Subbie Trying To Regain Favor

I find you, cowering outside my window. What are you doing lurking in my bushes, you pathetic toad, I inquire of you. Oh, Goddess, you reply, I have missed you so much. It’s been far too long since I have had the honor of serving your lusciousness. Did you forget, I respond, that I dismissed you four months ago? Everyday, you answer, that detail does not escape me & it fills me with sadness.

I shake my head at you. There’s a reason, I say, I rid myself of you. I doubt you’ve changed much in the time you’ve been away. I really have no use for you. I turn to go back into the house. Monica, my Goddess, wait, please, you implore me. I look over my shoulder at you. Your countenance is pitiful. Yes, what do you have to say to me?, I query. I have the potential now, Mistress, I truly do. I face you & gaze upon your wretchedness. Not likely, I retort. Even if you finally do, the only one who can decide that is me. Of course, Beautiful One, you have the power to accept or deny, no one else, you answer. Remember that & don’t annoy me with your foolishness, maggot, I say.

This time, I stride away from you & don’t view you again. I enter my home & go into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. I open the cupboard & choose a large mug. I open the refrigerator & take out the cream. As I’m about to pour the coffee from the pot, there’s a knock on the door. It’s wimpy, but, rather insistent. I set the pot down & go to the door. I look through the peephole. It’s you. I take an exasperated breath, then, open the door, just a crack. There you are standing, with eyes downcast & bottom lip trembling. I’m beginning to think you’re not very bright, I tell you. Do you not realize I dispensed of you? Yes, Goddess, I know, but, I’m having a difficult time accepting it. That’s really of no concern to me, I counter. I start to close the door & you put your foot against it. Rather brazen of you, I say.

You reply, seeing you there in that dark purple satin robe, with your nipples & bottom pressed against the material & little glimpses of your exquisite pussy, I am overcome with desire, but, even more so, a strong need to worship you & do whatever I must to win your favor again. I guffaw in your face. That causes you to step back. Do you not believe my devotion, Mistress Monica? I smirk at you & answer, I’m sure you believe you’re sincere. However, if I’m to go by past behavior, your loyalty falls quite short. Goddess, please, give me another chance. I will prove myself to you. If nothing else, allow me to clean you up, you remark.

I look incredulously at you. First off, why do you think I need to be cleaned up? Secondly, why would I allow you anywhere near my bountifully blessed body? Your eyes widen & you stammer out a reply. Monica, Divine One, I have a confession, I watched you in the throes of ecstasy with your female & male play partners. I know that hot box of yours is dripping with your sweet nectar & delectable fluids of paramours.

I make a disgusted noise in my throat & slam the door in your face. You begin to furiously pound against it. Please, please, please, Goddess, you whimper, allow me the privilege of a drop of your delightful liquid. I promise, I’ll never bother you again, if, you give me that one treat. I open the door a crack. All you see are my big, pale green eyes. They’re glancing at you with contempt. Ma’am your eyes are so stunning. They draw me in & hold me here, you gush. Stop being so repulsive, I command. Yes, of course, I’m such a sap, you snivel.

The idea that you’ve been witness to my dalliances makes my skin crawl, I tell you. The mere thought of your tongue against my flesh causes me to be ill. However, I’m in a mood to toy with a useless worm, such as, yourself. You get this hopeful look on your face. I open the door wider & stand back. I gesture for you to come inside. Hurry up, weasel, before the neighbors see what filth I have to contend with. You quickly step in.

After I close the door, you start to babble about how grateful you are for this opportunity, etc. I raise my right hand in a stopping motion. You quit speaking. I didn’t have you come in to listen to your incessent nattering, I say. You nod your head. I really am not sure yet, for what purpose, I have brought you in here. I know you requested being able to clean me up. You grin at me. I sigh deeply. You’re standing there before me, looking expectant. I sigh again. This is not how I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon.

I gently pull on the belt of my robe, it falls open. You see my breasts & muff on display. There is still some juice glistening on the hairs. You lick your lips. I tug the robe away from me & shrug it off of my shoulders. It drops to the floor. I step away from it. I slowly turn, allowing you to view me from every angle. I hear a moan escape your throat. I saunter up to you & with my right hand, I push you to the floor. You let out a little gasp.

As you lay there prone, I straddle you. Your eyes travel up my strong, shapely legs, to my glorious cunt. Your body starts to quiver. I look behind me & down & see your cock starting to stiffen & your balls swelling. You vile boy, I bark at you. You jump a little. Do you really think I want to see or hear your arousal? I have a choice to make. To thrash you or trample you. When I say this, you raise your eyes to me, in anticipation. You truly are a weak willed worm, I think to myself.

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