The Game

What A Gamble

My day started off like all the others, cleaning and doing laundry. My boredom was really starting to drive me insane. I had today off work, while my boyfriend was gone. Nothing to do, not even any hot action between our sheets. My pussy ached with the normal need for attention. I could always use my jack rabbit like I did for just these occasions, but I wanted a real dick. I could already feel the hot, thick, smooth cock as it slid inside my tight opening. But, I knew that would have to wait. I only had a few hours to go, so I decided to play some solitary.

A couple of hours went by and I heard my boyfriend’s car pull in the driveway. My pussy screamed for him to take it. It wanted a pounding like never before, the juices was already running, almost to the point of down my legs. As he came through the door he said he was very tired, but seeing the cards he decided to play some 21. I agreed, thinking I’ll get him later, that or me and my rabbit will have to go for a spin. The first few hands was kind of boring, more so than I was before. He asked if I wanted to switch it up a bit. I had to clue what he meant until he asked if I wanted to add some new rules. Sure, I would like to try some new things (in the bedroom particularly).

His new rules consisted of the winner. If you won you could ask your opponent to do one thing, it could be anything the winner desired. I already felt like a winner, my clit was swollen at the thought of all the wicked nasty things I could get him to do, and I would also return the favor. I won the first round to my pleasure; he asked what do you want of me. I smiled and said I want you to drop your pants, so I can rub on that nice cock of yours. I love his cock, the length, thickness, and taste of it. He did as I told him, finally I got something I wanted from today, and I rubbed his cock until it was rock hard, it felt so good in my hand. Finally, I decided to play another round, I lost. His cock was still rock hard, he smiled at me and said I want a kiss. I was disappointed, I thought he could see it in my face I wanted nothing more but to suck that cock until he spilled his cream in my mouth.

I gave him his kiss, and he looked at me and said not my lips dearest, my cock needs a good kiss, and I know you will gladly give him one. At those words I was on my knees, licking and tasting his cock, his moans of satisfaction told me I was doing a wonderful job at teasing his knob. Finally, I could not wait any longer; I deep throated his man hood, while he begged me not to stop. He stood up, and fucked my mouth, enjoying it all. He filled my mouth with all his spunk; I swallowed gladly, while continuing to suck him dry. Afterwards he sat back down shaking with pleasure; his dick was already becoming hard once again. It was then I understood he loved the fact of knowing what he was going to ask for, and the excitement of not knowing what would come next.

We continued our game, as I slowly turned the last card; I realized I lost once again. My boyfriend smiled at me, asking me to remove my clothes. He wanted to stare at my lovely curves, knowing he could take me at any moment. As I removed my clothes, I decided to tease a bit, turning it into a strip tease. His cock grew a large amount; my pussy was dripping more than ever. I could hardly wait for that cock; the suspense was driving me mad. As we played another round, I continued to lose, if only I could have lady luck on my side. I asked him what he desired of me, he wanted to touch my body. I hopped up and stood before him. Slowly he touched my skin, first my back making his way to my breast, squeezing my nipples. I moaned in anticipation, wanting to feel his hands all over me. He moved his hands and cupped my buttocks in each one, he was moaning because of their softness with some muscle. I bent over to let him have a full view, when he seen my wet hot pussy, throbbing for attention, he moaned, “oh baby you’re driving me insane with that sweet pussy of yours.” I barely rubbed my clit showing him how ready I was, while he licked his lips. He got on his knees behind me, rubbing my pussy. I moaned while his rough manly hands touched my sensitive areas. He put his fingers inside of me, sliding them in and out, while he put them to his mouth for a taste. It must of drove him wild; he shoved his face into my extremely wet cunt, licking me from clit to hole. I was in awe, the feeling was unbelievable. He had sucked my clit till I had my first glorious climax of the night.

