The Bet

The day was hot Jill was in the pool look out in the Nabors yard watching a young hot teen male named brad play foot ball with his friends she look over at Tina who the new hot guy she says that’s brad he so not ur type. Why that she says. He real church fanatic if u what I mean he try’s to convert even girl into a nun. Hey marry a young hot black girl says I have an I deal u should ask him out with that Tina and Marry were laughing Kim join them a hot tall black hair girl who tits and big and fake sounds like Jill has a crush. Ok Jill says I get him to fuck me tonight want to make a bet. Fine all the girls says but not just u all of us. Fine if I win it goes on my porn sight and u must fuck. Says for 6 vids each. Ok they all says but. If we win u must buy us a new cars each Jill. Fine she get up in her tight swim suit and goes in to put some jeans on. She walk over to brad he there good looking what u doing getting ready for a bike ride. Jill hey u know my name and ur games he said I not in to ur kind ouch that hard she says. Now go away he says. Look dick I see ur truck is broke down like ur dick dude what to make a Bet or not. Brad look at her what kind of bet if I win u must fuck me on my porn sight. If u win I fix ur truck. Dude will betting a sin girl but I do need my truck fix its 3000 dollars for all the parts I need but not good enough for me to sin. Sinner he look at her why how about this double or nothing. Really he

Says. If u win I fix ur shit and I will tend ur church for a year. But if I win u must fuck me friends to. Dick

Wow Brad said that good but not that good he saids here the deal. Bitch if I win u fix my truck and leave me the hell alone for ever. Fine if I win u will be my new porn guy for one year u will fuck on my command dick. Fine that way a he said triple the bet Jill he says. Ok what now she says if I win brad says u will stop doing porn and closed ur sight. Deal she says but if I win ur my new stars for says two years through collage and I going to make so much money off u. they shake hands. A race he says on bikes to the old church 30 miles away u and me one on one fine they get their bikes he so upset he could kill her wow ur piss dick she says. They race stars she goes off taking the long way trough town he smile what a stupid girl the shorts ways is on the highway he race down till about halfway when he stop shock it close for repairs and its to late she won. Look like u win he says she u tonight she walk away he smile look like I win he thinks to his self wow that was not so hard to get in her pants he says to his friend I love her porn sight but I very pick who she has on it look forward to all the sex that coming goes inside to get ready.

That night her go over acting sad he goes down in her basement were four very hot girl are waiting for him let begin she says wearing a black town she take it off stand their nude she wearing only black stockings her tight body shine when she oils her self up he see three of their girls their one wearing a yellow red and blue stockings but the blue one has on a mask and is loading up a camera on the net look good she says real good she wink at him he lays on the bed a swallow a pill to keep his dick hard for them’ Jill’s first she bends over a starts sucking his cock he feels her breast and smack her ass he feels her tight body yes he cries out while Jill sucking his cock Tina wearing yellow stocking come over and lick Jill’s pussy to get her wet. Nice Jill says look at his big dick she feel his abs she climbs on top of him he grabs her tits hard as she sticks his cock in her pussy she start pumping it hard trust up and down her tits bouncing away as she rides him he rolls her over and fuckers her doggy for a few till she rolls he back she says I like to be on top of things. It not to much longer till he fill her pussy with hot cum. She stands up cum dripping down her legs I next Marry walk over wearing red stocking join me Tina both girl climes on the bed. Tina sit on his face while Marry just stick his cock up her asshole ahh brad cries out so tight fuck. He says while Marry rides him yes she cries out holding her breasts that it nice and big fuck me o yes she rolls over he sticks his cock back in her asshole and trust harder and harder till she orgasm and yell out FUUUUUCCKKKK

She lays there and watch him fucks Tina hard in stick his cock in her pussy ahhh she moans out he grab her left tits and suck it hard wile he pounds her pussy more she cries out more FUUUCKK OOO FUUUCKK OOO GOD O FUUUUUCKKKKKK She climaxes quick but she not done she suck his cock till he cum in her mouth she swallow half of his hot sperm then swaps the rest when she kiss Jill while her breast for the camera she whispers in Jill’s ears I still get my car. Marry put on a blind fold on brad and ties him to the bed. Its June turn the girl filming the hold thing she take off her pants and bra she wears dark red stockings and take off her mask she type in the vip room on her pc she says to Jill o now what deal brad says this one u will never know or see its who ur fucking they laugh out load the girl but one wear blood red stockings she take off her mask the red head girl is hot very hot she has he pubic hair in a broken heart shape its is half sister who her dad never told him about let me get u wet Jill says kiss her lips then her tits then she licks her pussy for a few before she walk over and sit on bras cock riding him hard she stick her tits in his face for him to suck on that right suck them brad o yes UR SO FUCKING BIG YES O FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER YES THAT IT FILL MY PUSSY WITHUR HOT CUM YESS THAT IT FUCK ME OOOO FUCK BRAD YELL AS THET ORGASM AT THE SAME TIME AHAHAH THEY SCREAM OUT. As he go home his dad says how was ur day good very good day made some new friends have a bet and I won big very big .

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