The Texas Rancher

Don'T Be Certain You Can Always Trust Your Friend

Austin had not seen Paul in over five years. They had shared a dorm room all through college, played football together, and had remained good friends ever since. Their lives had kept them apart, though. Paul had joined a bank in Saratoga, NY and worked his way up into management while Austin had gone back to his family’s ranch in Texas. The last time he had been to New York was for Paul and Diane’s tenth wedding anniversary. The last time Paul and Diane had come to Texas was about five years ago. They had come down for a week-long vacation along with their eleven-year-old daughter, Amy. For Austin and Paul, this visit promised to be a long overdue reunion of two old friends. Diane knew that the two boys, as she called them, would be spending most of this week together, so she had tried planning activities for Amy and herself so the old friends could have time to hang out. For Paul and Diane this was no easy feat. Austin was coming up to deliver a thoroughbred horse to a stud farm in Saratoga and decided to pair that with a visit with his friend. However, Paul and Diane both had to work that week. Austin told them not to worry, he would find plenty to do during the day, and they could all hang out in the evenings.

Austin pulled up to Paul’s house outside of Saratoga in his diesel pickup truck towing his now empty horse trailer. He skilfully backed the trailer next to the garage as Paul had asked him to do in their last phone conversation. He jumped out of his truck in his jeans and button down shirt, threw on his cowboy hat, and turned to see Paul standing there.

“Good to see you, man. You have a good trip?” Paul thrust out his hand and Austin’s big maw clasped it. The two shook hands firmly, but Austin noticed that Paul’s office job had started to get to him. Both men were in their mid-forties, but where Austin still had a full head of brown hair, Paul’s was clearly thinning and going grey. Paul also had that flabby stomach whereas the hard work of running the ranch had kept Austin’s stomach the solid six-pack it had been in college.

“Austin!” He heard Diane call to him as she ran from the house to give him a tight hug. He felt her body press to his. Diane had always been a hot woman. Her light brown hair hung just to her shoulders and her deep brown eyes looked up into Austin’s face. He felt her firm 36d tits press to his chest and instinctively his cock twitched in his jeans. As Diane pulled away from the greeting embrace, Austin’s eyes took a discreet look at those tits. They were held up quite nicely in her shirt. He pulled his eyes away before Paul noticed. Diane noticed his eyes on her tits, though. A sexy woman always knew when a man was checking out her tits.

“Come on out and say ‘Hi’ to your Uncle Austin.” Paul motioned for his daughter, Amy, to come down off the porch.

“He’s not my uncle, dad. He’s just your friend from college.” She said in that little bratty way that teenagers had.

“Hey kiddo.” Austin touched his hat in greeting.

“I’m not a kid anymore. I’m 16 you know.” Amy said as she half-waved her hand.

Annoyance at their daughter’s attitude was written all over Paul and Diane’s faces. Austin smirked at this girl. “You’ll always be ‘kiddo’ to me.” His eyes quickly ran over Amy. Long blonde hair hanging down her back, green eyes sparkling, lips sporting a touch of pink lip-gloss, and beautiful b cup tits defying gravity in her snug t-shirt.

Austin tugged his duffle bag stuffed with clothes and other sundries from the truck bed. Paul quickly took that to carry inside. Austin then reached into the truck bed to grab a cardboard box that he carried in. “I have ‘thank you’ gifts for y’all for letting me stay here this week. Even got something for you, kiddo.” He smirked at Amy. Knowing that she did not like him calling her ‘kiddo’ meant he was going to tease her about that relentlessly all week.

Austin’s duffle bag was dropped in the front hall as they all made their way out to the back deck. Paul was showing off his yard with his in-ground pool as Diane put together some snacks for them to munch on before dinner was ready. As she stepped out onto the back deck carrying a tray laden with crackers, cheeses and some fruits, Amy was in tow behind her carrying a pitcher of lemonade and glasses. The men turned and Diane’s eyes surveyed Austin. His jeans outlined his package. Her eyes took note of the fact that everything about Austin’s 6’4” and 210 pound body was proportional; he so obviously had a big hunk of meat pent up in those jeans. Paul was babbling on, but Austin saw Diane’s wayward eyes travel down to his cock. More than that, though, Amy saw her mother’s eyes and her eyes followed. Amy was no innocent. At her age she had given enough boys head to know a thing or two about dicks. She could see for herself that Austin had to have a huge dick in those jeans.

After sitting down and making small talk for a while, eating some of the snacks laid out, Austin pulled that cardboard box over and distributed gifts. Paul unwrapped a large, expensive bottle of bourbon, Diane received a beautifully turned mid-western clay vase, and Amy got a long nightshirt with “I love my cowboy” on it and a lady’s cowboy hat. Paul and Diane were overwhelmed with Austin’s generosity. Amy gave Austin that sarcastic teenage response of “Oh, just what I always wanted.” Austin smiled at her. “Yeah,” he thought to himself, “That lil filly has to be broken in.”

A couple hours later found the three adults in the living room talking and catching up on all that had happened in the past couple of years. Austin and Paul knocked back a couple bourbons. It was obvious to Austin that Paul’s drinking days were over. Mid-way through the second glass he was slurring a bit and looking clearly tired. Diane had been drinking wine all night and that was wearing on her as well. Graciously, Austin suggested they pick up their conversation over breakfast tomorrow. Paul reminded him that he and Diane would be heading to work tomorrow, and he could just sleep in and make himself at home whenever he did get up.

