Tequila Sunrise

Rain hurtling down the gutters and attacking us waves, we waited three quarters of an hour to get into the nightclub, the last one open in town. A birthday outing for a friend had already backfired severely after a large percentage of the party had drunk too much and gone home and I, despite being left as guardian of two of the hottest girls in the party, was starting to regret my decision to not follow suit. The bouncers eyed us up cautiously as we hid ourselves under a barely waterproof jacket, one between the three of us. The giddiness of previous alcohol intake and the fun aspect of the whole event was beginning to dissipate but I was taking solace in watching the water drip slowly down the back of the dress of the girl in front of me. Highlighting the curve of her shoulders and contours of her slender frame, the rain made the soft fabric cling to her figure and allowed me to at least imagine some warm place where I might be able to fully view this angelic body.

This was Erin. We had been friends for years before this night and for long periods of this time I had wondered whether or not we might be perfectly suited for each other. Around 5’7”, slim, long brown hair with subtle highlights, perfect attributes offset by a beautifully kind face and an elegant posture showing off the best of her tanned legs. Having greeted her hours before at the train station, I found my eyes drawn in two separate directions; finding her bare shoulders lead smoothly down to a partially exposed, young, confident, cleavage whilst the hem of her dress rose far enough up her enticing thighs to tempt the brain further, but unfortunately not the hand. We had both recently come out of fairly long-term relationships and, although we were certainly close, had never been especially flirty enough to entertain such thoughts of a different kind of friendship.

Beside her was Annabel who, as we gradually moved forward in the queue, encouraged in me much more exhilarating thoughts of possibility. She was a girl with devastating style and little respect for the way she was viewed by other people, especially the boys surrounding her. At about 5’2” and weighing little more than 6 stone, she is easily the smallest person of raw sexual energy I have seen. A strict regime of middle-distance running and a good diet gave her an extraordinarily well carved figure which presented her breasts perfectly in a stunning emerald mini-dress, complete with glimpses of a lacy pink bra at the front and the strap invitingly wrapped round her toned back. These were the two girls I had to restrain myself to polite conversation with as we waited in line, finding it increasingly hard to relax my heart rate as the wind provided secret glances at these delicate bodies.

Eventually we found ourselves at the bar inside and, given another half an hour and three shots of tequila each, I found myself alone with Erin, or as alone as you can be amongst a club full of drunken people dancing. However, these were the people we were now amongst and as I slowly gave way to the mixture of alcohol and a bass-heavy sound system controlling my movements, I felt the tender flow of her body rise up through mine as she sensually grazed her ass against my stiffening cock, bringing my nervous hands round to feel the tantalising curves of her hips. I held on tight, bringing her closer in so that by the end of the next song we were fully grinding against each other and clearly in need of some release. Disappointingly, we were rudely interrupted by Annabel who had swiftly gone the way of other friends and was in dire need of returning home after a shot too many. I was initially very annoyed by this, fearing that I faced another lonely night at home with a depleted wallet and a strong feeling of dissatisfaction, but I tried to stay positive. There seemed a high possibility that Annabel might be sick at some point in the near future, and so Erin guided us towards the large block of unisex toilets where she got Annabel into a cubicle and had her sit down. To my surprise, Erin then swiftly left, closing the door behind her, and entered the cubicle next door, taking my hand so eagerly so that I had no choice but to follow her and find myself seated on the toilet in front of her with the door quickly closed and locked behind. Without wasting anytime, Erin dropped to her knees and attacked my belt, removing it quickly and pulling my jeans down to my ankles. Still in a state of shock, I found few words to respond to the sensation of her delicate tongue flitting softly over the head of my penis, circling round and down the shaft and then enveloping all in one long fantastic movement in which I felt myself reach the back of her throat with ease, longing to penetrate further inside. She then worked back up to the top, lightly flicking the head and teasing me gradually so that I began to thrust towards her full, red lips, willing to do anything to be back on them again. Her tongue circled the base of my shaft whilst her hand worked slowly but meaningfully up and down until she finally fixed her hungry gaze on to me, still speechless in ecstasy. Moving her hand down to massage one ball then the other, she purposefully stood, lifting her skirt to reveal that she had no underwear beneath her pale tight, and eased herself low enough to lightly massage my cock against her open pussy, momentarily feeling the moisture through the thin material and touching her throbbing clit as she gasped. Leaning forward, she whispered in my ear, “time to go. Why don’t you stay at mine though? I think we both know where the real late night party is going to be at.”

