The Dog And I

Love With My Dog And Pleasing A Stranger That Watches Me Working My Tits On The Way To Work

I woke one morning with the urge for a good pounding, as I did a lot of mornings before. My pussy always seemed to want attention, so I grabbed my vibrator, wanting a quick climax before getting myself ready for work. I played with my clit as I reached for my toy, always having it near me for this reason. My vagina was already dipping wet, as I slid the vibrator inside of my opening. It felt so good, it never failed to amaze me, yet today I was hornier than I had been in weeks. It slid so easily in my hole, I pumped myself until I climaxed. Shaking as I tried to lie still on the bed letting the waves of pleasure race though my body. I felt my dog rocky at the end of my bed waiting for his breakfast, sniffing his way up the covers. He always had the same routine every morning, waiting until I was done pleasuring myself, then coming and giving me a big doggie kiss all over my face.

As I sat up, letting the last waves roll by, here he came for his kiss, demanding as he always was. He kissed me than sat and stared and my nude body, like any male would. Jokingly I spread my legs and asked him if he liked what he seen. He began to wage his tale; I took that as a yes and leaned back because of laughter, that’s when I felt it. His nose sniffing my pussy, the warmness of his breath hit my clit, as his nose barely touched it. I let out a low moan of pleasure, and then I realized this was wrong, I knew women who has tried it, and loved it. But, I could never see myself doing that, I knew I could get any man to do the same thing in a heartbeat. I made my dog stop and went to take my morning shower.

On my way to work, all I could think about was his nose touching my swollen clit. I was beginning to get wet again. I decided to pull over on the highway I always took to work. I pulled my vibrating bullet from my purse; I always carried some small sort of toy with me. I fantasized it being his nose rubbing my clit, I knew cars passing could see me, but I did not care, the thought of someone watching only made me hotter. I began to get more intense with my stroke and soon had both my breast out of my blouse playing with my rock hard nipples as I wildly satisfied my needs. I was screaming out in pleasure, I knew one guy was parked behind me watching. He pumped his cock madly watching me as I climaxed. Seeing him in my rear-view mirror I decided to go help him. I did not care at the moment if I knew him or not.

As I approached him he quickly put his cock away, thinking I was going to yell. I asked him if we both could get in the back. After all he had a van with loads of room, and dark tented windows, he was ready even before the words left my lips. As we climbed into the backseat, I knew I had no condoms; I was not foolish enough to fuck someone I did not know without protection. He had none either so we made a deal. He was rock hard I was dripping wet, so I offered to give him one hell of a hand job. I took his large cock into my hand and teased the head, watching him as I done so. I began to message his shaft as he moaned in pleasure. He soon was so into this experience, he lifted up my skirt to see my wet pussy and began fingering me. He told me to turn so we could both please each other comfortably. We both set side my side, not knowing one another’s name, bringing each other to our climax. It was a great feeling knowing I could get some fulfilment at the moment.

After the fun was over, without any other words but thanks and a smile we both was back on the road again. I knew I was an hour late for work, and my excuse was, something went wrong when I was on the way and a nice man helped me out. Which was no lie, but the ache in my cunt was not satisfied, I knew what it wanted. My pussy craved that wet cold nose once again, and more. Work seemed to tick by slowly as I watched the clock all day. I was in a constant day dream about my dog. I knew it was considered taboo, but maybe one time would not hurt. I only wanted his tongue, nothing more I would never let it go any further than that. But, how could I trust myself? I just had a wonderful climax with a complete stranger, while milking his cock. This was going to be one tricky stunt for me. I was after all a young sex crazed woman. Not really picky of the person either, a cock was a cock to me why would that be any different with my dog?

Finally it was time to go home, I raced home only wanting to feel the nose on my clit again. I had masturbated 6 times while in the restroom at work. Nothing was going to stop the heat between my legs but my dog. But, I would not force him; if all he did was sniff my cunt then I would be pleased. I made it home and there he was, waiting for me wagging his tail like always. I felt ashamed of myself at first glance, thinking of using my dog for my own pleasure. He ran up to me and automatically began sniffing around the bottom on my skirt, as if reading my mind. I sighed and realized he wanted this just as much as I did. I began taking off my clothes and leading him to the bedroom. I lay on my bed with my legs spread as he jumped up to get a closer look.