Paul and Diane almost staggered to their master suite on one side of the upstairs, while Austin walked to the guest room on the other side. He grabbed his toothbrush and went the few steps out of the guest room door to the bathroom to clean his teeth. He unbuttoned his shirt, grabbed a warm washcloth and wiped his face and his chest. With his shirt hanging opened, he headed back to his room. He stopped in the hall as he heard light tapping behind another door. Knowing it was Amy’s room he thought it polite to say good night to her.

“Yeah.” Was the response his light tapping on her door received. He stepped in and gently nudged the door closed with his foot. Amy was sitting on her bed, legs crossed, leaning against her headboard, tapping away at her laptop. Austin smiled to see she was wearing the nightshirt he had given her and the lady’s cowboy hat was perched on one of her bedposts. He noted that her little nipples were poking out through the thin material of that shirt. The bed compressed dramatically as he sat on the edge half facing Amy. She was bent slightly over her laptop finishing tapping out something.

“You doing homework?” He asked.

“Its summer break.” She responded in that nasty little teenage voice.

“So just chatting with your boyfriend, huh.”

“Mom and dad don’t let me date yet.”

Austin smirked at her wickedly, “But you still have a boyfriend, I bet. You’re too hot not to.”

Amy’s head slowly tilted up so her eyes met his. She was not sure at first she had heard him correctly. She saw the smile on his lips, but more than that, she saw his eyes focussed on her small tits. This teenager was sure of what he had just said now. She shrugged, “So what if I do?” Her eyes focussed on his broad chest exposed by his unbuttoned shirt.

“I think its good for a little filly to have a stallion around in the paddock with her. Keeps her happy.” He smiled at her wickedly again. He scooted around next to her. “So are you chatting on some kid chat site or something more…grown up.” He looked over her computer screen and saw the generic chat site opened. He let the back of his large hand slide over her bare thigh as he turned the laptop toward him a bit more. He typed in the address of an adult chat site. “This is a more fun place to chat.” And before she knew it, he set her user name up as “Lil_Filly.” Austin turned the laptop back toward her as PM’s started popping up for her right away. “This’ll be more fun for you, kiddo.” he said as he hand gave her thigh a firm squeeze. Austin stood up; he knew his dick was semi hard in his jeans, making a very nice, noticeable bulge.

Amy was amazed at what had just happened. This guy might actually be kind of cool. Her eyes stared at his bulge. The thought raced through her head, “This guy had a monster dick!” His hand slid over her soft hair for a few strokes. She saw his bulge grow and thicken as he did that. She smiled and bit her lower lip. His hand coursed under her chin to tilt her head upward. “Just be careful here. There are lots of pervs on this site.” His white teeth shown in his smile as he went on. “How about a ‘good night’ kiss since I didn’t get a ‘hello’ kiss?” He leaned down to her and pushed his lips over hers. His hand continued to cup her chin as he held that kiss. Amy’s heart was racing and thumping in her chest. Her little ass squirmed on the bed. She needed to breathe. She inhaled through her nose during that kiss, but her lips slightly parted as well. She could not hold back a soft purr as she felt Austin’s thick tongue slither in over her lips to tangle around her tongue. Just as her hands slid up over his chest to clutch his broad shoulders, Austin pulled away. “You remember what I said, kiddo. There’s lots of pervs out there so be careful.” He walked across the hall to his room.

The next morning Austin had gotten up, showered, dressed and had breakfast before he heard either Paul or Diane start to move. Morning routine was a mad house here. His hosts scampered around wildly having coffee, getting some quick breakfast and scurrying out the door to their 9 to 5 jobs. Both made a point of telling Austin to make himself at home. For his part, Austin was spending most of the time eyeing Diane’s bouncing tits and swaying ass. He wondered just how good of a fuck this woman was. He wondered if Paul still had the stamina to fuck her the way a woman needed to be fucked. His cock thickened in his jeans.

After they left, he sat at the kitchen table with his coffee and called his ranch hand, Jake, to check on things down there. While getting the run down on some issue that had cropped up yesterday, Amy strutted into the kitchen, yawning and still wearing that ‘I love my cowboy’ nightshirt. She bent in the fridge and Austin got a nice view of her little ass pushing out against the back of that nightshirt. It rode up high and revealed almost all of her thighs. He smiled at that picture as he continued his conversation. Austin ended his call as she hopped up on the counter to eat an apple.

“So what are you gonna do today, kiddo?”

She shrugged.

“Well I gotta get a few things, so maybe you can show me where there’s a store or mall or something.”

She looked at him and smiled, “There’s lots of malls around here.”

Austin knew what he was doing. All girls loved malls and shopping. “Maybe if you’re a good lil filly I’ll get you something. A new skirt or something.” He had purposely used the screen name he had given her for that adult chat site. He gave her a slightly wicked look and eyed her tits again. She leaned back on one hand on the counter while she finished her apple. Amy knew he was checking out her tits and she did not mind. In fact she was really starting to enjoy this man’s attention. He stood up. His dick was bulging in his jeans again. His balls were starting to ache from eyeing both Diane and Amy; his good friend’s wife and daughter.

