Three In The Snow

I was at a loss as to why I had been invited as a dinner speaker to a bunch of web page designers. It probably had something to do with the presentation I had done years earlier on characteristics of effective web-page design. I busily updated my presentation because I would do almost anything to stay at the Inn at Squaw Creek during ski season for free.

I explained to my wife that I would be going to the conference mid-week for only one night so it hardly made sense for her to take the kids out of school. I packed up my ski equipment, laptop, projector, and, for some reason, my guitar. I hopped into my Ford Explorer at 5 the next morning, and bombed up to Squaw.

I got there in time to ski all day and had many runs on my favorite, Headwall. I quit at 3 p.m. so that I could change for the talk and get my act together.

Not knowing whether the web-folk would be a rag-tag band of casual dressers or a highly organized bunch of power mongers, I erred on the side of caution as befits my financial executive status. I put on my best black double breasted suit with one of my Jerry Garcia ties. I was quite a visage of sartorial splendor.

I got to the dining room a little early so that I could scope out the room and also because I’m kind of obsessive about being on time. I didn’t want to have to wait in line to get into the meeting room (I hate lines). I found that I was to be seated at a head table, since I was the guest speaker. I took my seat and waited for the rest of the crowd while I went over my presentation.

I was presenting on “Small Business Web Pages and Public Education-A Partnership for Progress.”

As the crowd streamed in I realized that I had made a fashion blunder of significant proportions. Rag-Tag Band hardly captured it. Here was a group of HTML professionals that looked like a bunch of country club members gone alternative. Oh, well. I guess I’ll just enjoy it and look slick. My mind began to wander until someone sat down next to me. I noticed that someone was sitting down, but it wasn’t until I looked up that I saw that right next to me was a very beautiful woman.

I looked over and introduced myself: “Hi, I’m Dan, I’ll be your guest speaker tonight.” I had trouble getting the words out. Even though I’m a very polished speaker, I tend to clam up when faced with a beautiful woman.

She looked over at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “Hi, I’m Dianne, I publish an awards page for web designers.”

If I had been a snowflake I would have melted on the spot.

We ate dinner and I gave my talk. It was very well received and I felt that it was worthwhile for me to have gone to the seminar. I sat down next to Dianne and we continued to exchange small talk about our children, music, the web, spirituality and esp. I found that we had quite a lot in common.

We discussed skiing and found that we both were accomplished skiers. By this time we had had a lot of wine and the dinner was breaking up. I looked over at Dianne and smiled, she smiled back and said, “My husband is meeting me at the bar after this, why don’t you join us?” I had nothing much planned so I was happy for the company.

At the bar waited Dianne’s husband, a good looking guy with long hair. Seeing them together made me a little lonely, but that feeling was quickly quelled by the additional cocktails we ordered. In no time we were all pretty looped and becoming fast friends.

After the couple of glasses of wine and two cocktails I was nearing my limit. I suggested that we all get changed into our bathing suits and meet back at the large spa outside the dining room.

As we stumbled into the elevator together, Dianne fell against me, placing her hands against my nipples to break her fall. The feeling of electricity was overwhelming. She got up and apologized, but I said it was fine and not to worry. I was worried about myself!

While riding the elevator up, I chatted more with Dianne’s husband and found that, like me, he was a guitar player, but considerably more accomplished. He seemed like a nice guy.

We all got off on the same floor and found that our rooms were across the hall. We went to our respective rooms, got changed, and met back in the hall for the ride down to the spa.

Riding down the elevator was excruciating because Dianne’s husband was all over her gorgeous body and I had to keep my towel in position to hide what was now my raging hard-on.

We all got into one of the spas that had no one else in it (there were four). The feeling of being in a hot-tub while it’s snowing outside is one of the most delicious feelings of all so I was pretty ecstatic to begin with. It was very relaxing. I sat in the spa, relaxed, eyes glazed, as Dianne and her Husband snuggled on the other side of the spa.

Suddenly, Dianne’s husband sat up and said to me, “This is too hot for me, I’m going back to the room for more cocktails, why don’t you stay here with Dianne and the two of you join me to continue the party upstairs when you feel you’ve baked sufficiently.”

I said, “Fine, I’ll take care of everything down here. Is there anything I can bring along to reward you for your fine hospitality?”

“Sure, if you’ve got a guitar, bring it and if you have anything to smoke, bring that, too.”

I said that I had a guitar and would bring it, but I didn’t want to respond to the other question in public.

