The Demon Seed

A Stolen Potion Does Not Work Out As Planned.

It was a cold rainy day, myself Sasha and Jane had the Friday off school so we did what anyone our age would do, we wen’t and hung around the shops.Afterwards we were having a sleep over at my place. Mum and Dad were going out so it was going to be fun times.

I must admit it was pretty boring so we decided to check out some of the more unusual shops in the back streets “Oh thats have a look in here.” Said Jane pointing to a shop that sold whichcraft items.

We entered the small musty smelling store and looked around. In the store there was a woman behind the counter talking to another potential customer. “A love potion is what you are after” said the woman behind the counter turning to grab various bottles off the shelf “This one is the most potent of them all” she stated “But beware it has the potential to alter your very essence right down to your DNA while under its influence,you must be very careful with it” she said.

The other woman looked a little shocked “I’d like something a little less frightening than that” she said.“OK then come take a look at this over in the corner” she said as they both moved off to the other side of the shop.

“We better get our bus” I said as we all made for the door.

On the bus Jane suddenly blurted out “Oh Sasha you didn’t” Sasha put her hand in her pocket and produced the little bottle that the lady in the shop had shown the customer. “You stole it?” I asked. “Yeah it’s probably just coloured water” Sasha replied “Fucking hell look athe name on it” she said I took a look and started to giggle it had a pentogram on the label and had the words “Demon Seed” written on it. The bottle looked very old. “Well, if it ever did anything I expect it’s so old now it’s lost any potencey it once had.” Sasha said as he put it back into her coat pocket.

Once home we were in the kitchen making snacks “Oh by the way” Mum said Ben’s parents are coming with us so Ben will be staying here as well” This was met with a chorus of groans from all of us.

Ben was 18 years old about five foot five, scrawney,had glasses,greasy and covered in zits, and was the biggest nerd at school none of us thought too much of him.

“Do we have to have him here?” I asked “Yes” mum replied “Tell you what why don’t you all crash in the pool house for the night. Stay up as late as you want watch movies whatever we don’t mind, just don’t be mean to him”.This ruined the idea that we were going to invite our boyfriends over. “Ok then” I reluctenly agreed.

A few hours later we were all down at the pool house, the parents had gone out and we had Ben sitting there watching movies with us. “You two come with me” Jane said. We all got up leaving Ben on his own and went into one of the bedrooms. “Lets mess with Ben a bit” she suggested “How” asked Sasha in an excited voice “Well we could put our nighties on go out there light a few candles and tell a few stories” she suggested. “Ok” Sasha said as they both got changed “We can wind him up and see if he gets a boner” Jane said “Haha” Sasha laughed.

As we got changed I noticed my two friends had been giving themselves a bit of a trim Jane only had a small triangle of pubic hair above her snatch which was barley noticeable being blonde, she was about five foot four tall with stunning blue eyes,Shoulder length hair, trim body with a flat stomach and nice round boobs a tight little ass and light tan.

In contrast Sasha had shaven her pussey bald she was only five foot tall being half White and half Asian gave her a real exotic look,her raven hair hung down halfway down her back, she was a little slimmer in build than Jane but with larger firm breasts and wider hips, her thin waist made her look even more stacked than she probably was.

I put on plain old pyjamas while the other two put on skimpy nickers and virtually see through nighties that looked more like bodices they were also very short.

We all re entered the room “Want to hear some stories Ben?” Jane asked “Ok” said Ben in his winey voice. “Got to put your PJ’s on first” Jane said turning off the TV.

Ben got up and went to get changed and soon returned in a pair of light shorty pyjams, the sort with the big open fly at the front which I suppose in any ones book is not to flattering.The other girls giggled we lit some candles and sat around in a circle and told a few stories. Ben went first and told some boring Sci-Fi garbage ,mine was a horror type story as was Sasha’s.

Janes on the other hand decided to recant the tale about how she blew some guy in the park last summer I don’t know if it was true of not.But she claimed it was some older guy who was having a picnic with his family who had gone for a walk in the woods after lunch that she had bumped into.

Ben started to move around uncomfitably as his dick started to swell in his shorts. The other two started to smirk as the story went on to how she licked this guys cock and gently nibbled the head and licked the precum from the tip.

Sasha decided to join in and started to rub her stomach a little and pull her shoulders back a bit making her sizable bust stick out even more than usual.Ben’s hands were noticably shaking by now as Jane told of how this married guy had shot a big hot sticky load down her throat.

Suddenly Ben started to choke, Water quick I yelled as Sasha sprang to her feet and rushed to the kitchen she returned quickly with a glass and passed it to Ben which he downed most of it.

I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water then I noticed it. “Sasha” I yelled “Come here!” Sasha walked in “What is it” she said smirking.I pointed to the little empty bottle of the Demon seed love potion “Tell me you didn’t” I said, she replied “I did-holy shit” we both peeked through the kitchen door and in the half light could see Ben standing there and watched in both horror and awe at what was unfolding.

Jane was sitting on the floor in front of him looking both confused and terrified,Ben seemed to have lost his glasses and we could see the zits just go away on him. He was growing taller and filling out, his pyjama top just shredded to ribbins no longer able to fit him and the shorts followed, his hair was no longer greasy but a shiney black mane.He no longer looked 18 more like in his 40’s.As he filled out his stomach churned in and out a little as a six pack of ab’s appeared his arms and legs became very muscular, his skin went from a sickly white to a golden brownish dark red as a fully trimmed goatee and mostache appeared on his face. Hair sprouted from his chest and down to his stomach,the sparse pubic hair that was around his cock thickened to black mass and his small cock started to grow and thicken as his once small balls started to swell out into magnificent cum filled sacks.