He stood up and positioned himself purposely so Amy could see his outlined cock. As he knew she would, she stared at it. He knew that this little teenage girl was a horny thing with a true inner slut. “Well if we’re gonna head out, I gotta unhook my horse trailer from the truck. And I guess you’ll have to shower and whatever you lil fillies do, kiddo.” He smiled down at her as she sat perched on the counter. “So do girls give ‘good morning’ kisses in New York, or is that just a Texas thing.”

Amy’s heart did a summersault when he said that and smiled at her. “We…I mean…yeah…morning kisses are kewl.”

Austin stepped over and before she realized, his big hand gently pushed her one knee to the side and he slid his hips between her now open legs to lean over and kiss her lips. This time she did not hesitate to slide her hands over his shoulders and open her mouth to his tongue. She arched her body so her firm tits pushed to his chest. One of his hands wove through her long hair while the other caressed her lower back. His fingers dancing along her spine sent tingles through her body. She squirmed as his tongue flipped hers around in her mouth. His hand slowly went from her lower back down under her ass. She hung on tight to his shoulders as his other hand slid down. That hand curled under her thigh to lift her leg higher. The hand on her ass moved her forward so her pantie-covered pussy was pressed to the groin of his jeans. Her breathing was ragged. Austin felt her heart pounding in her chest. Slowly her other thigh curled upward on its own. He felt her nails dig into his back. Their kiss deepened. Amy’s hips started rocking slowly against him. Her teenage inner slut was coming alive as she started to dry hump Austin. She ground her pussy hard against his jeans. She could feel the fat bulge of his Texan cock.

Austin moved his hand from under her thigh. He smiled into their kiss when she kept that thigh pulled back and her pussy tilted up to his cock. His big hand covered her panties. His thick middle finger pressed firmly against her tiny clit and extended down to her cunt hole. His hand pushed her pussy back onto the kitchen counter. He broke the kiss to her audible gasp of frustration. Teasingly swirling his finger over her clit and nudging the tip to her hole he whispered, “Shower time for you or we’ll waste the whole day doing nothing.” He gave her that wicked smile of his as he turned and went out to unhook the trailer. Amy bit her lip hard as her inner slut screamed in disappointment.

Amy chose to wear the shortest skirt she must have owned with a very tight crop top. Austin loved that she was clearly flaunting herself for him. He could tell she had chosen not to wear a bra, and her tits stayed perched up like little ice cream cones on her chest. She showed him the route to a mall where he bought the few things he needed. She brazenly asked him to buy her a pair of heels that Austin knew her parents would never let her wear. He let her whine and beg him before he relented. She may not have been innocent, but she was too naïve to realize that Austin was playing her. A more mature woman would have known all along that he would buy her those heels. For her part, Amy was thrilled to think that her feminine charms had gotten the better of this man and he had given in to her and bought her those heels.

As they walked back to his truck, Austin received a text from Paul saying that he was leaving work a little early to hang out with Austin. “Well, we gotta head home, kiddo, your father is cutting out of work early.”

He swatted her ass hard as she climbed up into his truck. She whined over her shoulder, “I’m not a kid.”

“Whatever.” Austin mumbled to himself as he saw Amy intentionally wiggle her ass as she got in. He smirked behind her back as he thought, “There’s no way this lil filly is gonna out-tease me.” When he climbed up into the driver’s seat and the truck rumbled out onto the highway, he turned to her, “OK lets get your lil kid ass home.”

She looked over at him with that look of hurt anger at being called a ‘kid.’ Amy was going to show him. She leaned back in the seat so her tits pushed upward with her nipples so clear. She propped one foot up one the dashboard and tilted that thigh outward. She knew he could see every contour of her tits and that if he tried he could probably see her camel toe in her panties. “I’m not a kid.” She sounded less whiney this time.

“Maybe not.” Austin shrugged as he slid his big hand onto her thin thigh and caressed lightly. “I reckon I don’t know. I mean, you try acting a lil grown up sometimes, but compared to a real woman, like your momma, those are some pretty tiny, lil girl titties you got there.” Racing down the open highway he reached over and cupped one of Amy’s tits and gave it a little squeeze. His fingers tugged her nipple playfully. “Yeah, just lil flea bites there, I reckon.” He stared straight ahead as his hand went back to the wheel. “And I’m sure that’s a lil kiddie kunt you got there. It sure couldn’t handle a real man’s cock.”

She had never encountered a rejection like that. Certainly boys at school would never have rejected her when she was flaunting herself so brazenly. Amy was both hurt and seething in anger at his reaction to her. She sat in silence for the rest of the trip home. Austin backed his truck up near the trailer and before he had even stopped, Amy was out the door and flying in the house making straight for her room. She had even left her new shoes in the truck cab. He smiled to himself. He was not going to be out-teased by some teenage girl.

Austin walked deliberately up to his room to change into some loose baggy shorts and a t-shirt. He, then, made his way to the back deck to lounge by the pool. It was a short time later that he heard Paul’s car pull in the drive. As soon as he had shucked his coat and tie, he joined Austin wearing shorts and a t-shirt carrying two bourbons. They were deep into the second round when Diane’s car was heard. Austin knew Paul was trying to out-drink him tonight, especially since he had expired so easily last night.

