Starting New

April was always wondering what her life would have been like if she hadn’t got married so young. After a couple of kids, the lost years of a failed marriage and gained weight she was feeling depressed and lost. A friend convinced her to try a couple of chat sites just to start talking to men again and get some confidence built up. After a few months of chatting with several people, one man caught her attention and she started chatting with him. Will was about her age and like her had gone through a divorce and was getting his life back together. After a couple of weeks they exchanged phone numbers and started texting each other on a regular basis. Soon they even started trading pics of each other, nothing too risky. Then he suggested they talk and she agreed it would be a good idea. It only took a couple of calls before they were talking about meeting. Finally they agreed on a restaurant to meet at and see if there friendship would grow into something more in person.

As soon as April saw him she knew she was in trouble. Will was tall, speckled gray hair, green eyes, a pleasing smile and a nice body for a man of his age. They hit it off right away and after eating just sat in their booth and talked for hours. It was like they had known each other for years. Setting up another date for the following night Will walked her to the car and kissed her softly on the lips sending a chill of excitement down her spine. The entire drive home April couldn’t stop smiling and the feeling she was having between her legs was a pleasant surprise.

Waking up in the middle of the night sweating and very turned on she realized she had been masturbating while dreaming about her date and the one coming up. She was never a fan of touching herself but something in her kept driving her to continue so squeezing her heavy breasts she could feel her whole body come alive. Warmth and chills ran through her at the same time pulling a hand directly to her hard clit while the other continued twisting and squeezing on her nipples. Her clit was so sensitive and she was wetter than she had been in years. While picturing his face and body she slowly eased two fingers into her pussy and slowly started fingering her wet deprived pussy to a very quick orgasm. After she took a cool shower and changed the wet sheets April went back to sleep.

The day was long for her at work and April was anxious about the date that evening. Everytime she thought about it her nipples would harden and her pussy would twitch and get wet. Always the good girl and somewhat a prude, the new feelings she was having excited and scared her. Finally five o’clock came and she nearly ran to her car with the anticipation of having a great night. Putting on a dress she had always been afraid to wear she looked in the mirror and noticed how much it showed off her curves. A low vee exposed a great amount of cleavage and the tightness on her lower body detailed her round hips. Not liking the panty lines and not owning a thong she decided that the dress was long enough not to embarrass her if the wind blew she nervously removed them and enjoyed the naughty feeling it gave her.

Picking her up at seven o’clock sharp dressed in a nice polo and slacks Will told her how beautiful she looked, have her a quick kiss and they left for the the evening. Pulling up to an old movie theatre, April was a bit curious what they were there for. He told her that it was a classic movie marathon and thought she might like a little something new to try. It sounded like a romantic gesture and as long as she could be with him she would be happy. The theatre was near empty when they entered and he led them to a section close to the back in the corner and took a seat. They talked for awhile about how their day had been before the lights went out and the movie started.

As they were watching and old black and white movie she felt Will’s hand rubbing her thigh. At first April was a little nervous but then he took her hand and placed it directly on his dick and leaned over and whispered in her ear to pull it out and suck it. She was in shock that he would say something like that but she also was curious about the fact she was still rubbing his hardening dick. Slowly she unzipped his slacks and pulled his dick out. April rarely ever sucked her ex husbands dick and here in a movie theatre she was about to suck a man’s dick who she was only on a second date with. Leaning down she slowly started sucking him in and out of her mouth tasting him and feeling the excitement of something so new and naughty was making her wet. Rubbing her ass as April sucked on him with greater speed felt good when she felt him unzip the back of her dress and his hand slide inside and gripped her naked ass. He started running his hand up and down her ass crack causing her to moan slightly around his dick. Then he unhooked her bra and told her to remove it and put it in her purse. After doing so she felt so exposed yet extremely turned on. She was about to start sucking him again when he told her to get on her knees and use her tits to pleasure his dick. Getting down on the dirty floor she knew her dress would be ruined but she didnt care anymore. Pulling both tits out of her dress she squeezed his hard dick between them and started bobbing her body up and down tit fucking him with great joy. Telling her he was about to cum he grabbed her head and pulled her mouth down to his cock and started cumming into her mouth. She struggled to swallow all of it as she thought about how many times her husband had begged to cum in her mouth. After she had finished licking him clean he told her to take off her dress and sit back down.

