The Sex Starved Librarian

She Was Secretive Mysterious And Sexy As Hell.

I meet her on a classified ads section of the internet three months ago. Our communications had evolved to a hot sexy teasing of each other, we often found ourselves excusing ourselves to take a cold shower, but each time it would end up the same, cold showers and at times self gratification.

Leaves were falling outside and the weather was talking of a large nor-eastern approaching by the weekend. Agreeing to meet for drinks, after work Friday night, we were both nervous but looking forward to seeing each other in person and seeing what was our next step. We meet in the parking lot of a local pub, greeting each other with a hug before walking in.

We had shared photos and phone call as well as emails and messaging on your phones. Sometimes the photos would get a little revealing but never an x-rated version.

She was a tall drink of water(excuse my description) 5’9” weight was around 225 lbs, wearing horn rimmed dark plastic framed glasses and shoulder length black hair. Her black hair was hi lighted with a red that made it appear as a pink shine,pulled back in a pony tale. A flowered dress, stopping just below the knees and well fit in design, clinging to her form. Showing off large breasts,a slight pot belly leading to her waist and an ass that any man would die for.

Opening the pub door for her, I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass, as it twitched with just a hint of EAT ME.

Myself, I was an average looking male, a short facial beard with receding hair line. My hair had changed from auburn to a white/grey and I wore rim less glasses. 5’ 8” and 180 lbs, a light brown suit and tie. A small beer belly but over all in a solid shape for my age.

We, were both in our late fifties.

I helped her with her chair as she sat at the table and we ordered a couple drinks.

We laughed and drank a couple rounds and the time seamed to just fly by.

She had a controlling attitude, subject to listening but strong minded, and had no bones about it. Her attitude was take it or leave it.

As we were getting ready to leave, the radio was talking of a storm warning. A blizzard approaching and heavy snow fall. Its going to be a nasty weekend, she says. Asking, maybe we could continue our night at my house.

I would like that.

OK then lets drop your vehicle off at your place and ride over in mine. No scene in two vehicles being out on the nasty roads, heading our way. She lived about a half hour in the opposite direction, my place was just around the corner.

I assisted her with her seat, opened the pub door and her car door, then she followed me to my place.

As I parked my car, she got out of her drivers seat, handed me the keys and kissed me softly on the lips.

Smiling as I open the passenger door for her. OK lets go.

Making small talk as we drove, she had placed her left hand on my upper thigh. The interest hadn’t gone unnoticed as she felt my pants become a bit tighter. Looking at my crotch, she licked her lips and lowered her head to my lap.

Biting at my thigh and my hardening cock, my heart leaped into my throat. The blood rushed, filling my cock to a sudden bursting point.

You like, she says raising back up in the next seat?

Damn, YES!

She raises her dress up and over her crotch, slowly lowering her right hand down the waist band and toying with her pussy. Pressing one, then two fingers in her soaking pussy, then sliding them up and over her cu lit.

Removing her wets fingers, she licks at her fingers, then places them on my lips. OPEN she says. As my lips part she slowly drives the two fingers in, now such them clean, she says.

I thought my cock was going to explode all by itself, as I sucked and licked at the two fingers inside.

Again. I hear YOU LIKE?

Struggling to speak with the fingers in my mouth, I manage to get the words out. YES MAM!

Good , she says Good!

Now take the next left, after these trees and drive down my driveway. As we approach the garage, she presses the garage door button. And we drive inside.

As we exit the car and she unlocks the door, we walk in. What a beautiful house you have.

Thank you,Cozy, she says and peaceful.

Giving me a tour of her house, a luscious upper valued home. Felt, satin wallpaper, chandler hanging over and cherry dining table, high back chairs, hardwood floors in the living room, with a soft thick throw rug placed in front of the hug fireplace. A short hall way, leading to a 12 bath and then her bedroom, velvet wallpaper with gold designs, a giant bed and full bath attached. We passed other room but she didn’t show this one, as we went to the living room. A small bar beside the couch, she stops to poor us a drink, then presses the remote and the fireplace lights and the lights dim.

NICE, I say as I sit on the couch, very very nice.

All on a librarians salary, I ask.

No, I am a writer also, and do very good at it.

As, she handed me my drink, she walks towards the big bay window.

We got here just in time, the snow is starting to blow and drift outside.

Please excuse me for a moment, and make yourself comfortable, as she disappears down the hall.

I remove my suit jacket and tie, then loosen the first two buttons on my shirt. Looking down at my crotch I squeeze my wet pants and cock still showing a half mast.

