Tails Of Horror Return Of The Dark Kingdom

A New Evil Tail Of A School Who A New Head Master Has Plans With

The dark witch and The Huntsmen.

An old witch was waking up and slow made her way down to see the sun set when she sat on her front porch. She saw a vile full of a green liquid  and a note on a red piece of paper. She smiled and drank a third of the vile she look at her old self in the mirror and watch her self turn back into a 38 year old women. Caster her daughter spoke.

Caster: wow this stuff is amazing. She said after taking the rest of the bottle turn back into a 19 year old girl.

Her mother look at her with shock then she read the note.

Miss Everdeen: we have work to do. 

Across the ocean in the us was a run down witch and sorcery academy. The old head master Mr. Johnson was over dew on beast, demons, witches, mages and soul. His time as head master has reach it end.  He was in is head office look at a half mask of the huntsmen.

The last thing his son had on when he died. When miss Everdeen walk in.

Mr. Johnson: do u know it rude not to knock young ladies.

He said cruel at the two young ladies that walk in. one wearing a dress that flowed like water. One wearing short and a black tank top. That showed her black silk bra.

Miss Everdeen: hello Johnson

I see ur the fuck up were here to replace.

Mr. Johnson: what do you mean REPLACE I OWN THIS!!!!!!!

A red circle appeared beneath him. A look of horror came over his face as the oldest witch held up his wand. He look at the faded picture on the wall next to his. 

Mr. Johnson: it can’t be.

Miss Everdeen look behind her at the picture of her sister.

Miss Everdeen: I see my older sister their next to ur please rest to know that mine will be their soon good bye Mr. Johnson u were such fuck up and now once again a dark witch of west brook has return.

He did not scream as he was drop into the pit of darkness.

Only a look of relief was on his face. Caster sat down behide the desk and turn on the computer and got to work on the over dude pay roll and schools orders. She pull out the roller deck and got to work the many school repairs.

After a brief message on the school p-a on the new head master.  Miss Everdeen decided too take a look around the school. On her way a sickly boy was hold the mask to his face. He was shock at how it made him feel.

He look in the mirror at the abs that had had a 6 pack was formed on his belly.  When he took the mask off it his light rip body was gone.

He went to the room next door to the head master office. Miss Everdeen look in and saw a young hot blonde in short and a white top look at the mask.  She pulled out her deck of fortune teller cards and drew 4 on the boy and 4 on the teacher.

She grinned and pull out miss Tina contract and walk in and shut the heavy doors then she lock them. The boy was strip down to his under wear and was flexing at the mirror.

Miss Everdeen: hello miss Tina.

Tina was surprise to see the new head master so soon.

Tina: hello.

She came from the closet that house all the old books.

Tina I was not expecting u here in my physical needs room.

Miss Everdeen: I doing teachers reviews and I might as well start with you.

Tina: alright I was hoping to get my contract renewed for next year. I see u have a few more students with need wanting to join next year and I fully committed to my work and this school.

Miss Everdeen: I see u have the book of masks in ur hand.

Tina: yes I trying to finger out what this thing is Adam found.

Miss Everdeen: it the mask of the huntsmen miss Tina.

A rare mask with a powerful spell on it. But it a bit week and needs recharging.

Adam: how.

Miss Everdeen: o a darkles sing is in order if miss Tina want to help out a show me how good she is at her job.

Tina: sure I do anything.

Miss Everdeen: good now Adam and Tina please undress.

Tina: what!!!

Miss Everdeen: u said anything miss Tina the mask need a female and a male orgasm and their only one way too get it and that sex with each other so why don’t u give Adam a sex lesion.

After all ur job is on the line.

Tina undress and stood in front of Adam. He walk over and started touch her big breast then he got down and started licking her pussy.

Tina: arhh so good.

After a few minuets as past she laid on top of him in a 69 sucking his cock till it got roc hard. For such a slickly boy the only nice thing he had was a huge cock. She slow sat on taking it deep in her pussy.

She slow began to ride his cock as he fondle her big breast. 

Miss Everdeen: so miss Tina I see u want to extend ur contract for another 12 years with us at 45,000 a year.

Tina: Yes I do, urgh he so big in been awhile. 

Miss Everdeen look up at her riding the young male a little fast while he rub his hand on her back.

Miss Everdeen: I feel fine have u here for the rest of ur career. At 30,000 a year it a fine wage.

Then she flick her wand like a whip it slap Tina back leave a deep mark on it.

Miss Everdeen:  fuck him faster.

Tina was sweating a little the boy has his hand on her hip pulling her down and up.

Tina: ahh so good and I will take ur offer head master.

After finishing the paper work on Tina miss Everdeen look up a Tina. A tree of green light was making it way up her back. She was bent over rubbing her breast as she fuck the young male till he cumed inside her pussy. 


She bent back and was looking at the ceiling felling her energy leaving her body.

As well the breast slap Adam gave her.

She fell hard on his chest.

Kiss Adam lip. He look shock by this and shove her off him.

And stood up look at his new body in the mirror.

Miss Everdeen.

