Snotty Student Gets Put In Her Place

Dr. Smith was a Human Sexuality Professor at a local University in New England. He was growing ever increasingly annoyed with a redheaded stuck up student who was 20 year old named Anne. Anne was very fair she had very pale skin, green eyes, redhair, big breasts that pressed against her turtle neck sweater. She had a gymnast body with shapely legs and wore skirts, stockings and black shoes. She was very prim and proper and from a very wealthy family. Dr. Smith was continually bothered by Anne’s pestering and criticism of her grades on tests and assignments. She criticised a bit too much one day. Little did Anne know, but Dr. Smith produced dozens of porn films and he was strongly wanting to put Anne in one of them if she wanted to improve her grades so much. Dr. Smith wanted to make it out to be a sexual health related video. He wanted to humiliate and put Anne in her place.

Dr. Smith planned it for weeks. He was going to get four black males to participate. This video was going to involve bondage, humiliation, sex, and impregnation. Dr. Smith gained experience with mind control and he wanted in the end for her to have her participation in this film erased from her memory. Dr. Smith wanted to watch with glee Anne walking pregnant down the hall or street.

The day came when Dr. Smith had recruited four black males in their twenties to participate in this porn film. The office was set up with cameras and bondage equipment. Anne like on cue, ventured into Dr. Smith’s office to complain about a grade, when she stopped and looked with amazement at what was around her. Anne demanded to know what was going on.

“Well, Anne, I want you to be in an educational film about human sexuality and it will guarantee you an A plus for the term” said Dr. Smith.

Anne looked a bit shocked but the temptation of getting the highest grade was too much and she agreed, but with a very sceptical stuck up look on her face.

Two of the black men escorted Anne who was dressed in a red turtle neck sweater, a black skirt, and black stockings with black shoes into a bondage contraption to hoist her up in the air. They fastened her wrists and ankles with restraints.

Anne’s eyes widened and she stiffened up and said “ What is happening, what are these guys going to do?”

“It will be alright just relax Anne ” said Dr. Smith with an evil smile.

The black men hoisted Anne up so she was spread out in suspension above the ground. Anne was very vulnerable and the filming was well underway. Anne squirmed a bit and yelled out in protest, but this office was sound proof. One of the men put a ball gag in her mouth and fastened it around her head.

The black men all had scissors in one hand and started touching and caressing Anne all over. Anne was shocked and looked helpless as the men started to cut gradually articles of clothing off. The black men were very excited to have the chance at this spoiled rich pale skinned white student. One black man cut the turtle neck right above when her nipples were pressing against the material. After a few snips the bare nipples were revealed and two black men immediately sucked on them and licked them. Anne made a moaning sound in protest.

Then two other black men removed her black shoes, and cut slowly the leotard she had on revealing nice pale legs. The black men gasped at her nice toned fairskinned legs and shapely pink soled feet. They licked her feet and legs. They then quickly cut off the rest of her clothing which revealed her pussy and the rest her pale skinned body.

The black men were nude now much to Anne’s horror. They had big erect cocks with large balls. They were constantly licking, kissing her, grabbing her breasts, sucking her nipples which were erect, grabbing her buttocks and licking, spreading and gazing at her nice tight pussy.

Dr. Smith admired the site of these horny men all over a nude a spread/suspended snooty Anne.

“She is a virgin!” one of the black men said after fingering her.

Cameras were filming and taking pics automatically all around the room.

Suddenly one of the black men inserted his cock into the nice tight pussy covered in red pubic hair.

“OOOOoooohhhhh AAAhhhhhhhh ” the black man cried who inserted his dick.

Anne with the look of wide eyed shock gasped and moaned loud under the ball gag.

With one black men fucking her pussy , Anne moaned wide eyed, as other black men licked her nipples and one black man sucked on one of her ears. The black man fucking her pussy could not hold his load and he spurted and cummed deep in her moist hot pussy.

Then Mr. Smith used a mind control skill and hypnotized Anne by looking in her eyes and using a certain tone of voice. The black men were instructed to remove the restraints and bring Anne onto her feet. She was instructed to kneel nude in front of all the black men nude. Anne complied.

Anne was told to say “I want black cum, and I want to be impregnated with black cum…Breed me breed me!”

The sight of this nude rich white young woman with a sexy pale skinned body begging to be impregnated by their cum was very exciting. Anne on her knees sucked each cock for a period of time and then she was told to mount one black man who was on his back and she insert and started to ride his big black cock. Behind her came another black man who stretched her cunt and put his cock in at the same time. Two black cocks were fucking her pussy while there was one black man tongue kissing Anne and fondling her nipples. All the sudden both black men who were in the pussy shot their hot sticky cum loads straight into her pussy. All you could hear was sticky slapping sounds of torsos banging together.

The last black man who had not cummed in Anne got her on all fours and inserted into her pussy from behind. Anne was having multiple orgasms as she was fucked yet again. In and out her fucked her hard and rapidly pulling back her hair as he did and then shot a blast of cum into her.

The black men got up and looked at their prize. Anne was out of breath and overwhelmed with many sensations.

Dr. Smith said, “You will not get rid of your pregnancy, you will wear less clothing like just sandals, a skirt and tight short sleeve shirt with no underwear or bra underneath and no stockings-just barefeet, bare legs with roman sandals. You can hold your nose up in the air and act all snooty,but be proud of breeding for these black men with a nice protruding belly sticking out.”

Anne was given a trench coat and a pair of roman sandals used in some of Dr. Smith’s porn movies. It was warm so it would not be too cold for Anne.

Anne was told to go home and Mr. Smith followed her still filming Anne walking barefoot in roman sandals as some people looked at her pale legs and barefeet.

As days went buy Anne kept coming back into Dr. Smiths\office acting as snooty as ever. Little did Anne know that her porn video was being disseminated across the globe and that she had bred for a gang of horny black men.

Mr. Smith told her to tell others that she had a fling with a Blackman when her belly protrudes and that she is proud of it.

Her parents are sooo rich that they just let her continue studying in the spring and summer semesters. By the summer Anne’s belly was big . Over the months many people watched Anne’s belly grow. Anne’s reputation went from being a stuck up snob to a slut who likes to get the cock.

Mr Smith was glad…the humiliation was great for her. He got erect every time he saw her Preggo belly and hearing her walk barefoot in sandals going down the hall. Down the line everyone will know that Anne the snob now slut breeds for the black man.

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