The Last Bus

Shae rushed to the corner hoping to catch the last bus of the night. It was almost 1am and she knew if she missed the bus it would be several hours before the next one would be by. Just as she got there it was pulling up and she sighed with exhausted relief.

Working at a bar to pay her way through school and raising 4 kids was over-whelming at times but Shae knew it would pay off soon and with just 3 semesters left she could feel good about herself for the things she had been through to get there. Her boss had started letting her leave early so she could catch the bus instead of paying for a taxi which only dug into her tips every time. The bus was unusually full due to a concert that had just let out and she was only able to find a seat in the back next to a young woman who looked scared to be out so late. Smiling down at her Shae sat down and settled in as her heart slowed down from the run to the bus stop. She would be home in about an hour due to all the stops and fact she was next to last stop but it was worth it not to spend her hard earned tips on a taxi.

After a few stops about half the people were gone and it was only Shae and the young woman next to her in the last few rows. Shae started to get up and take an empty seat nearby when the woman grabbed her arm and begged “please don’t leave. I’ve never rode on the bus before and your the only one on the bus who doesn’t scare me”. Shae nodded and settled back in her seat.

After settling back down Shae started talking to the girl and soon discovered she was in town visiting her mother and after her car broke down at the hospital the nurses told her to take the bus because it would run right in front of her mother’s house and it’s cheaper to get her car taken care of during the day. She let her know her name was Gina and had grew up out in the country so other than a school bus this was new and scary to her.

Shae assured Gina it was ok and soon discovered that Gina was getting off the stop right before her’s. As they continued talking Shae noticed just how cute Gina was and that the tank and skirt she was wearing made for a very nice view. Compared to Shae’s thick brown thighs and large overflowing tits Gina was almost pale white with slim thighs and tits that were just a little larger than a handful which she was wanting in her hands right then. It had been years since she had been with a woman and the vulnerability of this young woman and the contrast of their body types and skin color was making Shae hot and ready to try and seduce her.

Suddenly everything changed when Gina stopped talking and grabbed Shae’s face and started kissing her. It took her by surprise being the seduced instead of seducer. Before she could grasp how things changed so fast she felt Gina’s hands squeezing her tits through her top as she probed her mouth with her tongue. Finally Gina pulled back and started crying that she was sorry and did’t know what just happened. Shae calmed her down and said it was ok which only gave Gina the go ahead to surge forward and start kissing her again this time wiggling her hand up Shae’s shirt and shoving her bra over her tits releasing them from their constraints. Shae moaned into Gina’s mouth as her nipples were roughly twisted and pulled sending pleasure straight to her now soaking cunt. The mixture of innocent fear and aggressive lust from Gina only turned Shae on more.

Shae didn’t even care that there were still people on the bus as she felt Gina’s eager hand squeezing and groping her full tits and now rock hard nipples while swirling her tongue in Shae’s mouth. Reaching her own hand up Gina’s tank she found that no bra was there to obstruct her feel of 2 very firm tits and hard long nipples. She pulled hard on the sensitive nipples one at a time causing Gina to now moan into her mouth. As she played with the longest nipples she had ever felt Gina’s hand made it’s way into Shae’s slacks and found her hard clit through her now soaking panties. The feel of the wet cotton being pushed in circles around her clit soon had Shae on the edge of a needed orgasm. Spreading her legs wide in the seat she gave Gina the room she needed to push the leg of her panties over to grab her clit and twist it till Shae was biting her own arm to keep from screaming as she came in the back of the bus.

As she was calming down Gina pushed her head up under Shae’s shirt and started biting and sucking her nipples as she shoved 2 fingers into her still twitching cunt. Shae couldn’t hardly move as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her body while Gina eased a 3rd finger in her cunt and started painfully biting her nipples till she was dizzy with ecstasy. Gina eased out from under Shae’s shirt and with a wicked little smile told Shae “I want you to meet my husband Mark” just as a strange man sat down beside her and immediately started kissing a very lustful and shocked Shae.

