The Hot WIfe

Wife In Small Town Learns She Can Still Have As Much Fun

A few years ago we moved to a small Illinois town just outside of Scott Air Force Base. Everyone in town was friendly and the wife seemed to enjoy it. My wife and I were in our late 40’s at the time. She had met the mail man a few times as he put the mail in the box outside our front door. She told me he was a good looking younger guy and he always made it at point to hand her the mail if she opened the door to get it. He’d make small talk and check out what she was wearing that day. She loves to wear shear tops and tight skirts just to show off and get reactions from some of local guys. Well one day I was home doing some work in my garage and the wife was sitting in her short skirt and shear top like usual. She sat on the steps leading into the house and talked to me and I could tell she was just a little hotter than usual. I asked her what was up and she told me the mailman was going to love this outfit she had on. If she got out the front door before he came up steps he would be able to look right up her skirt and see her wet pussy. I looked at her and smiled. You little tease I said. My cock started growing just thinking about her showing off. She jumped up and ran inside meaning he’d be here any moment I thought. I opened the entry door to the garage to see if I could see him coming and sure enough he was right on time. He was walking down the side walk heading towards our house. I closed the door fast so he didn’t see I was home. Just a few seconds later I heard the wife talking to him. I went inside the computer room. It has a door that if opened looked directly at the front door and you could see the porch and there was the wife with her back to me and the Mailman who’s eyes moved up and down the wife’s body…. I could tell the way he was smiling he was getting a full view of her pussy. I was wondering what she could be talking to him about but it didn’t matter he was standing solid in his path. The wife started to swing her ass ever so slightly and to my surprise she placed her right foot on the bottom rail cross. This exposed her much more to his gaping eyes. He had moved to the first step only a foot or two from my wife on the top step. I seen his hand reach out and grab the rail . It was only a few inches from her exposed pussy now. Had she turned to her right and pressed forward she would have been pressing herself directly onto his hand. They continued to chat and you could see the bulge in his pants get very obvious. I still had no idea what they was talking about but they continued. I could just make out his hand due to the wife twisting just a little to her right. There was his hand in plain view now and her hips swaying forward and back. It was at this point I noticed his pointer finger poke out straight. Her sway caused her skirt hem to slide over his finger. He didn’t pull his finger back and she didn’t stop swaying. Eventually she stopped her sway and was now just pushing against his hand. I could tell his fingers are doing dances on her clit by the way her knee almost buckled a couple of times.

As fast as it started it ended. His hand pulled back and she stood up straight and she turned and walked back into the house. She saw me standing at the computer room door with my cock out playing. She just had a huge smile on and moved to me. In seconds we were on the floor acting like animals.

Well after a long and wild sex session with the wife on the living room floor and couch we showered and got ourselves relaxed and talked the rest of the night along with more incredible sex the rest of the evening. The wife and I discussed what had happened with the mailman. She said he was looking at her pussy and that’s when he put his hand on the rail and she had started slowly swaying as they talked. He had told her she was the sexiest lady he’d ever met and wished she wasn’t married. My wife asked him why would that make a difference. It was at this time he pointed his finger straight out and she began to rub her pussy on his finger she said. Well as mentioned before it didn’t last long but he did actually make my wife cum on his fingers. He opened his hand I found out and he was sliding his fingers up her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb. About this time I was sliding my cock into her sidesaddle while she continued the moment spent with him on the porch. She climaxed and that’s when her knees wobbled and almost gave out. It’s also when he said he had a lot of mail to deliver and had to be on his way. The wife thanked him and told him she had wished he had more time. He turned and walked away at that moment and the rest you know what happened inside.