Diane joined them with her wine glass. “Amy said she was heading to Jenn’s house to hang for a while. She said she’s been cooped up here all day and she has to get out.”

“Sure hun,” Paul slurred.

Diane saw the smirk on Austin’s face. He was thinking to himself how Amy had just lied to her mother about staying home all day and her mother had bought it. This teen was so typical. Still holding that smirk as Paul went in to refill their glasses, Austin turned to Diane and eyed her tits again. She smiled as he stared at her. Like her daughter, she liked this attention from a new man. She was sitting with her legs crossed in the skirt she had worn to work. She made a point of pretending to brush some lint off her top. Austin noted how her fingers brushing her tit made her nipple harden and poke out. He let his legs part a bit wider and slumped his hips outward. He knew his thick cock was laying against his thigh. Diane saw that movement of his leg. Her eyes looked down. There it was. She could see his cock head just peeking at the leg opening of his shorts. Her eyes focussed on that head. She had never seen a knob that big before. Her eyes travelled up to Austin’s face and she mouthed the word, “WOW.”

“Texas sized.” He laughed at her as he straightened his back and closed his legs when they heard Paul coming back.

Diane quickly excused herself to throw together a salad. Austin volunteered to bar-b-que some steaks for them while Paul sunk deeper into his bourbon. When she came back out of the house, Austin was prepping the grill while Paul was half dazed, half dozing in his lounge chair. Diane walked toward Austin carrying a platter with three steaks. Her tits bounced more freely now. Austin knew she had removed her bra. As he grilled the meat they made casual talk. Austin kept his eyes pretty well focussed on Diane’s 36c cup tits. He had realized she really enjoyed that attention. As he flipped the steaks Diane slid onto the picnic table. Her knees were casually bent upward as she sat there. At one point he looked at her and her eyes were staring into his. She slowly parted her knees and Austin got a view straight up her skirt to reveal that she had slipped off her panties as well. He stared at her exposed pussy, then looked over at Paul half passed out in his lounger. He stepped to the picnic table and lifted his foot onto the bench. He moved so his dick head slipped out of the leg opening of his shorts.

“I think he’s out for the night.” Austin nodded his head toward Paul.

Diane’s eyes were focused on Austin’s cock head as it hung in the open. Finally she whispered, “I can’t cheat, but its just so….big.”

Austin slid his hand onto her bare thigh, caressing lightly. He did not respond to her comment, he just let those words hang there. Instead he said, “You take real good care of yourself, you must be proud. Is that why you’re showing off?” As he said that he moved his hand up to the crease of her thigh and groin. Diane whimpered and looked over her shoulder at Paul. He was still out cold so she wrapped her hand around Austin’s thickening cock and stroked slowly. Her heart was racing as her fingers held his cock tightly. She was amazed that her fingers could not wrap completely around this monster Texas-sized dick when it swelled to its full nine inches. Diane looked up into Austin’s eyes with a pleading, almost desperate, look. She spread wider and Austin moved forward. Gripping his cock tighter, she pressed the head firmly to her wet pussy. His cock head moved through her neatly trimmed pussy bush as she swirled his dick around her cunt. She let out a sharp gasp as his cock made contact with her engorged clit. Diane swivelled her hips as she moved his cock head up and down along her clit. Austin smirked. He knew she was using his cock like a toy to get herself off.

Austin noted how Diane’s eyes closed and she started working his cock head against her clit more feverishly. He knew pearl drops of pre cum were smearing that fat puffy clit. He stood there smiling down at her as he let her continue to play. She started bucking her hips in a determined way which clued him in that she was close to her orgasm. Wickedly, he pulled his dick back to slide his shorts down over it.

“The steaks are done.” He said nonchalantly, turning to pull them off the grill. “Hey Paul,” he called over to rouse his dozing friend, “Dinner’s ready.”

With a look that combined frustration, disappointment, and anger, Diane slid off the picnic table, fixing her skirt in the process. In her married heart she did not want to cheat, but her womanly inner slut wanted that big Texas-sized cock in the worst way. She went through dinner silently at first, but then coming alive and doing anything she could to keep Austin’s interest in her during conversation. Austin fed Paul another bourbon knowing that would finish him off. And so it did. Shortly after the meal was finished, Paul excused himself, saying he was tired from work. Austin called the ranch while sitting in the living room, and Diane cleaned up the dinner dishes. When those two had finished those tasks, Diane joined Austin in the living room. She handed him a drink and sat across from him in a chair.

“Paul really can’t handle his drink anymore, can he?”

“Well, he works long hours so we don’t really…party anymore.” Diane said.

“He still takes you out on weekends, right?”

She nodded, “We go out once in a while, but most nights Paul is in bed by 9. I stay up a bit later, you know, doing stuff.”

“I bet,” he teased her, winking.

She caught his innuendo and crossed her legs. “I’m really sorry about before. I don’t know what happened and I’d appreciate it if you kept that between us. OK?”

“Sure. No problem.”