“Holy shit” said Sasha.Jane was still just sitting there looking terrified.Ben spoke only now it was a deep gruff voice “You summoned me, it’s been so long.” his eyes now had an unnatural glow to them and were clamped right on Janes chest “Please no” she begged. He squatted down and gripped his 13” cock and squeezed it hard as a large dollop of seman oozed out, “Taste” he said as he wiped it off onto his hand grabbed her by the back of her head and slid his fingers into her mouth, he then pushed her back onto the floor where she lay there for a few seconds the began to convulse.

When she sat up she was no longer the pretty teen that was the friend I knew but had evolved into what looked like a stunning 25 year old woman her fully grown tits strained against the material of her nightie, she no longer looked scared her eyes only seemed to be full of lust. Ben or what ever it was now sat down on the floor and motioned her to sit beside him, she sat down and he pushed her head down onto his cock she wrapped both hands around it ,parted her lips and began to bob her head up and down giving him a very messy noisy blowjob.

While watching all this i hadn’t notice Sasha had left the kitchen and had slowly walked towards what was going on and was just standing there watching one of her best freinds give this monster of a man thing a blowjob, Ben had one hand on the top of her head with a firm grip on her hair pumping her mouth up and down on his rod the other had worked her hem up on the nightie and into her panties and was fingering her furiusly as her ass gyrated to the rythem, his eyes were transfixed on Sasha and hers on his as if she was in a trance.

Ben groaned as he came in Janes mouth, Jane gasped and pulled away as semen gushed out over her face,she stood up and went to Sasha grabbed her by her shoulders and kissed her firmly on the lips allowing Sasha to lick semen off her chin as she pulled away and returned to Ben.

I watched Sasha stand there as she too seemed to age into a woman in her mid 20’s her well developed breasts were now huge firm melons with still small but very erect nipples that I could see through the material, she dropped to her knees and stuck her hand down her panties and started to rub her bald pussy. “Save some for me” she said I looked over to where Jane and Ben were.

Jane was on her hands and knees while Ben (or whatever it was he had become) had a firm grip on her hips and was furiously fucking her from behind.I could hear a slurping sound as his monster cock slid in and out of her as she worked up to orgasm. “FUUUUUCCCCKKK!” she yelled as she shuddered to climax,Ben withdrew spraying a string of cum across her ass and back, leaving her lying there on the floor catching her breath.

Without hesitation he turned to Sasha pulled her to her feet grabbed her nightie at the cleavage and tore it in two, her panties were simply torn at the sides as well. Ben had always had a thing for Sasha and even though he appeared to be possesed by something else this creature still had some of the base memories of Ben, so he must have been in there somewhere.

If I wasn’t so scared I would have been pretty excited on one level or another I guess. The site of Sasha standing there with a completly waxed naked body in front of this giant muscular freak of a man covered in hair was quite a site to see.

He simply picked her up with no effort spun her upside down and they began a stand up 69 which seemed to go for ever.Every now and then i could see Sashas face she was completly in another world. I’m sure Sasha came more than twice before he fired yet another load from that monster cock into her mouth and across her face.

Ben layed her down then lay down himself and said “Ride! not much time left”.

Sasha got up and stood spread legged over him and slowly squatted down towards his still stiff shaft. He gripped his tool in one hand pointing up straight up towards her decending pussy. “Oh my God” I said to myself noticing just how long and thick that cock really was, Sasha is so tiny and pettite how was that monster cock going to fit in her? When she got low enough Ben cradled her ass cheeks in each hand and she wrapped a hand around his cock as he lowered her down she guided his cock into her. She looked down at her pussy, watching his meat enter her, Ben kept pulling her down impaling her, her slanted Asian eyes where now very wide apart “Oh fuck nooooo” she moaned as the head disapeared, her pussy lips hugging firmly aroud his engorged meat pole.

I then realised what she was protesting about,I could see the outline of his cock as it invaded her pussy pushing around inside of her like an animal in a sack trying to get out except this one was going the wrong way.You could see the shape of his cock moving up and down inside of her.She tried to lift herself off but Ben had changed his grip instead of holding her ass cheeks he now had those huge hands around her waist. “Please don’t” she cried “Too late” came the reply “Your body wants this” he said as she finally bottomed out and she sat there fully impaled on his dick “Move around a bit” he said, Sasha caught her breath then started to gyrate her hips a little “Mayby your friend Jane would be better”he said “Noooo” came the reply as she picked up the pace a little and Ben’s hips started to thrust, riding poor little Sasha up and down. Pretty soon the were both moving in unison Sasha’s pussy by now was all stretched out and would be of no use to her boyfriend any time soon, the pace quickened and Ben gripped on tight as he grunted Sasha screamed before collapsing on his chest.

Finally that big cock started to go limp and fell out of her pussy, Sasha rolled off onto the floor as semen leaked out of her and he wrapped one arm around her. Jane crawled over and lay down in his other arm and all three went to sleep all covered in sweat, semen and pussy juices.

I still just stood there looking wondering what the fuck I had seen. While asleep they seemed to return to normal,so I threw a duvet over them and tried to get some sleep.

I heard yelling and shouting,it was dawn Jane was demanding to know what happened,Sasha was crying that her sleep wear was destroyed, Ben didn’t know what the hell was going on and all wanted to know why there was what appears to loads of semen everywhere.

Neddless to say none of us talk anymore.

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