Shae was in confused ecstasy as she felt Gina continue finger-fucking her wet cunt and now Mark pull her shirt up exposing her tits for anyone to see as he started slapping her nipples and whispering in her ear “you are going to love the pleasure Gina and I are about to make you experience but first you have to beg us to do as we please”. With no control at all Shae pleaded with them both to do anything they wanted. As she was still begging she felt Gina pull her slacks off and leave them on the bus floor while Mark pulled her shirt and bra up and over her head leaving her nude except for her wet and very stretched panties. The thrill of being watched by anyone and everyone on the bus while these 2 beautiful young couple did as they pleased to her body was like a dream that she knew couldn’t be real.

The pressure of something thick and cool at her cunt lips snapped her to reality as Gina started pushing a thick dildo into her cunt. She was about to moan out loud when Mark stood up onto the seat and shoved a very warm and thick dick into her mouth and down her throat. Shae had never been fucked like this in her life of in her dreams. The dick in her mouth along with the dildo in her cunt was more than she could ever imagine as she suddenly started moaning around Mark’s cock and cumming around Gina’s fat dildo. As she was cumming Gina started slapping her tit’s and twisting the dildo in her cunt till Shae blacked completely out.

Slowly Shae opened her eyes a few minutes later to the feeling of being completely filled. As she looked down she saw Gina on the bus floor with her hand completely buried in her very wet cunt and the strange feeling of that hand rubbing up and down against her vaginal walls on something she now notice lodged deep in her ass. Shae suddenly realized that not only was she being fisted for the first time in her life but that her virgin asshole was now stretched with something long and thick. The feeling was new but extremely pleasurable and looking into Gina’s eyes of passion only brought her to the edge of another intense orgasm. Looking to her side she saw Mark sitting there stroking his long fat cock and when he leaned over and whispered in her ear “all of this dick is about to be deep in that tight ass” she lost it and started cumming.

After she stopped shaking Shae felt Gina remove her hand leaving a stretched and open feeling she hadn’t had since her last child was born only this time she wanted that open cunt filled back up. Feeling Mark grab her shoulders she stood up and Gina reached up and slowly removed a long think anal plug from her ass then helped guide her back till she was sinking down onto Mark’s hard cock filling her ass completely with unknown pleasure. As she settled down and enjoyed the feeling Gina leaned forward and started sucking on her clit making her moan with uncontrolled joy. Mark now had his hands around her waist as he helped her up and down on the length of his cock till she grabbed the seat in front of her and started forcing him deep into her ass while bouncing up and down. Gina stopped licking her cunt as she started biting and twisting Shae’s bouncing nipples till you could only her her screams of passion on the bus. As she was about to cum again Gina pushed her back onto Mark’s chest and shoved her hand deep into her cun and started stroking Mark’s dick through her cunt. Mark started moaning loudly as Shae screamed with release from the completely full feeling of being fuck in both her cunt and ass and the feeling of Mark’s hot cum shooting into her quivering ass.

Gina pulled her soaking hand from Shae’s cunt and proceeded to lick the juices from her hand while telling her to get of her husband’s dick and suck it clean. Mark’s dick was covered with his own sperm but all she could see is the tastiest thing she could ever enjoy. Licking first his balls clean then working her tongue up his shaft she took the entire length of his semi-hard cock in her mouth and suck every salty drop of cream of his cock. Gina leaned in and said “you are the best fuck we have ever had on the bus and now put your clothes on slut and go pay the driver his $100 for not doing anything”.

Slowly she put her wrinkled and dirty slacks and shirt back on but not her bra because they told her she could get it back the next night when she got off the bus with them to have even more fun. With mixed shame and satisfied excitement she walked passed the few remaining people on the bus and handed the money to the driver. All she could say was thank you as she turned around and got off the bus.

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