She kept her legs crossed as conversation became more casual. Austin refilled her wine glass for her and as he plopped back on the couch he crossed one ankle over his knee to let the leg opening of his shorts open wide. With Paul passed out in bed, Austin was going to tease the hell out of this married woman. He saw her eyes glance down at his partially exposed cock as it hung against his thigh semi-hard.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Diane. I hope Paul tells you that often.”

“Of course he does, but it’s still nice to hear that from….its still nice to hear that.”

He looked straight at her full tits as he whispered, “Those look amazing.”

She saw where his eyes were focussed and she purred a “thank you” as her eyes focussed on his half exposed cock. Her hand slid over her flat tummy covered in her blouse. She uncrossed her legs to show off her pantie-less pussy. She cupped one of her tits and whispered, “Paul isn’t a tit man.” Her fingers nimbly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her gorgeous d-cup tits. Austin smiled at her hard pink nipples. She cupped her tit, fondling it playfully, even pinching her nipple a few times before asking, “Are you a tit man?”

“I fucking LOVE tits!”

Diane stood up and walked over to Austin. Her blouse slid off her shoulders. She knelt in front of Austin, caressing his thighs, raking them with her nails as she cooed, “And I love big cock.” She grabbed the base of his dick in both of her hands and dove down onto his cock head. Austin growled as her mouth engulfed his cock head. She sucked his head, bobbing her head down, taking in more and more dick, like some cock sucking whore would do. He put his hand on the back of her head and started pushing gently, coaxing her head down on his dick more. She struggled to pull her head up, gasping and gagging around his thick meat. Finally, he let her up for air.

“Don’t disappoint me.” He hissed at her. Austin moved her head back down to his dick. She started licking along the underside of his cock. She was savouring the taste of his cock meat. She opened again and slid her face down, swallowing his cock into her throat. Austin pet her hair slowly as her head bobbed and her throat made that swallowing motion around his dick. “What a good cock sucker.” He whispered to her. She tried moving her head off his cock to catch her breath, but Austin held her head firmly when it got to the tip, not letting his dick out of her mouth. Diane got the hint and did her best to breathe through her nose alone. Austin felt his balls tighten. He held her head still as he bucked his hips, face fucking Diane now. All at once he bellowed like a beast and let loose his pent up load of cum into her throat. She swallowed, she gulped, and still his load oozed from the corners of her mouth down his shaft to cover his balls. He pulled her face off his dick. Her chin was covered in his cum.

He moved her onto the couch and laid her on her back. He knelt down and locked his mouth over her nipple. His teeth tugged it forward, then let loose so it snapped back to her tit, causing her tit to jiggle. He swirled his tongue around her pink nipple. Her tit felt amazing in his mouth as he sucked and nursed on those firm globes. Both of her arms were wrapped around his neck to hold him firmly to her tit. Her hips rolled around on the couch. Austin slid his finger down over her tummy. He twirled it through her trimmed dark pussy bush, avoiding her puffy clit. He bit and sucked Diane’s nipple as his finger traced the outer edges of her fat cunt lips. She was twisting her hips wildly, trying to get that finger to her hole. With one motion, Austin pushed his finger deep into her hole while his thumb pinned her clit down. She screamed like a wild slut. Her pussy exploded its pent-up orgasm all over his finger.

“God, you need a good fucking.” Austin hissed into her face.

Diane’s eyes were glazed over. All she could do was nod “yes.”

Austin moved her off the couch, onto the floor, and bent her over the couch. “Let’s get you into position.”

“Go…Go gentle.” Diane panted. “You’re a lot bigger than Paul.”

“Don’t you worry about a thing.” He snickered as he smacked her bare up-turned ass hard. His hand pushed her legs wide. Holding his cock base, he slid it several times over her clit and pussy lips. Diane lifted her ass higher like a cougar in heat. Austin towered over her as he hissed, “Yeah, I know what you need.” And with that, he slammed his entire cock in with one mighty lounge. Diane screamed then bit down hard on the couch. Her back arched higher as he ploughed her down into the cushions. She felt her pussy walls stretch around his invading dick. In an instant she felt his cock head assault her cervix, and wedge itself into that marital treasure. Her body was pinned to the couch as his hips rammed against her. His hammering motions drove his monster cock in and out of her seldom-used pussy.

As her pussy adjusted to his cock size, Diane braced herself and started pushing back to meet his thrusts. She had never been fucked like this during her entire time of being married. Austin was not making love to her, Austin was fucking her the way a frustrated slut needs to be fucked. And Diane was responding the way any good slut would. She was taking his hammering. Her juices were coating his fat dick. She was moaning and gasping. More than all of that, though, she was meeting every thrust, she was pushing back every time he lunged forward. She was fucking Austin as much as Austin was fucking her.