At first all he did was sniff around, as I lay and moaned with pleasure of his teasing. He licked one quick lick, and I was in paradise. He then sniffed and went to town on my pussy. It was amazing he knew exactly how to lick my cunt. He would sometimes lick me from hole to clit, or take turns with the both. His tongue could get to places no man ever could. I could not believe what I was doing, but I decided to live it up. I began talking dirty to my dog, telling him to lick his bitch’s cunt, to go deeper, that he was the best ever. I could not believe my words. I was climaxing and he knew this because he licked harder and deeper. My body shook uncontrollably with an orgasm.

I lay still for a moment, panting. Never in my life have I had an orgasm as great as that one, ever. I looked at my dog and he sat there staring, I glanced at his cock and it was hard. I was so amazed at the size of it. I loved to suck a cock, so I figured this would be no different. After all he had helped me out; I might as well return the favor. I got my dog to lie on his back across my bed, I seen the red skinless cock begging for attention. I licked the top and he waged his tail, I knew he liked it. I shoved his cock in my mouth and tasted his doggie pre-cum. The taste was fantastic, so I deep throated every inch of this amazing cock, wondering why I missed out on this all my life. I noticed his knot beginning to form; I knew soon my mouth would be filled with his jizz. I sucked harder and faster, I felt the warm, salty, sweet taste of his dog load fill my mouth. I swallowed what I could; there was so much it was running down my chest.

I decided to take another shower, as I was sweaty from all of today’s adventures. But, what memories I made, I was a stranger’s personal whore, and my dogs bitch, and I could not wait to make many more! I went to bed early that night, making sure to let him give me another nice licking before I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, we had the same encounter as the night before. After all that time I had no clue what a pleasure it was to have a dog. Work went by somewhat faster today then yesterday. I had a plan in my mind, tonight I wanted it all. Tonight I was making a huge leap, I did not know what I was in for, but the thrill was there and I was prepared for anything.

I walked though my front door, and was greeted instantly as normal. I opened my legs and he grabbed a few quick licks. I walked towards the couch taking off my clothes as he followed behind, knowing what was about to happen. He whined impatiently, as if he had also waited all day for this.

We began by letting him lick me until I had a wonderful orgasm. Then I sucked his cock until he was ripe and ready. I got into doggie position, and motioned for him to mount me. He looked at my open pussy, and did not understand what I was wanting. I backed slowly and grabbed his cock with one of my hands underneath me, and guided it towards my dripping hot cunt. I slid it half way inside and began to rock forwards and backwards until he was fully inside me, he finally understood. He mounted me and held me down with his massive size, as he pounded my pussy amazingly hard. I was screaming in pleasure as he rode me like I was his bitch. I felt is knot forming, pounding against my clit trying to penetrate me. I pushed back hard and let it in. It had stretched me wide, and had stung a little at first, but it was wonderful. His knot touched all the right places, hitting my g spot with so much force I came instantly. He made me climax countless time before he spilled his self-inside of me.

I was satisfied finally. Smiling ear to ear, having experienced the best sex of my life, with my very own dog. Never did I know what pleasure I could have had sooner, if I was just a little more open minded. Sighing I sat up, looked rocky straight in his eyes, and told him how happy I was, how good of a dog he turned out to be. I wanted the dog to be my lover, until it was impossible. He was wonderful, and I knew one time would never be enough. In fact I was already getting horny again, thinking that I could have this any time I wanted it. I loved when he made me his bitch, even more than when he licked me clean. I was ready for anything. From that day forward, I knew I would never be the same, I was a new person.

So now my bedside vibrator was replaced, with a nice hot dog tongue every morning, the evenings consisted of hot sex and multiple orgasms for the both of us. I was never any happier with my sex life. I actually focused on finding a human lover with the same interest as I. I knew it would be amazing to have my pussy pounded while sucking a guy off as he watched me become a bitch. I knew one day I would find that, but as of right now I didn’t feel like sharing.

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