The Woman Down The Street

Only Part One Of The Adventure

There was an older man who lived across the street and a few doors away. I dont think I ever spoke to him, but we nodded and gave each other small smiles. He walked without a cane, but slowly. Still he was tall, thin had a full head of hair and showed all the signs of once having been a good looking man. I was pretty sure he lived alone. After a while I saw him less and less frequently, and I suspected he might be ill, or worse.

Then one day I saw a newer sportier car in his driveway parked next to his aging Lincoln. It seemed logical that this was one of his children, having come to look after things, or worse.

Wow, she was really cute, tight skirt, on the short side, (skirt that is),tight blouse, V neck (deep V neck) on the thin side but with large breasts, blond, definitely sophisticated, walked quickly, wore heels, nice legs. I was sure it was either his daughter or a real estate agent come to list his house as he prepared to go off to some other living arrangement.

As she stayed through the night, I was sure it was his daughter. Even though listings were hard to come by, I didn’t think a real estate agent would have spent the night, not with him anyway. I started to take more walks by his house than I normally did, I combed my hair, shaved and wore my nicest “walk around the block” clothes. By the third time I had walked by his house while she happened to be outside, I boldly stopped to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Kip, I live a few houses away, I was wondering how Frank was, I hadn’t seen him much lately.” I had just learned his name from the subdivision registry. But, knowing his name made my stop a little more neighborly than snoopy.

“Frank is doing ok, twisted his ankle, that’s all. I just stopped by for a few days to take care of a few things for him.

By the way, Hi! I’m Barb, I’m his wife.”

I think I nearly fainted, but I did manage to utter: “Oh nice to meet you Barb”

His wife?… Holly shit, his wife?. This woman must be 30 years younger and seemingly a world away from Frank.

She said he was sleeping from the pain meds right now, but would I come in to join her in a nice cup of coffee.

I tried to be subtle and say I didn’t want to bother her, etc etc.

But I think it came out more like: “Hell yes”

Anyway, I went in, she poured coffee, she took off the velvety gym top she wore outside to ward off the cool autumn morning, revealing a shearer, thinner top and the light sportsbra underneath did nothing to stop the protruding nipples from showing through. The top and bra were cut so low that given where the nipples were, I dont think a half inch separated the start of the fabric from the start of her areolas. In fact when she would turn or bend… oh never mind. She moved so quickly, it was hard to tell what I saw versus what my immagination wanted to see. Still every time she topped off my cup, slowly bending just a little…. anyway.

She also poured out the story of her and Frank. She had been his secretary, he had left his wife, they were happy for many years but then the age difference made separate lives necessary, although she still loved him, took care of him from time to time and they were still married.

I thanked her for the coffee, she thanked me for stopping by and caring about Frank, She asked me to stop by again, anytime. I think she caught me looking at her tits and those protruding nipples, she smiled.

A day or two later, I walked by his place again, hoping I guess to see Barb, but I saw Frank. This time he smiled at me, introduced himself, apologized for not having talked to me before. I asked him about his foot and he said he was getting better.

Then he said in a most straight forward manner: “Are you one of the guys who is going to fuck Barb?”

Damn, I have spoken to these people twice and each time, they have said something that could have knocked me over.

I tried my best to sound innocent of any crime other than being neighborly and concerned about him, I tried being indignant and said something about him having a very lovely and attractive wife but that my intentions were purely friendly… et etc.

I may have oversold it, but I was trying as hard hell to avoid screaming: “I would love to fuck Barb”

I had figured that Barb might be a player, the invite for coffee, the light tight low cut top, the aroused nipples, and I figured that Frank knew it and was pretty pissed that I would try anything. Seemed reasonable.

Early that evening, I got a call, it was Barb. “I take it you talked to Frank today”, she said, laughing a bit trying to take the edge of nervousness out of her voice.

“Hey listen, I’m sorry if I said or did anything that upset him…. really, I…”

She stopped me in mid sentence during my back pedalling and added: “No No No, he wasn’t upset, really, would you please come over for a drink with Frank and I?”

“Oh sure, when?

“Now… is now ok?…I hope I’m not disturbing something”

Actually she was disturbing something, my cock.

“No not at all” I said as casually as possible.