So wrapped up in their animalistic coupling, neither one heard Amy come in from the front door. She stopped cold in her tracks as she saw them from behind. She saw Austin’s firm man-ass pistoning into her mother. She heard her mother begging to be fucked harder. She saw Austin’s full ball bag swinging against her mother with each forward thrust. Amy was pissed. There was no other word for it. She had been teasing Austin all day. She had gotten him horny and hard, and now her mother was getting the cock that should have been hers. She almost stamped her foot in anger. She wanted to leave and race upstairs, but she could not pull her eyes from Austin’s hot man-ass. She heard a beast-like growl from Austin as he rammed so hard that Amy heard the couch hit the wall. Her mother and Austin were motionless for what seemed like hours. Slowly, he pulled away. Amy ducked around the corner more so just one eye peeked into the living room. Austin turned and flopped to sit with his back to the couch and his legs wide. Amy was mesmerized by the size of his cock glistening with her mother’s pussy juices. It had only just started losing it fullness, but Amy could clearly see how fat and long it was. She wondered how it was possible for any pussy to take that monster inside. She looked at her mother still bent over the couch, panting. Her legs were open and Amy could see her cunt gaping wide drooling their juices. Her mother’s pussy was so much fatter and open than Amy’s little snatch. She felt so inadequate for that big dick. It could never fit in her. Her emotions went from anger to disappointment to hurt and back to anger. She stormed to her room, not caring if they heard her.

They did not hear her, but Austin caught a faint movement in the front hall and he knew. He snickered under his breath. Amy must have gotten quite a show. He was aware of Diane panting next to him still bent over the couch. Slowly, she swung around and limply flopped onto her back on the floor. One leg was bent up at the knee and tilted open, keeping her pussy gaping toward Austin. Her thin landing strip of furr was matted with their juices. Her lips were puffed out so plump and wide that her inner pinkness was clear for the world to see. His cum dribbled out in a thin steady stream from her hole. Staring at her pussy was enough to revive Austin’s Texas cock.

He snickered at her, “Paul doesn’t fuck you like that, does he?”

She shook her head no as she mumbled, “It’s been a long time.”

He moved between her legs, kneeling as he lined his cock up again. She tried closing her legs as she whimpered, “No. I can’t go again. I’m kinda sore.”

Austin’s cock found her pink home easily and slid in. This time he entered more slowly. “Please no. Not again.” She begged as she relented and opened her legs again. She arched her back as his balls wedged to her ass. His thrusts were not as animalistic this time, but they were steady and hard. He used every inch of his dick as he moved in and out of her pussy. Diane hooked one ankle around his waist. Austin took the cue and hoisted that leg over his shoulder. He positioned himself up over her more and started thumping into her. Her pussy closed tightly around his cock. He felt it ripple and convulse tightly around him. She arched hard, screeching wildly as Austin felt her orgasm gush and squirt around his dick.

“You’re so hungry for a good fucking.”

She could only nod in agreement as her orgasm was long and drawn out. Austin started slamming harder now, being more brutal. She screamed again as he bellowed. He felt his cock spasming as it shot another heavy load deep into his friend’s wife’s cunt. When he was finished shooting, he stayed in her propped up over her on his hands. He remained still as she rocked her hips in slow motions to milk his cock.

“I asked you not to do that a second time.” She glared up into Austin’s eyes. For the first time he realized that she definitely had not wanted to fuck this second time. “Its bad enough that I let it happen once, but when I asked you not to a second time I expected you to respect those wishes.”

He smirked down into her eyes as she glared up. He was aware that as pissed off as she was, her hips were still rocking, milking his dick. “So what are you gonna do? Gonna tell Paul on me?”

“You’re such a cocky Texas asshole. No I’m not telling, but I would prefer you leave tomorrow. Make up some excuse to go home, so we can all remain friends.”

“Sure. Whatever you want.” He still smirked at her as he pulled his fat dick out of her hungry, gaping pussy. It made an audible ‘popping’ sound as it came out. Like a cork in a bottle, once it was out, their juices rolled out of her open cunt hole. Austin purposely stood up so that his dick was right over Diane’s face. It was still at half-mast and a few drops of their cum dripped off the head onto her chest.

She glared up at him, “Please leave me alone.”

“Sure.” And Austin grabbed his clothes and walked upstairs to his room. He dropped onto his bed and was asleep in no time.

As with the previous morning, he was up, showered, and downstairs drinking his coffee before he heard Paul and Diane start moving. Shortly after the three adults were sitting around the kitchen table chatting, Amy made a surprise morning appearance. Paul commented that she never came down for breakfast. Austin noted that she was still wearing her “I love my cowboy” nightshirt.

“Well I do reckon I need to make my way back home today. Sorry to cut out early on you, but there are some things back home that need my attention.”

As Paul was trying to convince his good friend to stay a couple more days, Austin’s eyes were trying to read Amy’s face. She was clever so he could not discern the thoughts going through her teenage mind. He could not see that she was consumed by the thought that her mother had greedily gotten Austin’s dick and was now sending him away before she even got a chance to try. She was fuming with anger at her mother for denying her a chance at a real dick. Diane felt the tinge of guilt at having cheated last night, but that was coloured by the remembrance of how good Austin’s dick had felt in her pussy. She alone knew she wanted another go at that dick. To that end, she sincerely chimed in for Austin to stay at least one more day.

“I don’t know if I can work it folks. I’ll see what I can do.” He smiled, “You gonna hang out with me today, kiddo?”

“Um…sure.” She stammered surprised.

Diane smirked to herself. She was not that naïve. She could see that Austin viewed Amy as so much eye candy. Diane was not above using her daughter’s charms to keep this man here another day so she could fuck him again tonight. As for Amy, Diane knew that at her age Austin would never actually do anything with her so she would be safe.

