The Taking And Using Of The Snooty Neighbour'S 18 Year Old Daughter

A Wealthy Middle Aged Male Artist Has Fun With A Snob'S Daughter

Gary who was 38 years old lived in a upscale neighbourhood as a photographer who did artistic nude, fetish and some adult shoots. He inherited money from his family so was able to do what he wanted with respect to his art. He lived next door to Audrey and Rex Smith and their 18 year old daughter Lucy. Gary’s neighbours were real snobs, Rex was a workoholic who was away most of the time, Audrey had a stubby nose and so did her daughter and she was stuck up most of the time.

Rex and Audrey were extremely strick with Lucy she wore a uniform all the time going to a boarding school but also for discipline purposes. Lucy wore no matter what time a year a green blazer, a green sweater with a white collared shirt underneath, a grew skirt to the knees, green stockings, and black shoes. Lucy had red hair pale freckled skin and a gymnast body. Gary longed to have Lucy as a model for she looked like a doll. Apparently Gary gathered that Lucy was a ballerina and was very flexible which made him horny.

One day Lucy’s parents were both away. Gary was given a key unbenowst to Lucy by her parents and told just to keep an eye on the house and that Lucy would be there by herself once she got home from school. Gary could not help but have horny thoughts and he called a locksmith to come while Lucy was at school and change all the locks on the doors. As he watched Lucy coming home from her day at school with that hot 18 year old body underneath that hideous uniform he observed her fumbling with the key and the lock on the door to her house unable to open the door. She seemed frustrated and then Gary appeared.

“Hey, having trouble?” Gary said.

It was starting to rain and Lucy said startled “ Oh yes, I cannot open the door”

Gary looked at her pretty face and body and then said “I have a fire going inside let’s go in”

“Oh, sure” she said

Gary immediately told her to take off her blazer jacket that she had on and her black shoes.Gary looked at her freckled face, her blue eyes, her stubby nose, and watched her take off those two pieces of clothes and he started to get hard at the horny hot thoughts he was getting.

Lucy looked around at all the nude art photos on the walls and nude scultures in Gary’s home.

“Are you an artist?” she said her voice shook and face a little pink because of her being a little uncomfortable.

” Yes I do nude work of all kinds and you seem to wear uniforms all the time why is that? Gary inquired.

Lucy rolled her eyes a bit and said “ my parents are big on discipline.”

“Oh” said Gary “Have a seat and here have some wine with me?”

“Oh, I do not know about that” Lucy said

“Oh sure have a glass” said Gary.

After a few moments of sipping on wine the alcohol hit Lucy fast and she started to giggle a bit and talk a bit more.

Lucy said “ I hate having to wear too many clothes in a formal way all the time, I wish my parents were hippies sometimes”

Gary laughed and said “maybe it is time you started making your own decisions”.

Lucy grinned and took some more gulps of wine and asked for more.

She said “Yeah maybe I should become a nude model!”

“You would have to wear less than that if you did, and what is this holes in your stockings? said Gary.

“I feel I am wearing too much anyway I would like to shed these!” Lucy said.

Gary was hard and said “maybe you should take another sip of wine and take these scissors and cut your stockings off and throw them in the fire place” “But before you do I am going to take a few photos of you in your uniform”

Gary snapped the photos. “Now cut away you have lots of uniforms let’s us give you your new hippie nude self” said Gary “if you cut up this uniform I have lots of costumes and footwear for you to wear here that I get other models to wear”.

Lucy giggled and nodded. She took the scissors and cut off her green stockings revealing her pale shapley legs and pink soled feet.

Gary looked wide eyed at her legs and feet grabbed the cut up stockings and threw them in the fire place to have them burned. He watched heart beating fast as she took the scissors and cut off her skirt and panties revealing a nice red bush and a nice plump ass. Gary was snapping photos of her and watched she cut her sweater off plust all the buttons on her collared shirt. She took those items off and then she cut her bra off. Gary gasped as he saw two perfectly symmetrical perky breasts appear with rosey erect nipples.