“Ok then, c’mon over”


Within a few minutes, I had changed three times to get that perfect “come as you are, but look damn good” look. Then on the off hand chance, there might be something else involved, I quickly washed up a bit, especially “there”, woke my cock up a tad in the process, clean underwear, brushed my teeth, and did a quick shave. I walked down, avoiding walking too fast and seeming out of breath. The casual stroll breathing would be best.

I knocked on the door.

For the third meeting in a row with these people, You could have knocked me over with a feather. She came to the door. She wore a peignoir which I think is a French word meaning “a fuck me outfit”. Wow, dark blue, long nightgown, transluscent enough to see another see through outfit underneath and underneath that her tits were clearly visible, no bra. Once again her nipples had that: “Nice to see you” posture. I tried hard to look in her eyes but I was sure that if I looked further down I would have been able to see her pubic patch of fur, she wasn’t hiding much. but I didn’t dare, not right now anyway.

This time I wasn’t going to feign innocence, so I said: “Hi, you really look lovely.” I had really wanted to add: “My god, you have lovely tits.” but I didn’t. I had wanted to say: “hold on, I want to look at every inch of you.” but I didn’t.

She reached over a gave me a quick kiss, more than the neighborly peck on the cheek, part of her lips touched part of my lip. I felt at least one nipple touch my chest.

“Thanks, c’mon in” she said turning as I got a beautiful view of her ass, no panties either. Not that I had expected any at this point.

As I got to the living room, Frank was there sitting, foot elevated, not getting up, but smiling.

Barb asked me what she could get me to drink.

“Scotch, neat, thank you.”

“So” Frank started: “Let me ask you one more time… Do you want to fuck Barb?”

This time there was no hesitation, no soliloquy of innocence and honor.

“Yes I would.” I said, once again I resisted the urge to bring out some more expressive response like: Oh my god, yes, I have thought of nothing else since I saw her ass in that tight skirt, and those big tits trying to burst free from the strains of that blouse in your driveway. I have been playing with myself for three days, visualizing my cock exploding cum into her cunt.”

“Good” Frank said

Barb smiled at me as she poured me scotch. It was that look of self assurance, she had no doubt I would say: “Yes.”

Frank started talking about how they met and started having sex within a week of her hiring. For years, sex was their primary bond. Then slowly, as he aged and started to have issues in that area, they began trying to spice it up by visiting clubs and bars where an extra lover or two could easily be found and added to the mix. Finally at some point Frank could only get there by watching Barb fuck another guy or watching a personal video of Barb fucking another guy and jerking himself off. Barb eventually drifted off, but returned from time to time and still felt that she owed Frank a little fun from time to time, I got the impression that Frank took care of her very well financially.

I had seen a shelf full of CDs next to the big flat screen all marked: “Barb” followed by a number or designated code such as : “+ 2” or “+ 3”. Barb saw me look at the collection and volunteered that the Plus 2 had meant 2 other lovers. I was free to interpret the others by myself. She smiled. I wondered if “Barb SC” meant: “Barb, sucking cock”, but I didn’t ask her.

It wasn’t long before they invited me back to the master bedroom. There were many a candle burning, but no electric lights. The bed was turned down. Frank plunked himself down into a large comfortable easy chair, with an excellent view from the foot of the bed. I couldn’t see a camera, but right now I didn’t care.

Barb stood there, slowly undoing the knot of her nightgown. I felt the need to assist. There wasn’t going to be a lot of kissing and or foreplay, Frank would probably still be able to do that.

This time I wasn’t afraid of getting caught stareing at her tits, which I did as the nightgown slid off. Almost right away, I could tell that her tits, although large for her thin body were natural. I could tell because I was feeling them, touching, caressing every inch of them and the nipples were very responsive to being played with. Her pj top had only two buttons buttoned, which she allowed me to unbutton. Now I was fondling the bare skin of her tits. A quick brush of her shoulders and the light flimsy top drifted to the floor. I was now looking into her eyes.

A small knoted bow tied a small decorative cord around the waist of her bottoms, a slight tug and the knot and bow were loose. With only the slightest caress of her waist her bottoms fell off her. She was completely nude.

My hands were slowly reaching their way from her lower back towards her pussy, but, she had moved them aside and started unbuckling my pants, then unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Only my boxers remained. She turned me a bit, I guessed so that Frank could have a better view, she knelt down, took out my cock through the frontal opening of the shorts. It was not fully erect, but getting there, the feel of her tongue and her lips as she wrapped them around me finished off the process as I could feel it growing inside her mouth caressed by her tongue.