After her parents left for work, Amy headed upstairs to shower while Austin made his way poolside to read the newspaper. When about thirty minutes had elapsed Amy bounded out onto the patio wearing a tiny bikini. The sides of her beautiful tits were peeking out of the sides of her top and her thin pussy lips were outlined in her bottoms. Her firm cone-shaped tits barely moved as she bounced out of the house.

“Gonna take a swim or just sun bathe, kiddo?”

“I’m not a kid!!!!” She whined

“Well, I kinda think you are. See real women, at least women in Texas, don’t like tan lines. So when they sun bathe they let their tits out. Course you only got lil girl tits anyway.” He tried hard not to look at Amy as he said these words. He was trying to make her think that he was not interested in what she was clearly offering in her teasing way.

She scowled at Austin, but he saw her timid little fingers reach behind her and undo the bikini top. He was in awe as her gorgeous little b cup tits came out. Her tiny pink nipples poked straight forward on those tits. Austin had to smile at her because her nipples were already hard like eraser tips.

“I’m not a fucking kid.” She whispered through her clenched, angry teeth.

Austin stared up at her, barely able to take his eyes off those amazing teen tits. “You been teasing a wee bit too much, kiddo. You keep those lil tits out like that and you better be careful. You better be prepared for the consequences.”

“What are you gonna do? Its not like you’d fu…er….” She trailed off as she saw Austin stand up and walk over to her. He was head and shoulders above her.

He grabbed her hips firmly. “I ain’t some lame ass Yankee boy. You parade around like that and you’re liable to get yourself fucked. Just like I fucked your mother last night. You liked watching that didn’t you…kiddo.” He smiled wickedly at her.

“You’d never do THAT to me.”

He grabbed her waist tight and pulled her body to his. His other hand gripped the back of her head as he pressed his lips over her mouth. His fingers wove into her long hair and playfully pulled so her head tilted back and her mouth opened. His tongue invaded her mouth. She whined into his kiss, but she responded by tangling her tongue with his. His hand grabbed at her tiny little ass. Once he had a firm grip, he lifted her upward. When her feet left the ground they dangled momentarily before she wrapped one leg around his waist. Using her ass, he rolled her pussy mound over the bulge in his jeans.

“Once I start fucking I ain’t stopping. You seen how big it is. This is your last chance to say no.”

“I’m not a fucking lil kid.” This girl was in heat like her cougar mother had been last night. Austin knew this girl wanted to be fucked.

With that, Austin tossed her like a rag doll over his shoulders and marched upstairs to her room. Unceremoniously, he tossed her down on her bed. To cover what would be screams that the neighbours could hear he blared her stereo. He stripped off his clothes in a heated frenzy. When Amy got a real close up look at his dick, she was suddenly very frightened of his size.

“Maybe, maybe I can’t…maybe I am too young for this. I mean mom is a grown woman…I don’t think I can…” As she was going on she was sliding backward on the bed until she had herself pinned against the headboard. Her legs were curled up against her chest as if trying to hide her little cones. Austin smirked as he saw that even huddled back against the headboard like this with her knees tight together that her feet were still parted wide. This kept her tiny camel toe puffing against the fabric of her bikini bottoms on display to Austin. He shook his head. She was a tease to the end.

“You had your fucking chance.” Austin growled, grabbing her ankle. He roughly pulled her down on the bed. Her other leg flailed around as he tugged her toward the foot of the bed. With his free hand he reached under her ass, grabbed at her bikini bottoms, and tore them off her. They both stopped all movement as he stared at her pussy. Unlike her mother, this girl was smoothly shaven. Her clit was prominent, but not in an overly puffy way. Her lips were still thin and so lightly pink. There was a clear sheen over her lips as her wetness made her lips glisten.

He knelt down in front of her spread legs. He pulled her ass closer so it hung slightly off the foot of the bed. Austin stared at that perfect pussy until he got a full whiff of her sexy aroma. At that point his tongue dove right between the folds of her cunt, searching for the source of that aroma. Amy had never been eaten before so this motion caught her completely by surprise. She screeched wildly and arched her back in surprise. Austin used his thumbs to pry her tight pussy open so his tongue could slide in deeper. He lapped at her folds as she writhed on the bed. She screamed and her fists pounded at the mattress as her pussy had its first real orgasm. She was panting, her heart was racing, this teen was in ecstasy.

As that orgasm overcame her body, Austin moved his tongue out of her hole and assaulted her clit. Her hips were bucking out of control. Her screams and screeches had become one long drawn-out wail of pleasure. Her body was twisting frantically on the bed. Austin started sucking on her clit and tracing it with his tongue. Her hands went from tearing at her bed sheets to squeezing her tits. Her entire body would tense and clench, then buck up hard, as her pussy erupted in another hard orgasm. Every time his tongue touched her pussy lips or clit, her body would arch, she was not used to such incredible treatment and her poor little pussy was on sensory overload.

“Please…please…no more…please…I can’t….ooooooooooooooo” And she let loose another orgasm.

While she was still gushing juices from her cunt, Austin rose up and pushed his cock head into her. Her pussy was tight like a vice and quivering uncontrollably around his cock head. Austin stopped moving inward once his cock head was lodged firmly inside her pussy. He let her hips gyrate and pump up as she tried to get more cock inside. He looked down to see her lips stretched obscenely around his cock head. He grabbed her ankles, spreading them and pushing them back as he pushed forward slowly. She winced as he stretched her.