By the time we had arrived at hers, however, an increasingly unconscious Annabel had somewhat killed the mood. Fortunately, this had seemed to have annoyed Erin as much as it had done I, so I made sure to (un)chivalrously see that Annabel got undressed and into bed whilst Erin prepared more drinks for us in the kitchen. This involved carrying the petite beauty up to the spare room in a fireman’s lift as she had long since lost the capacity to walk, something not to be considered a chore as she was heavenly light and uttered the most heavenly purring noise as my hand occasionally slipped softly under her dress and around her beautiful, tight ass. There was little subtlety about Annabel and, with the door firmly shut, she took pleasure in feeling up my chest and back as I removed her clothes in preparation for bed. Unclasping her bra I found that her pert breasts, miniscule on any other frame, matched her body perfectly and she had no embarrassment in me carefully fondling them, purring and gasping again as I pinched her soft nipples like fruit from a tree, taking each in my mouth in turn and letting the sweet taste linger on my tongue. I ran my hand up from her precarious heels, up her sexy knee-length socks, and brought both legs up around me in a tight grip so that I was able to balance her with one hand and have the other free for other means.

“Ohhhh……goddd..” she breathed out long and slow as my fingers crept down her stomach, across her tight waist and in between the taunting material of her thong and heavenly flesh of her inner thigh, finding her longing clit presenting itself outwards and being rewardingly grasped between thumb and middle finger.

“Let’s just hold on a second big boy” she gasped, straining herself to remove my careful touch and sit back on the bed.

“I know Erin’s plan tonight, she wants you in her bed now, you should go to her.”

Despite my confidence with Annabel, I was hugely shocked at this, like coming out of a dream. How had I come to this situation, whereby one stunning girl had near molested me in a nightclub and another was sat naked in front of me, clearly longing for something to happen but refusing it to herself out of loyalty to her friend?

“How do you know that? I mean, are you sure?”

“I think that when a girl sucks your dick in a nightclub toilet cubicle and can’t wait to get you home it’s a pretty good sign of her intentions.” She laughed, hair blonde hair falling delicately over one shoulder to float over one nipple in renewed modesty. “Besides, I want to enjoy you properly when I’m sober enough, big boy.”

This time I laughed and nodded in agreement, but as I turned to leave I felt Annabel’s hand wrap around me once again, this time finding its way across my waist and down to grab my throbbing dick through my jeans.

“I suspect though, that she’s going to want this to be good, and so are you. It’s about three weeks since you broke up with your girlfriend right?”

“Ermm..well yeah I suppose,” I answered, unsure of the direction of her question.

“Well then, I suppose..,” she uttered dreamily, casually mimicking my confusion while deftly uncovering my cock and shifting down the bed so that both hands were now on it, her mouth poised just above the tip, “that you might need a little warm-up.”

For the second time in less than two hours I was left speechless as a beautiful girl smoothly deep-throated my cock, thinking of anything at all to stop me exploding at the touch of her lips bringing the foreskin back, the tongue gliding dominatingly over the head and bringing it to the back of her mouth. Removing one hand from my cock, she made sure that I saw her roughly fondle her own breasts, gasping in mock surprise as she pinched her own nipples and gradually teased her clit towards orgasm. Meanwhile, I pulsated on the edge of her lips as one hand held me steady, her mouth ready and waiting at the bottom of the shaft and her tongue dancing over my balls. Smoothly she moved down to take one ball in her mouth and sucked greedily, beginning to pump the shaft with her free hand and allowing her bucking hips to illustrate the intensity of her own pleasure. It soon became clear however that this was a blowjob of pure functionality, a fantastic one but not a shared sexual experience. As her tongue tempted as much fluid out of my balls as was possible, she stopped attending to herself and turned her eyes fully into mine.

“Here it is, let’s go.”

I surely knew what was coming but could not help a daunted “oh fuck” escape my lips as she moved her own up my shaft and onto the head where her tongue swirled like a storm whilst her both hand pumped fast up my shaft. As it became clear I was about to come, she made no effort to draw back but forced herself down onto my dick to ensure she got all the cum she could down her throat. My legs buckled and I lowered myself gradually as you pumped the last drops from my shaking dick, the last bits of fluid dribbling down her chin onto her tits and towards her exposed cunt.

