After Amanda got home she stripped down to her panties and laid down in bed. She began to rub her hands up and her ample tits and then slid her hand down to her crotch and reveled in how wet she was. She then pulled aside the gusset and slid two fingers into her still dripping pussy. As she thought about the experience she just had at work she instinctively removed them, brought them to her mouth and reveled in the taste of her own juices mixed with her bosses cum.

Susan walked into the office and said “well guys, looks like we’re going to be here late tonight. Bob called and said that the office move was pushed up so we have to pack things up”. Amanda replied with “that’s real nice, he heads home and we get stuck here”. Donna followed with “at least Sam is still here”

After a few hours of packing jackets & shoes had come off, blouses were unbuttoned and hair was let down. Susan bent down to put some files in a box and Amanda began to feel a tingle in her pussy as she watched the way that her coworkers skirt hugged her hips and showed the slight outline of her panties. Never having experienced feelings like this before she said “I’ll be right back”. Within two minutes she was in a bathroom stall with her panties around her ankles and furiously rubbing her clit. The thought of what she just saw gave her and incredible orgasm. After composing herself she went back and continued packing. When she got back to the file room she bumped into Susan who was coming out. Without even thinking Amanda said “you are so hot”, Susan replied with “Ok….thank you I guess”. Their eyes met and Amanda said “REALLY hot” and planted a kiss on Susan’s lips. For a moment there was a slight hesitation on Susan’s part but when she recovered she was standing in the doorway French kissing Amanda.

The next thing they heard was Donna saying “Oh my God” and covering her mouth. The two quickly separated and didn’t know what to say. Amanda then threw her hair back looked at Donna and said with a smile “Don’t knock it till you try it”. With that Donna approached slowly and looked at Amanda. She then slowly removed her glasses pursed her lips and met Amanda’s eagerly awaiting tongue for what turned out to be a slow sloppy wet kiss which physically brought her to her knees. Somehow what had started out as a packing session turns into three women kissing and groping each other. After 20 minutes they all basically agreed that this wouldn’t be spoken about BUT they were all now incredibly horny.

That’s when Donna said “SAM is here you know”

Susan said “WHAT are you crazy!!!!”

Donna “I don’t know about you guys but my husband hasn’t touched me in weeks. I’ve been going through batteries like crazy”

Susan sighed “Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat”

Amanda “Yeah, well try being a 40 something divorcee. There’s no one out there but complete assholes”

Donna “So let’s give it a shot, what guy would turn down three hot & horny women?”

Over the next 30 minutes they went back and forth about it. Finally Amanda said “let’s go to his office”.  The three of them went down the hall and knocked on Sam’s door.

Amanda “Hey Sam, do you mind if we sit on your couch and chairs for a while? Our desks aren’t exactly comfortable”.

Sam “Sure, come on in. How’s the packing going?”

Donna “Fun, really fun. Especially since Bob isn’t here to help”

Sam “Yeah, I noticed that”

After a bit of small talk Amanda stood up and looked at a picture of Sam and his wife on his desk.

Amanda “you guys look good in that picture but you look better in person”

Sam “Yeah, she’s a great women. A bit of a pain in the ass but great”

Amanda “How do we look in person?”

Sam “You guys look great”

Amanda “How do we really look?” she said and began to unbutton her blouse and turned down the picture of Sam and his wife.

Sam “What do you mean? I can’t do anything like this”

Just like Donna, Sam pushed back but couldn’t resist. In a minute He and Amanda were wrapped in a kiss

There was no turning back now. Donna and Susan both apprehensive before stood up and followed Amanda’s lead. All three of them were stripped to lingerie in no time. With this any hesitation Sam had was gone.  He took a step back and looked at these three incredible women:

Amanda had stunning legs a firm body and a supple set of breasts that were cradled in a pink lace bra, her pussy was wrapped in a matching pair of panties, her choice for stockings was black fishnets with built in garters

Donna had her D tits pushed into an undersized bra which gave her huge cleavage.  Her bottom was covered by ivory silk panties that were drenched with her juices. She was so wet that a lone drop was sliding down her thigh.

Susan being the conservative in the office was far from it in her choice of lingerie. She wore a deep purple silk bra showing off the top of her nipples, a matching garter belt with black stockings and black silk panties.

 Again surprising the other girls Susan walked forward kissed Sam and began unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his pants. She then reached inside his boxers and held his rock hard dick in her hand. Amanda and Susan came over and began to kiss Sam over his entire body until Amanda found herself on her knees in front of. She pulled down his boxers and Susan’s hand was replaced by her mouth engulfing his dick while cupping and massaging his balls.

Sam then said “Let’s go over to the couch”. “Sure” Donna said. After he sat down the girls all got on their knees and took turns sucking on his cock.  Donna said “My turn” and took off her panties. She then got up on the couch and straddled Sam’s face. His hands immediately grabbed her hips and pulled in the delicious prize in front of him. From the moans that started to come from Donna and the following orgasms she had, he knew exactly what to do. She then rolled off and collapsed on the couch. Amanda was still sucking his dick like a pro when Susan got up and sat next to Sam. They began kissing and he fondled her tits and nipples. She then turned on an angle to give Sam access to her pussy. He didn’t need an invitation to begin finger fucking her while she played with herself. She moved her panties aside giving him access to her clit which he began to massage. Susan began to arch her back so Sam pinched her clit and drove a finger as deep as he could. He was greeted by convulsions of her vagina around his finger and long deep moan.

Sam told Amanda to slow down for a minute since he was getting ready to cum. She shouted “No you are Fucking not!!!”. She released his dick, stood up, removed her panties and bent over his desk. “Get over here and fucked me hard!!”. Sam gladly got up and started to fuck Amanda. As her entered her he felt how tight she was and knew he wouldn’t last long. Amanda’s tits began to swing as Sam slammed into her. She knew her orgasm was coming so she reached back and began to massage his balls. With a moan and one final thrust Sam came just as Amanda hit.  She felt his dick pulsing and his balls beginning to drain.

After they both recovered he pulled out. Donna was right there to suck his dick clean and when Amanda turned around Susan was there to clean up the juice and cum that were sliding down her legs.

Over the next 30 minutes they all got dressed and agreed that not only did this move make their “professional” relationships stronger but no one would complain about working late again.

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