The Sea King

The girls are in a boat head to an small inland cove Emma and June are sailing to meet the sea king Emma now a new mom of twin is thinking of her deal with the dark princess

If she bring him back to the lake it will be a 4 rank promotion June speaks. I will do him I want to have a prince that all she said on the way over it not long till they get to town a huge ship is their its 20 miles long an ten a cross wow June say he lives their yes that why he called the sea king I go I too town the sea king it their buying up all the food and fireworks need more fireworks big one’s I can help u Emma say I have a new shop we do huge firework come with us an u will see it’s a small boat ride well let go say the sea king but we will take mine the four of them now joined bye a ship hand is sailing off in a huge racing boat they get back in 20 mins wow this is fun June say so these are the girl the sea king thinks the small one June is a little cute one he smiles well come with us they go to a wagon stay here he tell his shipmate I be back they take hi to the lake were a shop is newly open he look at their items he try out a big one wow he said that what I looking for he pulls out a sack of gold coins at put it on the table I take everything the load up the wagon. June come over to him he kiss her he take off her shirt a licks her small breast then she pulls out his dick and start sucking it. Emma fire of another fire works he looks up wow he say this is great he lays June on the ground he licks her pussy she breathing heave now he stick his cock deep in her ahah she cries out he trusting his cock hard yes ur tight ahah he cries out its not long till Emma come over she kiss her to slip a green glow pill in her mouth she give the sea king a drink the June roll him over an rides him it not long till she glowing green aha I coming AHAHA AHAHA she cries out o shit I going to cum the sea king say AHAHAAH FUCK HE CRIES OUT AS SHE ORGASM he grabs the cup and drinks the rest he still hard when he look at Emma ur up he says looking at her no Emma say my friend is the dark princess come around the wagon nude hello big boy she sits down on his face Emma come over an kiss her slipping another glowing pill with she swallow then Emma trade place as she take off her dress and sits on his face then the princess starts riding him her tit’s a bouncing up and down she still kissing Emma feeling her tits she leave her claw mark Emma breast.

June come over and kiss the princess tits yesss she cries out AHAHA FUCK YESSSSSSSS SHE ORGASM he get up still nude wow ladies u know how to put on a show got to go he take off on the wagon nude riding off in the night the dark princess get up she look down at June well look like I not the only one knock up she pat her belly u run my firework shop ok June smile and nods then she look over at Emma look like u win our deal officer Emma then the go in side the new shop still nude going to clean up when the door open in comes the golden queen hello mother say the dark princess take a shower in the back she get out and walk over to her she hugs her mom everything going to plan good my dear but a new on is on order what she says the golden king is dead. Now sign this it a peace deal uniting

Are kingdoms as one it lets back in the golden castle that were u will find the other to breed with she say. What the fuck ur have his baby yes my dear I to have to blend in now sign it to bring my plan in to action I want a war with the red kingdom and that allows it to happen now sign the fucking deal. I want to rule this world not just one kingdom or 2 or 3. All kingdom will be ours now sign my dear and take ur place beside mine Rebecca.

Rebecca sign the deal what in it for me u can have the dark kingdom just come when I call with ur armies of demons now breed every girl demon and dragon u can fined I not allowed to do this I part of the peace deal at the end of the last world war now go my daughter breed me and army that will wipe out the red kingdom. I unleashes

Darkcon mom. Good bring the host here its my younger bother.

Her mom slap her then kiss her u are so evil girl that why I love u she feels her belly good June come over get ready to get dress not so fast dear

She walk of to the queen nude yes my queen she feels her belly mmm get ur things ur come with me and u officer Emma I here great thing about u go and get my son take him to the golden place bring ur friend and ur kids now they both get dress quick and head off. Now wear this dragon at she her finger and four girls on golden night gown appear it not long till the find him I a flied watching the night sky the queen come over to him hello queen what o u want he look down at the girls our deal she say fine he smile a turn in the golden king not bad my lord she knees down the trick work she thinks ur dead dear good when the time comes I will rule the world he says laughing now wear offer at he my finest servants my king he lays down as the tall one of the group he has spike red hair he pull out a lock it at pull of a small pinch of her pussy he close it her face appear on it now let begin she 69 him she sucking his huge dick wow he big she says as he eating her pussy she put his cock in her pussy ahah she cries out he wife come over nude and kiss her feels her breast yesss she cries out yesss my king YEESSSSSSSS AHAHAHA she orgasm an pass out falling next to the king the ark hair one come next yes my lord she says undressing after the lock of her close she suck his dick his wife is eating her pussy get her wet for him he feel her tits till she get on his cock fuck meeee she cries out put it in. The king grabs her ass a trust her down an up fuck she cries out her tits flap away his wife grab them and leave her mark above her tits she cries out Ahhh FUCKKKKKK she pass out after her orgasm he pick her off of him a lays her next to the first one the blonde on come over with the small green hair one their lock it click shut as their face appears he green on sit on his face as the blonde on is blowing him he wife eat her pussy get her ready it not long till all four a past out cove in his cum nice fucking party say dark night walk leaning up against a rock the king get up ahh yes

I hear so much about u she standing their nude wait for her turn she wet already he walk over with his wife she kiss her with her tongue the he pull a pinch form her click go the lock it why do u do that he say cloning he say the best women are cloned make more great looking women to breed with. Speaking of breeding she say I ant got all night she say his wife biting her nipple a little yes she say his put his cock up her ass for some anal ahaha she cries put eating the queen pussy before fingering it he trust away till her first orgasm more she cries out laying on top of his wife kiss her deeply he trust it in her pussy as hard as he can AHAHA she cries out as he pound away she glow a golden color now ahah AHAHA o my god FFUUUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE a golden light burst out from her she past out o his wife she feeling her back this one a keeper she say the blue hair elf come over to clean up she ha his baby two weeks ago it was a girls. You he say king she pick up the girl a laying them in a royal couch after she done get them all in he walk over to her my king she says he fuck his wife anal hole it not long till she cries out a fall a sleep he put her in the couch two the blue girl turn to get on when he grab her he kiss her rubing his cock on her young pussy I not one yet he said putting his dick in her pussy my lord yesss ahaha he feeling her tits he squeeze them trusting harder in he pussy it not long till a golden light shine bright again as she cries out in the night two female guards show ups wondering what take show long my lord the knee down sorry for disturbing u

.Its all right he say putting his hand between their legs feel their pussy he lays down putting one of them on his cock and the last one on his face he thinks the night is young it not long till their scream a be herd the closing of a couches door when to villagers walk a bother and a sister hey boy say the king stay their nude take the couch to the dark castle he throw a bag of gold coins at him he rides off with a smile on his face the king walk over to the girl I haven one a villager sent I was 18 he said the young girl is stoking his cock is will be morning soon

She say mom and dad will be up soon she say taking off her dress she turn to see the sun raise king is feeling her pussy getting it wet he grabs her left tit with one hand her belly with the other she puts his cock in her aaha she moan out a little he trusting away she reach up a put both her head be hide his head he trust hard she crying out with joy the sun is come up when the king roar can be heard though the valley the young girl is lay be hide a rock he cum on her face one last time he reach down to get a pinch of her pussy hair a clicking sound of a lock it wake her he lick her fingers to get the cum off her face mmm she says I want more she get on her knees she blow the king till he cum in her mouth the he fly off as she swallow it the spell wear off it the Rebecca now knock up with his seed a boy the witch appears out why do I have to carry the sea kind seed again cause I found a bigger fish the witch come over a lick the cum off her body mm SHE SAY getting a mouth full she look up the dark princess kiss her cum swapping as they make out I love magic she says. Feel he belly.

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