Afterwards, we were ready for another round. To my amazement I had won, I knew exactly what to ask. I bent myself over the kitchen table, and told him, I want you to pound my pussy deep and hard. I wanted the pain; I wanted him to make me his bitch. He stood up so fast as if waiting for this moment to come. He placed his head inside me and shoved hard. He began to pump my pussy as if it was the last time he would. With each dive of his cock, it brushed my swollen clit, bringing me quickly to my climax. The things I was screaming while he fucked me intensely was making him all the hotter. “Oh god daddy, fuck my pussy, feel my cunt with your cum.” I loved every second of the pleasure I was in. Every inch of his cock brought a new feeling; I was screaming loud enough the entire block could hear. I wanted them to hear it, I wanted them to know what a good job my man was doing pounding my pussy, I did not care if they knew what a nasty little slut I was, it only made me wetter. He started to moan loud also, he was loving his pussy as I was loving my cock. I kept telling him to fill me with his cum, I wanted it so bad, I wanted to feel him shoot inside me. He and I was on the verge of climaxing, we were both, completely naked, dripping with sweat, in our very own kitchen. I knew the neighbors could easily see though the window, so I took a peek to see. I was in shock, there she was on her couch, watching us fucking wildly, rubbing and fingering her cunt. I waved for her to come over, while me and my boyfriend climaxed together.

As my boyfriend and I sat back down out of breath, we heard a knock on the door. He looked at me puzzled; as if he was scared someone called the cops. I laughed and walked completely nude to answer. My neighbor came in giving her apologies; I shook my head and told her there was none needed. My boyfriend was confused, not knowing what was going on; until I told him I wanted her to join our game. We all three sat down and drew a card, I won once again. I told him I wanted him to fuck me with him on top, and her sitting on my face. She was a pretty thing after all, curves to die for, seeing her so hot made me want to experience some lesbian action. He quickly got a hard on once again, I love that about him always able to fuck on command. He stationed his self between my legs as she covered me with her pussy. The taste was incredible, sweet and juicy with a nice swollen clit. I licked her and sucked on her clit, while she grinded against my face, she was in such pleasure. My boyfriend pounded my pussy madly. We were all three moaning and screaming. I believe she was coming as much as I was. Her juices were flowing all over my face. I loved her pussy, it was delicious. We continued this until my man once again exploded his load into my cunt.

We decided to play one more round, and the fun would be over for the night. We each drew a card and decided the highest one won. We held our breath, she drew a 4 of hearts, him a 6 of spades. I turned my card to discover I had the queen of hearts. Letting out my breath and smiling they looked at me for their orders. I told her to bend over and open her pussy wide, and let him pound her as he did me; he looked at me making sure that’s what I wanted. I sat in front of her on top of the table with my legs spread showing her the cum he filled my tight pussy with, she smiled. I knew what a cum slut she was, we had a few chats about our sex lives before. She gladly licked and sucked his milk out of my cunt; it felt wonderful having a woman’s soft lips and tongue on my pussy. She was so good at it, she made me cum in less than three minutes, my boyfriend was watching me climax, which made him pound her hard. We all were in extreme pleasure, knowing we would finally be satisfied after this last session was over. I could tell we did not want it to end, but like all good things it must. I could not hold in my screaming long, and before I knew it I was telling her, “Eat my pussy you little bitch, like you have never done it before, show me how much you love to feel my cum on your tongue.” We tried to make it last as long as we could, but we was soon reaching a close. My boyfriend starting shaking as she did, and the sight of it made me cream all over her mouth. We were all exhausted, and finally satisfied.

After we all cleaned up, she left for home with a great big smile on her face. I looked at my boyfriend and he was smiling ear to ear. He grabbed me passionately and kissed me hard. He looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was the best. I smiled at him and said I know. He ran his hands over my breast, and asked me to join him in the shower. I gladly followed. When I got there, I seen one single card, I was shocked. He looked into my eyes once more and said I did not get to win all I wanted tonight, while he turned up the king of hearts. I was confused what on earth could a man want, after the night he just had? He grabbed my hands, and he told me. What I want is to make slow passionate love to the woman of my life. You’re the best babe, you proved that wonderfully tonight. I love you, come take a shower with me, so I can finally have all I want, and that’s you. I was touched by his words, and kissed him with passion and fire. We got into the shower, and had the most slow and passionate love one could have.

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