Well that was 2 weeks ago and I’d been unable to miss work or have a day off that was to give me any chance of witnessing the two outside talking again until a Sunday. Yes Sunday and no the mail does not come on Sunday. When I seen him walking down the sidewalk I slid back inside the garage to see where he was going. The wife had been acting nervous all day and know I knew why. He was about to the door when the wife went out to meet him. They talked for a little bit and slowly made it inside the front door. I could hear them talking now and he was worried about me and if it was ok he visit. The wife was telling him what happened after last time and how turned on I was. He was still a little nervous but I think the open top unbuttoned to her bellybutton and perfume cleared his conscience. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips and she just allowed him without any second thought. I guess this was all he needed because his kiss increased in intensity and I could hear her soft moans. When they broke the kiss I heard her tell him I was out watching football with friends. This seemed to just turn loose the hounds because he began kissing her again and sliding his hands inside her top. Her moans just intensified 10 fold. Unlike me he did get her to the couch and laid her down as he kneeled on the floor next to her messaging her nipples and breast while kissing her. She was in another world. Her legs where bent and twisting side to side and opening and shutting as he continued to pinch and play with her breasts. She loves her nipples lightly pinched and pulled and he was doing it perfectly. Eventually he broke his kissing and slid down to place her right nipple in his mouth. I could hear the loud sucking sounds and her moans and loud gasping sounds she made. I was in the computer room looking out a cracked door and I could smell her sex. She must have been dripping the way it smelled. They kissed and fondled for what seemed like forever before he stood and she pulled his shirt and pants off. In between he slid her skirt over her hips and they fell to the floor. She sat back down on his insistence and had her pull his underwear down. Out sprung his cock and she seemed very happy with it. In a flash she was loudly sucking and licking every inch. He looked to be of good size. She seemed to have a hard time putting her lips all the way around it. He was holding her head and slowly moving forward and back. They both moaned and you could say was enjoying every moment. She stopped sucking him and laid back on the couch and put one leg on the back of the couch and one on the floor. I could see his cock part her as he pushed in slowly. She gave a loud yelp and coo when he was completely in. They was both talking to each other telling each other how good the other felt how tight, how big, pump harder, you’re so deep and moans loud enough I thought the neighbor may come over to check on us… It was a wild scene and he made her cum on the couch, doggie on the floor and bent over the back of the couch before depositing his substantial load deep in her well fucked pussy. They kissed again for what seemed like forever after he dressed and I thought the whole thing was going to start up again but he broke the kiss said his thanks for a great time and left. The wife just stood motionless for a few seconds and walked over to her recliner and sat down to wait for me. I walked in with a big smile on and she was now just total out of breath and smiling and excited about what just happened. I knelt in between her legs and leaned in and kissed her. We talked and I took her to the shower. The rest of the night we did it in the garage on top of the car, computer room desk and bedroom where we fell asleep about 1 in the morning.

Well we have told you about the Mailman and the great time we had with him. Now we want to tell you about the local shop owner here in our town. It was the first summer here and it was hot. The wife had her jeans on with a halter top no bra. I was working in the garage building something for the man cave and needed a drill bit. The wife had come outside to see if she could help. I had a hard time concentrating while she was wearing that top but I wasn’t complaining. Well she walked with me over to the hardware store and we started looking around. It’s a huge store for such a small town and one of the oldest buildings in the town. Well I walked one way and the wife another to see if we could find the bits. We didn’t see anyone in the store when we walked in so we figured no big deal. Well after a few minutes of searching my end of the store I heard talking and wondered over to where I heard the voices. Well there was the Mailman and wife and store owner all standing and talking. He wife was smiling and giggling and twisting right to left with her hands behind her to emphasize her nipple poking out the top. I stood back and watched for a few to see what would happen or if she was actually trying to ask for help to find the bit. Well no sooner had I decided to do this the Mailman walked behind the wife and put his hands around her waist. He slid his hand up her front and squeezed her breast in front of the store owner who was not taking his eyes off her. I heard her say something about looking for drill bit and husband so the Mailman moved out from behind her and said his goodbyes with a hot kiss to the wife and the store owner and her was left alone to find the bits. He guided her to a back area of the store where I thought there would be bits but instead it was a small office. She willing went right in and the door closed. I walked up to it and heard her talking and giggling. It wasn’t long before I was tapping on the door to see what was going on. She opened the door with the owner standing behind her. She introduced him and he shook my hand and told me what an incredible wife I had. I agreed and asked what was going on and he said they was just looking up the party I was looking for. The wife had a grin a mile wide on as she walked out with him right behind. He said it’s over this way and he proceeded to show us the bit. We bought and paid for it and left. The wife kissed him on the cheek and said she was sure to see him a lot since we was always building things He smiled and said great and hoped it would be sooner than later.