“Ok…OK…no more…that’s all I can take….you’re too big…”

Austin lunged forward burying half of his dick in her tight teen cunt as he growled, “You had your chance to say no. Too FUCKING LATE, KIDDO.”

She screamed as he rammed her with half of his dick. It was too much for a pussy that had only been fucked a few times in her life. He slowed his thrusts down when he saw a tear form at the corner of her eye. He stopped completely when she sniffled back a soft cry.

“Ok, OK Kiddo, we can slow down…even stop if you want.” He relaxed the vice-like grip he had on her ankles, releasing them. He reached around her shoulders and cradled her little form to his broad body, but he left half of his dick buried in her pussy.

She sniffled, “You won’t think I’m a little cry baby? I mean, I really tried. I thought I could. Its just too big…it’s too fat around.” She was whimpering as she felt her own disappointment in her own abilities.

Very gently, almost imperceptibly, Austin started rocking his hips in and out a tiny bit. It was just enough for her pussy walls to feel the movement of a cock. “I won’t think you’re a cry baby. I mean you did try. I can’t help it if your cunt was made for tiny Yankee losers. And there is always your mother. Now there’s a real woman who knows how to handle a real cock.” Austin was playing her wickedly now as he was intent on getting what he wanted.

He started sliding his cock out of her pussy. Amy felt anger at her mother again. She knew she could be as good as her mother if she was just given time. She hooked on ankle around Austin’s ass. She tried tilting her pussy upward a little to ease his cock in deeper. Austin took the hint; he smiled down at her as he pushed half his cock back into her pussy. She closed her eyes, wincing as her pussy stretched open again. Once he was half in again, he rocked his hips gently. She hooked her ankles together over his ass.

“Go slow. Ok. Gentle. OK” She whimpered between gasps.

“This is the tightest cunt I’ve had in ages kiddo.”

All she could do was nod when she heard his words. She started gasping and panting and squealing. Noises coming from her throat were incomprehensible animalistic sounds. Austin heard a high-pitched wailing screech coming again. He felt her pussy clamp hard around his cock. He felt an amazing orgasm drench his cock and balls and he knew she had just squirted. He knew that would loosen her up quite a bit and he used that time with her body riding its high on her orgasm to push his cock in slowly. He felt her nails dig deeper into the flesh of his back as he continued to push. She was squealing and screeching and tearing at his back with her nails, but she was not telling him to stop. He worked in slowly with one steady push until he felt his balls press against her ass.

He laughed as he hissed at her, “What a slut!! You were just made for fucking.”

“I knew I could handle you. I deserve your cock more than mommy and I am gonna make your cock so fucking happy.” Amy was truly proud of herself.

With that Austin snickered. He pulled back and rammed her with a fierce thrust. She arched so her pussy could accept his cock. He started a steady ploughing in her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she gripped his back and shoulders, hanging on as he just used her pussy like a rampant bull. He looked down at her petite body, admiring her firm tits as they jiggled around with each thrust. Unable to hold back anymore, he growled like a beast as he started shooting deep into her tight snatch. His cum flooded her tight pussy, filling her with so much sperm that it oozed out around his dick to slide down her ass. When his balls were empty, he slowly started withdrawing his dick.

Amy hooked her legs tighter. “No. Leave it in for a while. I like how it feels now.”

They relaxed as Austin held Amy gently. He had his arms wrapped around her shoulders as she laid under him. She curled her hands from his back to press his chest. She patted his chest and pushed meekly. Austin held her tight to his chest as he rolled onto his back, being sure to keep his cock deep in her pussy. Her head was resting on his chest as her breathing became more regular. Her hips started slowly moving up and down again. She clearly loved the feel of his dick moving in her tight slit. His hard cock had started to soften, but her movements re-ignited his cock’s fire. He hardened immediately.

She sat up so she could swivel her hips. Austin slid his hands up to fondle her tits. He cupped her tits and pinched her nipples. She smiled mischievously down at Austin.

“It was wrong of you to fuck mommy last night when you knew I wanted to fuck you.”

“Think you’ve got what it takes to claim my cock all to yourself?”

Amy pressed her hands to his chest for leverage so she could buck her hips to fuck Austin harder. She smirked down at him, “You call my ‘kiddo’ cause you like girls…my age…That’s why you showed me that chat site. You’re a nasty perv and you want your very own teen girl to fuck and spoil.” She reached behind her and grabbed the lady’s cowboy hat off her bedpost to put on. “I love my cowboy…and his fat cock.”

Austin laughed. Maybe this girl had out-smarted him and had seen through his motives all along. He grabbed her hips and started pumping up into her as he used his hands on her hips to bounce her petite body. She squealed again. She was bouncing harder, but her twisting was a sure sign. She screeched through another orgasm. Austin slammed her ass down hard to his groin as he let loose another load in her pussy. She cooed and slid her head onto his chest again. Leaving his dick in her tight pussy, she snuggled on top of him.

“I’d love to spend the summer…at your ranch. I know we could convince dad to let me stay there. He trusts you.”

“Yeah, your dad does trust me,” Austin snickered.

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