He got out, wrapped a towel around himself and left. As soon as he went inside, Dianne slid around to my side of the spa right next to me. I felt more than a little uncomfortable as she was wearing a skimpy bathing suit and I could feel myself being very attracted to her.

We continued chatting and I found myself becoming entranced with this lovely lady. We were hot, wet and very relaxed. I allowed my eyes to close briefly only to find that Dianne was kissing me on the lips very passionately. I found myself kissing her back.

Suddenly my rational side kicked in, “Dianne, what are you doing… what about your husband?” I asked plain tively, thinking that this would snap the situation back into what I knew as reality.

Dianne smiled at me with a look that really did melt me on the spot and said, “Dan, we’ve talked about this and he thinks it’s just fine, as long as he get’s to play along and you know it’s just for fun.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

We stayed in the spa a few more minutes. By this time, my raging hard-on was really raging and I was having trouble hiding it from Dianne. I suggested that we get out and join her husband, thinking that she would cool down. She agreed and, with my towel strategically placed, we went back up the elevator. I stopped at my room to get my guitar and other items and knocked on their door.

I almost fainted dead away when Dianne answered the door dressed in a midnight blue satin robe with a slit on the side up to her thigh. I walked in and handed my guitar to her husband.

He handed me another vodka-tonic. We all sat down on the couch. I was very nervous, I was still in my bathing suit and Dianne’s husband was wearing silk boxers, playing some finger picking blues.

I was drinking my drink like it was mineral water in hopes that I would calm down. Dianne’s husband put the guitar down, and started kissing his lovely wife.

I picked up the guitar and started playing some blues, not quite as well, but still good. As the two embraced, Dianne’s robe fell away, exposing all of her gorgeous body. As their embrace became more impassioned, Dianne began to grab her husband’s penis and stroke it.

He reciprocated by moving his hand between her legs and opening the folds of her vagina to expose and massage her clit.

By now, I was feeling like a fifth wheel, and a pretty embarrassed one at that!

When all of a sudden, Dianne’s husband laid down on the couch and told her to sit on his face, I thought that I would die. I could tell by their breathing that they were getting very close to cumming and I felt, well, confused. When she got up and straddled his hard unit, I became perplexed.

Not knowing what to do, I rolled a number and lit it. The smell must have been familiar because it was at that moment that they both achieved orgasm.

When they came up for air, they both took a few drags, looking like they knew how.

We were all getting pretty toasted when Dianne said, “Why, you’re still in your wet bathing suit, take it off! I want to see your hard cock.”

I paused, not really knowing how to react. Dianne, in a very understanding tone, turned to me and said, “Look, I can sense that you’re very uncomfortable, my husband and I want you to be here, I want you to participate in our love-making, and you should relax as much as possible. Forget about that suit and tie mentality for now, and have some fun with us.”

I took off my bathing suit, not knowing what to expect. Dianne said, “What a cute little thing, Great, now I want to suck that cock and see if it gets any bigger.”

And much to my surprise, Dianne bent over and started to give me head. At that same moment, her husband started to lick her from her clit to her asshole while she was bent over me. He stopped shortly and started to make love to her doggy style while she continued giving me head.

I didn’t know what to think except that I knew that I had never experienced anything quite like this. Time seemed to stand still and, for some reason, I felt completely apart from any feelings of sexuality. Rather, I felt that I had become part of a great ocean and that the rythmic pulsing I was feeling was not sexual, but a tide of being washing over me.

I came out of my reverie long enough to realize that I was about to cum and felt sure that, like my wife, Dianne probably didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. I managed to say the words, “I’m gonna cum!”

She stopped long enough to say, “Thanks for the warning,” and started stroking my purple helmeted member with her hands, not wanting to get a mouthful.

At the same time, it was evident that she and her husband were also cumming together so we had a big three way orgasm. She is one incredible woman!

After we all came down Dianne asked if I had any condoms in my room. “Of course, I always travel with them,” I answered.

“Will you please go get them, I want you to fuck me too.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, but I went back and got a few as I could see where the night was going. We continued in that same vein for several hours, trading places, trying new positions and what not. I was a little tentative on eating Dianne through the saran wrap like in the movie “Booty Call”, but we all agreed that safe sex was paramount and, judging by Dianne’s cries of “Oh God!” I eventually got the technique right!

I tired first, wanting to save some energy for skiing the following day. I went to bed at about 1 in the morning. I was up at 6 a.m., getting ready for skiing, when there was a knock at the door.

It was Dianne, looking none the worse for wear, inviting me over to their room for a morning party. How could I turn her down! Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable ski trips/speaking engagements I’ve ever experienced.

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