“Wow, you really were saving that for a special occasion. Best get too it then big boy.”

And with that, and a couple seconds more of recovery, I was sent to finish what had been started only an hour or so before.

Erin waited gracefully in the kitchen, six shots of tequila lined up in front of her, along with six slices of lime, two long glasses of champagne and a jug of iced water. As I arrived, she rose perkily and threw tequila down her neck before biting down roughly on the lime and grimacing.

“Ugh. That’s awful. Your turn! Did Annabel go down okay?”

I almost choked on the question and my cock gave an involuntarily spasm as a reminder. I wondered about the wisdom of carrying on drinking with what I had in mind, but I took the shot on the condition that she took another at the same time. As we said cheers and downed the strong fluid, I picked up a large slice of lime and offered it to Erin’s mouth as I bit into the other side. Feeling the strong juice in our mouths, I threw the lime away and kissed her deeply, making us both grimace deeply at the taste and then laugh as our tongues intertwined. She put both arms round my neck and grabbed my back, making it easy for me to lift up her smooth legs and raise her onto the kitchen counter.

“Another?” I said, presenting another shot to her. This time, I made to pour it into her mouth but purposefully let it hit her neck and drip down into her cleavage. I buried my face into her tender skin, kissing her roughly up and down as I dragged the shoulder straps of her dress down. Her head was thrown back in pleasure as my tongue circled around her ear lobe, down the line of neck and along the top of her bra as I brought her quickly into me and undid the strap. In sharp contrast with Annabel’s linear form, Erin’s curvy shape gave her magnificently fleshy tits which I grabbed lustfully as I devoured her nipples, finally free and raging for contact. My hands started to roam up her dress and pulled her tights down to below her knees, my fingers wasting no time to plunge straight into the depths of her moist, velvet cunt. Meanwhile, Erin ripped the buttons from my shirt and cleared the drinks behind her as she adjusted to get better purchase on the counter. Taking a long gulp of champagne, I let the bubbles fizz in my mouth and then attacked her clit, the sensation causing some shock as Erin jumped and thrust herself further into my face. Taking this as my cue, I took three ice cubes from the jug and gave two to Erin, placing them in each hand and then placing her hands onto her breasts. I took the third and inserted it slowly into her soft lips, licking greedily around it before removing it and plunging my tongue into the cold area. Having removed the hands that supported her on the bench, Erin fell backwards so that she was lying flat, massaging her tits and writhing as I alternated with ice and tongue between clit and snatch. The more she moaned and I felt her wet mound on my face the more my dick longed to be free and inside her. Finally, after one more cycle with the ice, I stopped and proceeded to get undressed as quickly as possible. The sudden break was of no importance to Erin who quickly thrust three fingers inside herself and started to wildly masturbate, still massaging her tits and pinching her swollen nipples. I considered leaving her to it until she sat up and glared at me. “Get your cock in me right now you bastard!”

Not being able to resist the desire to tease her more, I went back to devouring her pussy with my tongue, her hands now firmly forcing my face deeper inside her, with one hand manoeuvred under her ass and the other slowly jerking my dick. When I was ready, I picked her up with both hands and pushed her vertically against the counter, forcing my dick into her dripping snatch and thrusting steadily. “Ahhhh fuckkk, yesss” she screamed and dug her nails into my back. I began to lose strength in my legs and so move her back onto the counter and climbed up with her, continuing my pulsating thrusts into her cunt and gaining momentum. I clung onto her nipple with my teeth for life and ravaged her soft cunt whilst she moaned in ecstasy, brought right up to an orgasm as I felt her buck solidly back against me.

To slow her down, I grabbed some more ice and rubbed it hard against her clit which gave her a shock, but which was soon replaced by renewed thrusts and rapid rubbing with my left hand as I balanced on my right. She pulled me in close and grabbed me tight with her thighs as her cunt gave way to an explosive orgasm, she shook and moaned as it lasted through each long movement driving me deeper into her. As her pussy clenched me, I felt the cum build in my balls and I gave her one last thrust before creaming her pussy, then withdrawing and sending jizz all over her tits and face. Soundlessly, I collapsed onto the counter next to her as she closed her eyes and smiled whilst purring, still pinching her nipples in two fingers.

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