist on her pussy look over at darkcon lee the Chinese girl with a hairy pussy is riding his cock while eating Jill pussy.

 He punch his fist in Lauren pussy lifting her up 6 inch and dropping her.

Again he punches up like lift a dumb bell. he zappers comes out the sound of the sisters filled the air and a ZZAP HERE AND THEIR.





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