We headed home and on the way the wife said she forgot her purse in the owner’s office and would I mind if she went back and got it. I offered to walk back with her but she told me no that she’d be ok. I got back home and stared to finish the project and lost track of time. Well 2 hours later she walked thru the door with her hair all mussed and looking very flushed. I asked if he was good and she just kissed me and asked if he tasted good. I laughed because I knew what she was saying. I could smell the sweat and sex on her. We walked into the house and I finished her off on the kitchen table before going and taking a shower with her. We didn’t say much at that moment. Not much needed to be said. She had fun with the owner and he fucked her good and I knew it. She’d tell me all what happened in bed after the shower.

After the wife turned and headed back to the store to retrieve her purse I headed home. She walked into the store and caught the eye of the owner who immediately got a big grin as she strolled over to where he was standing. She asked if she could get her purse from his office and he said sure that he’d walk her back. She walked in front of him so he could see her shaking her ass. He goosed her lightly when they reached the door. She just turned and smiled at him. He dipped down and kissed her and she returned the favor. People started wondering back to his office so the slipped inside and he promptly locked the door. The wife knew what he was wanting and sat on his couch in front of him

Unzipping his jeans and pulling him to her mouth. He lasted about 2 minutes she said. His cum leaked out the corner of her mouth and she just licked it off with her tongue. She was lifted to her feet by the owner who turned her around facing away from him. His arms wrapped under her breasts and slid down toward her pants. He undid the button and zipper to her jeans and bent her over the desk. Her ass was poking out directly in front of him. He got on his knees and proceeded to rim and eat her pussy till she was about to pass out. The room was hot and beads of sweet feel from her face onto his desk. He stood and she felt his oversized cockhead pressing against her now burning hot pussy. He slid in without any resistance. She instantly cam and he was rocking faster and faster. He was going to cum again in less than 20 minutes. His grunts and moans got so loud she thought for sure the people outside the office could hear. She was moaning quite loud herself and it was all coming to a head. He pussy was being pounded now. Her hands were grabbing the edge of the desk to balance herself. His powerful thrusts drove her hard into the desk moving it a couple of times. She yelled she was going to cum and moments later he filled her with his hot seed. It dribbled down the inside of her leg. She couldn’t believe how much he still had in him. He leaned down and kissed her neck and back and helped he to stand upright. She straightened herself up as best she could and picked up her purse and they kissed once more. Opening the door she discovered the young helper standing just a few feet away pretending to be stocking a shelf. His smile gave him away. He heard the whole thing and was looking with lust in his eyes she said. That will be another day.

Well the wife and I had a great sex life for the next few months just living off the experiences we had in a matter of a few weeks. It came up a few times a month how exciting it had been for her and for me to hear about after. Her sexual drive was off the charts. We’d no sooner get in the house sometimes and we’d be on the floor and going at it.

One day this past week I needed a new pair of pliers and she said she’d go get a pair for me. I was woking on a project in the garage and was a little tired and didn’t even think about it. She had her blue flowery sundress on and sandles and off she went. I continued working and lost track of time. I was kinda needing the pliers now and no sign of the wife. Just as I was about to leave to go look what happened to her she came in the door all smiles and giggles.

What happened that day at the hardware store is incredible. She was looking up and down the iles she said and the young man who had caught her coming out of the managers office a few months ago came up behind her. She didn’t know he was there and bent down to look at some pliers in a basket on a shelf on the bottom. He walked up and placed his hand on her calf and slid it up half way. It surprised her and she started to rise but he placed his hand on her back and told her he ment no harm but was so excited when she came in he had to feel for himself. His hand went higher under her dress and squeezed her crotch. She instantly got wet and he could feel the heat coming off her pussy. She rose with his hand still between her legs. She looked over her shoulder and asked see what for himself? She moaned as his finger just kept messaging her and pressing. He said his dad said that you was the hottest lady he’d ever come across and how hot you was. The wife gasped to think it was his dad she had played with in the office. He asked if she’d mind showing him in private. The wife just nodded and slowly walked towards the back of the store. He eventually pulled his hand out and it allowed her to walk faster. He was right behind her caressing her shoulders and back.