Sitting down with her tits and pussy exposed she felt Will start rubbing her wet cunt while he leaned over and started sucking on her hard nipples. Biting on her lower lip to keep from moaning she felt him push a finger up inside her and rub on the nerves just inside as he started biting on her nipples. It wasnt long before April was cumming on his hand and her chair soaking both completely. Leaning into her ear again he told her that she needed to get dress because he was going to take her out to the car now and fuck her. After they had both zipped up she took his hand and they both headed out of the theatre. As they were walking down the hall they came up to the restrooms and he pulled her inside of the men’s restroom and led her into the handicap stall. Bending her over the little sink that was there he pulled her dress up exposing her ass before pulling out a newly hard dick and shoving it deep in her waiting pussy. April moaned loudly as he fucked her hard while she stared at herself in the mirror with pure lust on her face. Slapping each ass cheek hard while he fucked her even harder had cumming again. Speeding up his pace he was moaning too as he started cumming deep in her hot wet pussy. Straightening up their clothes they both headed to the car where they just sat there enjoying the afterglow of what happened. They both admitted that they had never done anything like that before but it was the most excitement either had enjoyed in years. After Will drove her home and said he would be back in two days to pick her up at seven again he kissed her goodnight and drove away.

It was near agony going two days without seeing him. April was constantly horny and the thoughts of what happened at the theatre were keeping her so turned on that even at work she had to go to the restroom to masturbate every few hours. Will would even call her at work and tell her how to touch herself while at her desk making her crazy with lust. How could she be this person with no control of the lust she had. The day of their next date a package came to her office stating “Do not open until in car”. Placing it in her desk, her curiousity worked on her all afternoon until it was time to leave and she grabbed her purse and the mystery box. Once in her car she ripped open the box and inside was a pair of rubber panties with a large vibrating dildo and an anal plug attached. Also in the box was lube and a note stating remove your panties and lube both the dildo and plug and put on the panties. The plug scared her because she had never had anal sex before but she was too excited to not want to try. Pulling her panties off from under her skirt she lubed both probes and carefully put on the panties. Her pussy was so wet there wasn’t much need for lube but it took some slow breathing and relaxing before she could get the plug completely inside. Once she had both in she turned on the vibe and felt completely overwhelmed by the sensation. April started cumming in no time and thankfully no one was around to hear her moaning as she did. Finally settling down she started the car and headed home. Before getting home he called again and told her to go to a strip club he suggested and ask the first woman she sees for a lapdance. He then told her to turn the vibe to high as she was getting the dance. April was lost is the power he had over her need of more.

Pulling up to the club, she was very nervous but she wanted to try something new so in she went. There were only about a dozen people inside including the dancers and staff so she walked up to a woman standing in the corner and asked for a lapdance. Taking her by the hand the young woman led her into a small room and asked her if it was her first time. Shaking her head she said yes but her new boyfriend was helping her to experience new things and this was one of them. Grabbing the the small remote in her pocket she turned the vibe to high and noticed it also made the plug vibrate too which made her yelp with surprise. Dancing in front of her, the girl removed all of her clothes before rubbing her firm tits into her blushing face then straddled her hips and rubbed her body up and down. Between the nude woman rubbing on her and the sensation from the vibrating probes inside of her she was soon cumming again. To simmer down the moaning she was doing the girl covered her mouth with a hard tit shoving her nipple into her mouth. Out of pure lust she started sucking the young tit as she came over and over. Soon her body relaxed and the girl told her she had never had a woman cum so hard for her like that and gave April her cell number and told her to call anytime for a private dance on the house. After paying the girl she left and called Will to tell him what happened including the offer of a private show.

When she got home Will was standing at the door waiting for her. After a long kiss they went inside and he pushed her up against the door and dropping to his knees he removes the rubber panties and startd sucking on her clit while he finger fucked her gaping asshole with 2 long fingers. No one had ever fingered her ass before and the added sensation to her clit had her cumming again. After she stopped shaking Will bent her over the couch and pulled out his hard cock then shoved it deep in her ass. Screaming in pure ecstasy, she took every stroke with excitement and lustful pleasure. He started pulling her hair back has a pounded her asshole like a crazed animal. April had never experienced something so primal in her life and didn’t want it to stop. Suddenly he pulled out and shoved his dick in her pussy making them both moan. Fucking her just as hard, soon she could feel the hot cum shooting inside her quivering cunt. They both just collapsed to the floor trying to catch their breath.

Two days later she was still thinking about the dancer that gave her a lapdance and digging through her purse she found the girl’s number. Nervously April dialed the number and heard a tired voice answer. She told the girl who she was and heard the excitement in the girls voice as they talked. After a few minutes she asked if they could meet and set up a meeting for the following day at noon.

April arrived ten minutes early and got a booth facing the entrance. She nervously waited while sipping on an ice tea when just after noon the girl she was waiting for walked in. Wearing a red mini dress and matching heels she looked ready to fulfill anyone’s dream. April stood up and they both hugged and sat down across from each other. They talked for a bit before ordering lunch and continued talking as they ate. They talked so freely you would have thought they sisters. After paying the bill both realized they needed to use the restroom before leaving.