Not a bad lesson on sex I give it a b. keep up the good work Tina. And next time wear a condom I can’t have all my students knocking up my teacher I don’t want the tension form the school board on it. She look at Adam and took the mask. He fell back into the chair. She rub it and with the tip of the wand pull out three drop of green liquid she put on in the bottle and gave 2 back to Tina now a sleep laying nude on the floor. 

Her mouth wide open.

Miss Everdeen: stay here Adam and wake her up in one hour. She gave him back the mask. Remember only wear the mask when it need recharge and only when I tell u to keep in mind it take up to 5 years off any one life who u fuck.

So try to keep it on the low setting for staff and love one, and students. But their will be a few who u can truly enjoy. For power that is.

She continue her walk threw of the school and walk into a class room were three girls were taking about want to see a summoning spell. 

Miss Everdeen: hello ladies so u want to see a summoning a .

Mia: yes I always want to see bull tars half men half beast they are my favorite.

Miss Everdeen:

Alright. She drew a red circle around mia and three large bull-tars rose from it. 

Mia; o my god their so huge. Look at them. A 9ft tall beast with a body that made out of muscle. Jet black face the look like a bull with horns. And a giant cock that was hanging down.

Mia: girls look at THEM!!!

ONE RIP off her shirt while the next one bent her over. And rip off her bottom. She tried to yell for help but it was to late just as she got the H out her lips were parted and a big black cock was in her mouth. Her eyes filled with shock as the other one slide his 9 inch tongue deep in her pussy then her asshole.

She tried to pull her self free but lost all effort when she felt the beast cock. Pushing it self deep with in her. She look at the small  mirror on a desk showing the beast ramming his cock hard in her. She had always herd of anal sex but never dream she would be having it. She would have enjoyed the moment but the gag from choking on a foot and a half cock was to much for her. She could not deep throat the beast cock. Bad a look of terror came to her eyes as he rammed his huge cock all the way to her lips now kissing his balls

The shadow on the wall show a doll between two horn devils swaying back a forth hard and faster. 

A third was laying on the ground his massive cock was waiting for mia pussy. They swing her back and forth like on a swing higher and higher till she was slam on the biggest cock in the dark witch collection. 

Mia: Ahhhhurghh

She moaned out

Mia: not two o god

But the second biggest rammed his cock in her ass.

She was being dp like a bitch.

She tried to yell for help but it was no use. The third shove his cock back in her mouth.

Miss Everdeen.

First spill ur seed in her womb it time for more of ur kind to come forth.

She turn to Kelly and Gia.

She snap her fingers and the hunt man was lying on a desk nude the mask covering his face. 

Miss Everdeen. Now you two it time for ur reward. FUCK HIM.

Kelly dress in two a sexy outfit wile Gia just undress and walk over her big breast jiggling and she step.

Kelly: who goes fist head or tails. 

Gia: heads

Kelly: u win.

Gia climb up and started suck his cock. Kelly walk over to the mask with her camera in her hand. 

Kelly Masqueraded is so old school. She spreads her legs as he place his lips on her pussy and started to eat her pussy.

Gia not really into guy took this time sat on his large cock she flint a little as it went deep with in her pussy. She glace over at mia being fuck to a inch of her life. She started to ride him her best friend Kelly Adam sister was enjoy have her pussy lick on. She smiled at her and kiss Gia nipples. Making them hard. Gia felt her squeezing her breast. 

Gia: he turning u on isn’t he.

Kelly: YES he great I wish my boyfriend can lick this good I think I going to cum by his tongue let lone his cock.

Gia smiled and felt her self getting hot. She began to ride him faster now. At last his cock was big enough to get her off. The witch pulled out a card and laid it o her desk.

Soon her dark transformation was working. Hairs grew from her back as she was turning it A werewolf.  She grew in height and weight. Her chest sprouted 4 more big breast. Just as she orgasmic she how’s out like a dog at the moon.

Kelly; o my god Gia now ur a real bitch. Looking  at the 9ft tall 6 breast beast that was her friend and lover. It was a good thing she walk over and stood next to her friend. A huge female werewolf to breed a pack with. Cause just then mia was thrown right into her knock both of them the cold class room dirty floor. 

Kelly look at the bull-taur chest bumping each other as they vanish.

 She turn to see the hunt’s man next to her ripping off her bra. He was rubbing her tits with his hands. So look at the head master now going threw her paper work.

Kelly: Ouch!!!!

She look back at the boy now sticking needles in her breast.

She was thin lifted to the table and he pulled off her underwear.

He shove his cock deep with in her body. ramming her hard and fast. She then saw her card at edge of the table just out of her reach. She tried to grab it but her hand were cuff just short of it.

She look at the man who was fucking her. she reach behind him and pulled off his mask just.

As she was feel her orgasm coming on.


Just as she scream out one of her ribs pop out then another and from her arm two bone spears grew. She grew in pain long and slender. Turning into a vampire from hell.

Miss Everdeen: well it been a good day Adam clean up the girls and take them home I have a trip to go on and I have to leave.

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