As they got inside the office and shut the door so she thought he sat on the desk. She didn’t hear it but he had unzipped his pant and pulled his cock out. It was huge and fat. She was in awe and just bent right over and took it into her mouth. He just gave out a loud sigh and told her how hot her mouth was making him. He said he couldn’t wait for her to come in again after hearing her and his dad that day. She didn’t skip a beat. It just got her hotter to think this you man wanted her. He was just boiling over with pre cum. He was pumping up into her mouth now and telling her what a great cock sucker she was and not to stop. He head was bobbing up and down like a piston now. He told her he was going to cum…. She never took her mouth off. He just exploded inside her mouth. Her tongue was swirling all around his cock. He fell back on his back now and was breathing hard. She had pulled her mouth off and was pumping him with her hand now. She rode up and was between his legs kissing his chest and chin. Just as she was about to kiss him she felt something hot press in between her legs. It wasn’t the boy it was somebody else. As she began to rise up she felt a hand on her back pushing he lips onto the boys lips. They started kissing as she felt a hard cock slide deep inside her pussy. It was amazing the feeling. Her juices running down her legs and it pumped deep and fast. She was panting now and had her head laying on the boys chest. She was being rode hard and she climaxed multiple times. She turned her head and it was the store owner or the dad as she now knew. He was panting and pounding her hot pussy for all he was worth. She was peeking with every thrust. He started to yell he was going to fill her up and she just moaned do it. She could feel squirt after squirt hit her vagina walls. Coating her full of his seed. She buried her face into his sons chest to muffle her climax as best she could. He legs were shaking and quivering. The boy just couldn’t believe his eyes the whole scene was so hot before him. The owner pulled out of her well used and filled sex and cum dripped to the floor. She stood and spun around to look into his eyes. They embraced and kissed hard in front of the son. Her ass was now pointing at him with the fathers cum gleaming on her ass and legs. As the picture just stirred his young hormons up all over again. He stood up behind her and his dad didn’t waste time. He moved back so she could bend at the waste and lick and suck him clean as his son moved in like a lion. She felt his cock rubbing on her ass and started to pull away but the dad just held her firm. She wasn’t much into what she felt he wanted to do but she was still hot and horny as well. She gave in and spread her leg further to give him access to her pucker hole. She could feel his urgency and continued attempts at entering her. She was getting hotter by second and wanting him now. She reached behind and guided him in and with a slow but power push his balls started to slap her pussy. She couldn’t believe it felt as good as it did. She was sucking and having her forbidden hole penetrated at the same time and loving it. She was in a constant state of climax. He moans drowned out the fathers and sons. He was almost lifting her feet off the ground with his trusts. She was dripping she had cum so much along with the father. What seemed like forever the boy started to tell her he was going to fill another whole with cum.. Are you ready he asked and all she could do was moan louder and nod. He just came a little bit ago but she couldn’t tell with as much heat as she felt filling her bowels. He gave a mighty grunt and thrust and she was climaxing again pushing back to meet his final thrusts. The father was holding her up and she was looking up best she could and smiling. He had a grin a mile wide on. His son and he just got one of the best pieces of ass they would ever get. As the son pulled out you could hear the squish sound and light pop. It hurt just a bit but was so good to her. She was helped to stand upright and kissed again by the father. She just melted into his arms from exhaustion. He helped her on with her cloths and gave her the pliers and then walked her to the door. She didn’t bother to comb her hair or wipe he thighs… She just said thank you as did he and his son and she came home.

I met her and walked her to the bathroom where I ran a hot shower for her and I to clean up. I could tell she had a great time by how swollen and red her two openings were. We laid down in bed with her in my arms and she fell asleep. The rest of the month was nothing but sex work lunch sex work before dinner sex and after as well. We took over 1000 photos of her and was so happy we almost wore each other out.

To understand the adventure you have to know the location and layout of the preserve. We have a little Nature Preserve in our town located remotely outside of town close to the creek we have running through the west end of town. It is a mile round walking track with a wetland in the middle. It has bridges over the tributaries feeding the center wet land section. On the entrance you really can’t see across the other side because of all the cat tails and wild vegetation growing in the middle. On the other side there is a large observation deck facing the creek the flows by. It’s surrounded by trees and even when you’re walking in the summer time you have to walk down the short path and onto the deck to see if anyone is on it. Here starts the adventure.