The small restroom had two stalls and they both took one. She couldn’t believe how wet her panties were and the cool air hitting her hot wet pussy made her shiver a little. After she was done April stepped out and sitting on the vanity was the most beautiful site. The young woman was completely nude with her legs bent and spread with her feet on the counter exposing the most inviting pussy. Walking up to her she kissed her sweet lips tasting the meals they just ate before kissing her way down her body to her young perky tits. Squeezing both of them she sucked on each nipple back and forth till all the girl could say was “please.” Continueing down she got on her knees and started licking her first pussy. The taste of the girls pussy was spicy and sweet and April wanted to lick up every drop. Spreading her wet pussy lips she plunged her tongue into the wet pink hole bringing a low moan from the beautiful dream in front of her. Running her tongue up and down the wet flesh she enjoyed the feel and taste of every part of the young woman’s pussy. Easing a finger in she felt the wet walls squeeze her finger as she moved it in and out while sucking and licking the little hard clit. Soon the squeezing on her finger increased and sucking harder she made the girl cum. Jumping off the counter and putting her dress back on the girl kissed her and told her to meet her outside and unlocking the door she left.

After washing off her face she walked out of the restaurant to find her sweet soft dream waiting in the parking lot. They both decided on a motel down the street to finish what they started. After checking in, April opened the door and in her beautiful doll entered carrying a small athletic bag. Once inside and the door was locked April got to see what was in the bag as the contents were being dumped on the bed. There were dildos, vibrators, anal beads, straps and a large strapon. She was scared and very turned on by all she was seeing and imagining how they would all be used. Sitting down on the bed the young woman told April to dance for her. Slowly she started swaying and rubbing her hands up and down her thick body squeezing her tits and running them over her hips. Pulling her top over her head she felt so sexy and empowered as she continued dancing as she removed her clothes. Unzipping her slacks she bent over shoving her ass in the girls face then shacking it before standing and dancing more in just her bra and panties. Removing her bra first she straddled the sitting doll and gave her a lapdance pulling the girls face into her chest. She fed her both of her nipples pushing them together so they could both be sucked at the same time. The excitement of all that had happened plus the feel of her nipples being sucked made April cum without any contact to her own pussy. Moaning as she came, she had to hold onto her little sex doll to keep from falling. Laying down on the bed, April enjoyed the feel of soft lips kissing down her body to her wet panties. Moving her panties to the side the girl started licking up all the fresh honey before shoving two fingers in and suckin on her clit. Reaching out, her doll found a dildo on the bed and replaced her fingers with the plastic dick. Fucking her hard with the dildo while she nibbled on her clit soon had April bouncing on the bed as she came again soaking the dildo buried in her cunt. After the young woman stood up and removed her dress exposing her beautiful firm body again she crawled onto the bed and straddled April’s waiting mouth. Licking the sweet pussy again was a great thrill and while licking up every drop that came out she twisted on the firm tits above her. In no time her mouth was being flooded with the sweet juices from the girls tight pussy as she made the young woman cum. Looking on the bed she grabbed the strapon and after removing her wet panties she put it on. After securing the girls hands behind her back and bending her over April almost came again with the thought of fucking this young woman. Kneeling behind her she rubbed the head of the dildo up and down getting it wet before slowly pushing it in. As the girl was moaning she grabbed her tied wrists and started fucking the girl hard and deep causing the harness to rub her own clit and dripping cunt until both women were screaming through another wonderful orgasm.

While both women rested April learned the girl’s real name was Heather and that she had been dancing for 2 years since turning 17. April coundn’t believe she was old enough to be Heather’s mother and yet they couldn’t get enough of each other. April told her about her life and how the past few weeks have been like nothing she had ever imagined. Heather asked if it would be ok for Will to join and she would show her some really kinky fun. Heather just sat there with a wicked little grin as April called Will and asked him to come for some fun.

When they heard the knock at the door Heather opened it up wearing only a strapon and holding a multi-strapped whip. Will looked surprised and excited looking the young girl up and down then just froze when he saw April on the bed bent over with her wrists tied back to her ankles and her ass high in the air glowing red from the obvious lashing she had been given. “Get your close off” is all Heather had to say for Will to be nude and rock hard in seconds. With complete direction from Heather, Will was bent over on the bed licking April’s wet cunt and tight asshole while getting his ass lashed. After pouring oil on his ass, Heather massaged Will’s red cheeks and made him jump when she eased and oil soaked finger in his asshole while squeezing his balls. Both fear and excitement kept him from moving as Heather continued fingering Will’s asshole until she was easily finger fucking him with 2 oily fingers. The room was filled with moan’s of pure erotic lust from both April getting her asshole and cunt well serviced and now Will who was getting his ass fucked hard with the strapon from Heather. Heather guided Will up to April while still lodge deep in his ass and has him shove his dick deep into April’s dripping well licked cunt. It didn’t take long for both April and will to moan and grunt as their bodies shook while cumming with complete abandon. Once she had her strapon off, Heather then had Will eat her cunt till she came too before finally letting April free. Neither April nor Will could believe what had just happened and they both knew it wouldn’t be the last time they tried something like that again.

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