Suddenly a soft low playing music fills the room as the fireplace flickers off the walls.

My jaw drops as I she her coming in the room. OH MY GOD ! Have I died and gown to heave?

She enters the room. Hair combed straight down to her shoulders, no glasses. An outfit right out of Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Black and red silk, super low cut and breasts raised and pressed together. A sheer black material covering her mid drift, leading to a bikini, crotch less attached black nylons and a set of spiked high heels.

Picking up her drink, she says YOU LIKE? And walks towards me, stopping with her crotch staring me straight in the face. The smell of her pussy and a light aroma of colon fill my nostrils. Stand with her legs slightly spread, Lick it she say!

As I approach her clean shaven pussy with my lips, her right hand reaches behind me and pulls me roughly into her pussy. Lick that pussy mound, make it good and wet!

Licking and sucking at her pussy, she holds my head in place and grinds her cu lit in my face.

Yes darling lick it real good! she exclaims.

Its obvious she is starting to take control.

Hell, I’m game!

Let the games begin, flashed through my mind. Little did I have any idea of what was ahead.

Re-leashing her grip, she steps back to a single chair across the room.

Now, stand and remove your cloth!

Follow my instruction, if you know what good for you!

YES, MAM! I said.


I gulped down my drink, stood and started unbuttoning the rest of my shirt, my fingers fumbled at the buttons.

Relax, she say, we have all weekend. And be patient! The weather is terrible out there, and we have so much pleasure to share. Slow down.

Now, continue with the shirt. Take it off and let it drop to the floor.

I did as she said, good I hear her say, now turn slowly so I can view that sexy body. I made a slow full rotation, I glanced over and she was licking her lips and raising her tits so she could lick them. Licking at her cleavage she says, now your socks.

Standing there naked from the waist up, I bent over and do as she asks. It becomes a little difficult to straighten up, with my cock standing at full attention, but I wiggle a little and it settles in, looking straight up.

Now, turn your back to me and remove your pants, slowly.

Doing as she asks, I unfasten my belt, unbutton my button and unzip the fly. My pants slip to the floor, lifting my feet to slip them from my ankles.

Suddenly I hear a crack from a whip, my stomach is suddenly in my mouth. She says, now turn back to face me.

Where in hell did the whip come from, I was thinking, as I turned. As I finished turning, she was standing in front of the chair, legs spread about a foot and a half apart, and a black whip in her right hand. She was swinging it and let another crack fill the air.

What to hell I ask?

Quiet, unless you wish to feel my furry, she says.

I must admit, it was exciting and scary at the same time.

Standing there I hear her say, oh look, somebody wants to come out and play. As my cock head was peaking out from under the elastic band of my briefs. Now come over her and stand in front of me.

As I approach, she presses the handle of the whip into my chest, circling around my nipples, then down over my cock and down the upper part of my thighs.

TURN, she says.

In doing so, she removed the handle, then again rubbed it across the waist band, then under it and down the crack of my ass. As it reaches about ball level, she straighten the handle out facing straight ahead, slide it up just a little and stop directly at my anus.

Now bend forwards and pull down just the back of the shorts to expose that sweet little ass. Doing as she said, I feel a pressure apply at my asshole. Its excites me more than I thought possible. She just keep applying a little pressure and circling the handle around.

Sliding the handle back up and out of my shorts, she says now turn around.

Facing her, she looks back down at my cock, then raises the whip handle to her lips and licks the flavor of my asshole from the handle. YUM! The handle glistened from the saliva as she continues to suck and lick it clean. Letting the whip fall to the floor, she sits down on the edge of the chair. Reaches out and pulls me to her.

My peeking cock head was in direct line of her mouth, as she licks the pr-cum from the head. My eyes closed and my head tilted back slightly, as I feel her fingers on the front of the waist band, and she lowers it slowly, opens her mouth and starts to swallow my entire cock. Never stopping or gagged, she didn’t stop until she was ball deep, about 7 12 inches. It felt so damn good, then she shacks her head violently and the sensation almost dropped me me my knees. I could feel the cum starting its upward flow, she must have felt the same sensations as she raised her mouth up and off my cock. With her left hand she encircled the balls in my sack, pulled at them and slapped my cock with her right hand.

NOT YET! she says, I will tell you when.

My cock becomes soft, having no idea what just happened.

She leans back, spreads her legs, the full extent that the chair would allow, and say, EAT ME!

Her pussy was soaked from the excitement she was feeling, glistening in the fire light, spreading her pussy lips with her two hands, showing the swollen cu lit as she rubbed her thumb across it, making her shiver in delight.

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