Gary had Lucy do a number of yoga poses and made a pic series out of it. He got her to do regular poses, but also got her to touch her pussy and nipples for some erotic photos as well. Gary also wanted where she was a ballerina for her to do some pics of her showing her ability to do the splits and her overall flexibility.

Gary had to stop and digest that he actually had the snob’s prim and proper daughter in his home doing all sorts of indecent lewd and obscene things making Gary even more hungry to do more.

Gary then had Lucy go into a wardroom and he picked out a costume for her, a nun outfit! He got her to put on some roman sandals with straps and a nun robe and headdress. She looked stunning the dark sandals and black outfit brought out her pale skin. Gary wanted to do a porn pic and video of Lucy as a nun researching about sex at the local library and then going to a gynecologist for more information and a good lesson about sex. Gary would be the Gynecologist.

Gary had a video camera perched on his shoulder and turned on and snapped the occasional photo as Gary and Lucy (in her roman sandals and nun outfit) made their way to the library. Many did double takes looking at her pale feet in those roman sandals. Lucy walked right in and found a book on sex and positioned herself cross legged in the open reading this book. Lucy’s stubby nose sticking out moving back and forth reading all the material. Gary snapped photos and caught one guy touching himself nearby at a desk staring at her barefeet in roman sandals-someone with a foot fetish.

Gary instructed Lucy to go to the librian to check the book out. Lucy did and librarian looked at her wide eyed and kind of grinned at the book of sex she was taking. Lucy had a library card and used it and then Lucy and Gary were on their way. They left and were seen by many walking down the street with the book of sex.

Gary could not take it anymore he wanted to fuck Lucy so bad. He went into his house with Lucy and set up a room to look like a medical examination room. Taking automatic photos and a video running Gary did the next half of this video and porn series by taking Lucy and getting her to remove her robe. In sandals and headdress Lucy pointed to the library book on sex appearing to ask questions. Gary played the role of the doctor and had her put her legs up on two leg rests and used tools to examine her pussy. He removed her sandals. He was looking for a hymen which was there intact. Gary then got undressed and Lucy who was horny looked and gasped at how erect and big Gary’s cock was. He got her to suck his cock for a bit and then he had her sit on the examination table with her legs straight out with toes flexed and he inserted his cock and with one thrust he broke her hymen and did the in and out rapidly. He got her on her stomach and on top of her did her from that angle. Then he got her to ride him with his cock completely impaled in her pussy. Then with Lucy on her back Gary pounded her pussy on top of her listening to her moan and shout out in orgasm…Gary could not hold his load any more with his rapid thrusts and he went balls deep and spurted and shot his hot sticky cum deep in that ballerina’s pale fertile body.

Gary got up and stopped all cameras. He would be editing them and sending them to porn/adult companies and clients within the next day for wide distribution. Gary found some hippie clothes for Lucy to wear and sent her on her way with a key to get in her home. Gary had a feeling of satisfaction of claiming her and putting this snooty family in its place.

He then went over and before Lucy’s parents came home put a copy of the porn series and the artistic/erotic pics on the desktop of her parents computer plus in the favourites so they would know that their virgin daughter had been deflowered and would show Lucy being not too prim and proper. Gary moved away, but came back in secret to see the belly of Lucy protruding as she walked barefoot in roman sandals and a skirt down the street.

Gary met someone who knew the family and they were upset /humiliated that Lucy participated in porn and erotic/artistic pics. Word travelled fast when people found out Lucy posed nude and participated in porn. Her parents did not believe in abortion so they went through more humiliation with the fact their daughter was so young not married with a protruding belly.

A short while later Gary got the ultimate boner when he saw Lucy in a a blazer a collared shirt and skirt but with barelegs and roman style sandals walking with a stroller next to her mother. Both had those stuck up stubby noses both had real pale skin and but they were not very high in the air anymore because of the humility. Gary had to masturbate, maybe there is another stuck up family I can put in their place he thought.

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