The wife and I parked at the entrance of the park. There is a covered picnic area with about 6 picnic tables under it. Then you walk past them and head towards the walking path. It was a hot day and the wife had on a red halter dress with no bra and just panties and sandals. At the picnic area there was a couple guys drinking beer and chatting away. Guess they just wanted to get away from town and party a bit. We said hi and they returned the greeting along with complimenting on how beautiful the wife looked and how she knew how to dress for a hot walk around the park. The wife smiled and told them thanks and we continued on our way. It was a perfect day with no wind and crystal clear sky. We walked and talked and flirted and played all the way to the lookout deck. When there we began to kiss and pet. I had my hand under her dress messaging her pussy. She was so wet it was actually running down her legs. I asked her was I that good? She said yes and the thought of those guys following us got her turned on as well. We continued playing and soon I had her string untied and her breasts out in the open air. She looked gorgeous leaning back on the rail as I sucked her nipples. I had my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and she was moaning low but long. Her eyes were closed and head tilted back. I heard voices close to the entry of the outlook porch. Not enough time to tie the top up but just enough time to pull it up over her breasts. We stood side by side looking out onto the little stream. The voices grew louder and we heard a fellow say “Hi you guys”. We figured you two would be on the other side about the go back to the parking lot. We smiled and just told them we decided to cool off in the shade and look out for a bit. One of the guys was smiling when he seen the strings hanging down the front of LuEllens halter top. It was barely hanging on and we knew it. If she moved to quick her breasts would be on full display. We introduced ourselves better this time. Tom and John turned out to be there names. They shook our hands and LuEllen put her left hand across the top making it look like she was rubbing her shoulder but actually holding the top up. John asked if she was okay or did her shoulder hurt. She just said it was sore but would be ok. Tom took up position on the other side of her looking out over the water while John moved in closer to offer us a beer. The wife hates beer but took one with her left hand and the top inched closer to the edge of her breasts. The only thing holding it up now was the nipples that had grown quite large from what I could tell. John didn’t miss the slip either. He commented on how beautiful she looked in red. She smiled and thanked him. Tom said the same and as she turned to face him and tell him thank you her right nipple all but fell into view. She just smiled at him and asked if there was anything he saw that he liked? His eyes just opened up wider and like a magnet his lips went right to her breast. I could hear the sucking noise he was making as she leaned back onto my chest with a low sultry moan. John not one to be left out leaned in and kissed her full on the lips and she returned it with a passion you’d see on a porno movie. Tom was on his knees now lifting the bottom of the sundress up slowly kissing her thighs on his way up. I felt her quiver when he reached the soaked crotch of her panty. John and I slowly laid her back onto the deck and as we was on the way down Tom had pulled her panties down to her ankles. I just got up and leaned against the rail as these two strangers’ only minutes ago devoured my wife with fingers and tongues. Her moans were animalistic and filled with passion. Her legs were quivering from Toms long salivating licks on her clit. John had pulled out his cock and had it on LuEllens lips and she gladly accepted it and let him fuck her mouth when she turned her head to the side. He hands didn’t know whether to grab Toms head or Johns cock. They went back and forth between the two of them for what seemed like forever. I knew Tom made her cum two or three times from the sounds she made. John was moments away from Cumming in her mouth. Just as he was Cumming he pulled out and sprayed all over her face and chest. LuEllen loves men to do that to her. Tom had enough eating and was putting her legs over his shoulders now. His cock was huge and I was wondering if it would even fit. LuEllen gave out a loud grunt as the head pierced her pussy entrance. He was sliding in slow but her hips told him she didn’t want him to take his time so he started to pound her pussy like a mad man. I was amazed at her ability to take it all. His cock covered in her cum all white and frothy. He was grunting and asking her if she liked fucking strange cock? She just yelled yes, fuck me, fuck me. It didn’t last long. I started to grunt along with LuEllen and soon filled her pussy with his cum. She was telling him not to stop she was Cumming and he continued on till she almost bucked him off with the arch of her back. John and I just watch and smiled as my hot little wife just finished off to strangers in the park. Tom rose off LuEllen and slowly pulled his pants back up. LuEllen was a pile of sweat and cum. She was exhausted from the experience. Tom and John helped her to her feet and helped tie her top back up. They all kissed and thank her for the wonderful time. John told me he sure hopes we walk around the park more when they’re hanging out there. Tom just squeezed her and kissed her and told her the same thing. We all 4 walked slowly the rest of the way around the park to our cars. As we drove off I could see the guys talking and sitting back on the picnic tables. I’m sure talking about what just happened. On the way home I got a bottle of water for LuEllen at the convenience store. She walked in with me and didn’t realize she still had a little cum on her cheek and neck. It wasn’t missed by the clerk behind the counter as he looked at me and smiled.

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