Although covered by a small blanket, Frank was touching himself and it was becoming much more than just touching.

If I allowed her to keep sucking on my cock that way, this visit would end much too quickly for either of us. She could sense that too and slowed down her rhythmic mouth action, looking up at me smiling as if to say: “Oh no…not yet”.

Finally she stopped, pulled my boxers down, deep throated my cock a few extra times ever so slowly, each time taking it out of her mouth briefly to flick her tongue back and forth over the underside of the tip. Then she got up and climbed onto the bed, giving me and Frank a full view of her pussy. She slowly crawled to the top of the bed, knowing full well what Frank and I were focusing on. It was very nicely trimmed, only a small short furry triangle remained on her mons. I climbed onto the bed and as she turned onto her back, I slipped my face between her legs, finally getting to touch her pussy, parting her lips with my fingers and guided my tongue to her clit.

Within only a few moments, she touched my head, and softly told me that her pussy was more than ready to receive my cock. There was no doubt her pussy was wet and the entrance to her vagina was more than ready. Still, it wasn’t about bringing her to an orgasm orally, it was about giving Frank a full show of her getting fucked. I moved up between her legs, she looked over to Frank making sure he had a perfect view of my cock entering her. Only a very slight adjustment of her ass was necessary to give Frank what he wanted. I knew enough from this type of sport in the past to keep my legs apart too so he could see my cock slowly disappear into her more than receptive opening. I didnt want Frank to miss a single thrust. I owed him that. I had learned to do that a few years before as I had watched my wife Cindy getting fucked by someone else.

Two days ago, I was extatic about watching the outline of her nipples pressing against a stetchy fabric, now my cock was feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy, I was fucking her… Wow, I thought. I could have cum very quickly, but I sensed that wasn’t polite. Maybe I needed to wait until I heard Frank moan and grunt. I knew that might take a while, but I was patient.. Barb was enjoying herself as well.

At some point when I thought I couldn’t hold on anymore, she flipped me over on my back, then climbed on top of me, her back towards my face, giving Frank a full view of her naked body with a cock climbing up into her. She rode me swaying back and forth. Occasionally she would lean forward and allow me to see my cock thrusting in to her. She knew what she was doing. She turned around to face me, reinserted my cock into her and gave Frank that view of her ass with a cock in her cunt. I started making sounds and movements that I was ready to cum. She said something like: “go for it”. I let loose inside her, one pulsating ejaculation after another.

I had no idea what Frank was getting to at that point and I didn’t care, I knew he was watching my cum ooze out of her pussy as I pulled out of Barb.

Barb whispered: “Hmmm, thanks… thanks so much for coming over”

Again I realized that I was just there as a toy participating in the sex life of Frank and Barb, it was time to go and let Frank and Barb do whatever Frank and Barb still did after some other guy’s cum was slowly dripping from her pussy. As I walked back home, I thought of Frank going down on Barb in the soup of my cum and her juices, licking Barb to the big O she justly deserved.

When I got home, I suddenly remembered Frank saying to me: “… one of the guys who are going to fuck Barb”. I had a feeling there might be more to this adventure to come and that I would soon be getting another phone call. Tonight had only been a test drive. I must have passed the test, I hope. Barb was clearly not a woman you only wanted to fuck once.

Then I wondered, will I be expected to bring a friend or two the next time?… I could ask Ted, I owed him one. I had fucked his wife. I still fucked her from time to time. He knows it, he seems ok with it and I’m not the only one she fucks. I’m sure he knows that too. Who else? Maybe Ted’s wife could give me a recommendation. I dont know why but the idea of asking Ted to ask his wife for a name turned me on.

The next morning, I went for a walk, the sporty car was no longer in the driveway, but Frank was out front, clipping a bush, he nodded with a small smile at me, waited for my nod and small smile back, then turned away. We didn’t speak. I had wanted to ask him about borrowing “Barb SC” or “+3”, but I didn’t. I wanted to say: “Thanks for last night.”, but I didn’t. I wanted to tell him what a wonderful woman Barb was, what a great body she had, how exciting it had been to fuck her, how it felt to have her lips and tongue caressing my cock, but I didn’t. I couldn’t wait to get home from my walk and masterbate thinking about it.

It might be a while until I would get that phone call but I still believe I would receive it. The next time, I probably would not be alone in fucking Barb and maybe I might be featured in a new CD on the shelf.

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