The Wife Yasmine And Her Pakistani Master

Yasmine is a beautiful white girl with a nice beautiful big fat ass that jiggles a lot and beautiful fat 36 d tits and her husband goes to work daily not knowing what goes on from behind his back. One day she wakes up in her tight pink pants and her tight white revealing top she waves her beautiful long red/brown hair out of bed and her husband gets his suit on ready to go. They have breakfast and he kisses her and leaves. After he leaves Yasmine bounces into the kitchen gets her phone and calls Nawas, Yasmine: Hello sir, Nawas: Whats up slut, Yasmine: Could you come around sir please, Nawas: I have work you fucking bitch masturbate using your toys and I will come later, Yasmine: Please sir, Nawas: Beg me you fucking bitch, beg me to leave now for sometime and come to you, Yasmine: Please please sir I fucking beg you, Nawas: Shut the fuck up I will be there in 20. Yasmine sits down for awhile and the hears the doorbell. She gets up and bounces to the door and opens it nawas is in his black formal suit and is not so taller than her and is not black or white in the middle, but he is sweaty and smelly from the heat and looks angry. She looks at him and whispers “sir” he immediately grabs her face with one of his fat dirty hands hard and pushes her inside and closes the door as her big ass shakes in her pants he pushes her in and slaps her face once and grabs it hard again. Yasmine lets out a slutty scream Nawas: Hi my dirty slut, Yasmine: Hi sir Hi sir as she sobbs a bit. He grabs her face harder as her white cheeks bulge out and her mouth, he spits on her face Yasmine: Fuck!! Nawas slaps her again Nawas: shut the fuck up. He rubs the spit hard all over her face and under her nice pierced nose. He pushes her around and slaps her fat ass hard and it jiggles, she lets out a sudden scream he pushes her into the living room and closes the door. Nawas: Get on your knees now!, Yasmine gets on her knees and puts her thighs together like a dog and looks up at him. He sits down in front of her and then grabs her pierced nose hard and closes it hard for her squeezing it. Nawas: this dirty nose has been used a lot hasnt it you bitch? and smacks her big ass hard once Yasmine nods fast and hard and says yes sir he slaps her ass again and she lets out a hot scream and squeezes her nose harder and he says this nose is going to do a lot more you fucking slut and slaps her left fat tit hard she opens her mouth in shock. Nawas: put your arms behind your back you fucking slut now! she does so quickly he lets go of her nose and gets his leg up with his dirty smelly shoe on and puts one of the shoe soles in front of her dirty face. Lick and smell you fucking slut now!! Lick and smell dog he says quickly and loudly. Yasmine looks in shock and says please no sir I beg you please it stinks! He just shoves the sole in her face and squashes her slutty face and nose hard she moans hard and he rubs that sole harder on her face squashing her nose and making her smell and lick all she can do is obey like a poor slut.

He takes control of her face and removes the sole and her face and nose are red and smelly, she opens her mouth to talk but he shuts her up by putting his second shoe sole in her face hard and rubbing she moans louder and her big ass jiggles. He looks at her big ass removes his shoe from her face and forces her head down to the dirty floor on her side and ass to the air. He spanks it and then takes her tight pants down just to reveal the big fat ass cheeks. He sees no panties and says ahh you are not wearing panties you little slut and plays with her ass and spanks it more she moans hard and looks back up at him and he rubs his dirty fat fingers in between her asscrack hard and she moans from the feeling. This is my fat ass now you bitch and plays with it and spanks and rubs harder in between her ass cheeks as he spreads them then he inserts 2 fingers in her butthole and pumps it hard as she opens her eyes wide in pleasure in shock he immediately takes off one of his shoes and socks and shoves one of the dirty smelly socks in her mouth forcefully and steps on her face with his dirty smelly fat foot as he finger fucks her asshole she moans very hard and her whole body jiggles. She gets very horny and moans as he goes faster and sobbs even more. He squashes her face hard as he steps on it and finger fucks her asshole harder she gets very very horny and her big fat ass shakes hard. He spanks her ass again and then starts to use his other fingers to fuck her pussy her wet pussy hard as he is still stepping on her face. She goes insane as he does that and looks back up at him in shock and excess pleasure. He goes faster as she smells his dirty foot stepping on her beautiful slutty face on the floor. She suddenly squirts hard as her arms are still behind her back and squirts hard and he slaps her pussy and fingers her more she goes insane and red all over. He gives her his dirt fat foot toe to suck on as he plays with her ass some more and she sucks on it hard very hard as she looks back up at him in humiliation but intense pleasure. Yasmine: Thank you sir thank you sir very much he pulls her up by her hair so she is on her feet and her ass shakes and slaps her ass and slaps her face and makes her smell the scent of the fingers that were in her ass Nawas: Smell you fucking bitch its the stink of your own ass and she cant take the smell Yasmine: Please enuough she whispers in weakness but he squashes more and makes her smell more. He takes off his pants reveals his fat dark smelly cock and sits on her sofa, suck on it hard he says and do it as you stand up legs together! She sucks on it hard and holds his ballsack as she stands up with her big ass cheeks revealed. He pushes her face deep in and gaggs her hard as she drules, and then grabs her face hard and lifts her up his cock and slaps her face which is already very red Nawas: what are you you fucking slut ha? he slaps again what are you tell me baby what are you!? Yasmine: Im just a big ass dirty egyptian slut dog for Nawas sir!! and she sobbs a bit he doesnt give her a chance to feel anything and fucks her face again and again as her big ass shakes and he slaps her and fucks her face. He finally cums deep inside her mouth as she is gagging and some of the cum goes out on the sofa.

He gets up and forces on her knees, Nawas: now lick the cum and your squirt clean of the sofa and the floor so your husband does not know anything and she nods and takes her dirty tongue out and starts to lick as he dresses up and leaves the living room.

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