Sleeping Problem Solved

Navy recruit Brandi Fields lay in her rack quietly while the other recruits slept. The only others awake were the two on watch. One was Recruit Hanks and Brandi didn’t know the other girls name. At the moment she was upset that she couldn’t sleep. You would think being in boot camp would make you fall straight asleep every night, but apparently not. She had been laying down for two hours now. Her labido had always been strangely high for a female and at times only sex seemed to make her sleep. Back home her boyfriend use to sneak in her window nightly and rock her body into a sweet release.

But here she lay. Hot, bothered and no male in the same room. The boys in her division all bunked across the hall. This was her third night in basic and already she felt tempted to sneak into their bunk room. But someone would tell. There were always two females and two males on guard duty.

Brandi got up for a drink of water. Standing beside the fountain was the girl she didn’t know.

“Can’t sleep?” Asked the girl. Her shirt identified her as Recruit Stanley.

“Nope. Not at all,” said Brandi. She got a drink and as she started to turn back to her bunk she heard Stanley giggle. She spun around and found her staring out the window that led to the hallway.

“That boy is way too cute.” Brandi looked out the window and across the hallway to find that the males had the same window on their door.

“What are you two looking at?” Asked Hanks, coming in behind them.

Stanley pointed out the window and sighed,

“So close and yet so far.”

“Mmhmm,” agreed Brandi.

Hanks looked at the two of them “I don’t see the big deal. It’s a hallway; walk across it if you want dick that bad.”

“Easier said than done.” Brandi observed.

Stanley had still not taken her eyes off of the guy. Brandi got a better look into to window. He was ok. Cute but knew he was cute. Not her type at all. He was too much of a pretty boy. She liked the tougher type. She had been lusting after the other guy on duty. His last name was Jones. She had absolutely no idea what his first name was. That’s how that place was. But he was hot. And that damn uniform made him even sexier. While thinking this Brandi noticed Stanely looking at her from the corner of her eye.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” She said with a grin.

Brandi grinned back. She had been a risk taker her whole life and this sounded too fun. She shot a glance back to Hanks to find she was also smiling.

“I think the guys are of the same mind here, girls,” Said Stanely, eyes still glued to cutie across the hallway. He had taken his shirt off and was beckoning them over with a finger.

“We could get in serious trouble here,” said Hanks.

“So,” said Brandi and Stanley as one.

All together the three girls stepped toward the door. Stanley opened the door and peaked down either end of the hall.

“Nothing,” she said. The boys had opened their door as well. One by one they all ran across the hallway.

It was darker in the guys bunk house than it had been in the girls. Brandi felt a rough hand gently take hers and lead her through the maze. They all tip toed quietly, doing their best not to wake the sleeping guys. They went into the larger back store closet. They shut the door behind them. Light from the street lights outside dimly lit the room. To their distress the door opened again and two more males walked in, quickly closing the door behind them.

“And what are you three doing in out on a fine night like this?” Asked one of the men, grinning at the girls.

Hanks smoothly answered “The same as you”.

Brandi felt Jones rough hand on hers once more. He lead her to the other side of the room by the washer and dryer.

“Nice to see you Fields.” He said in his sultry southern accent.

Brandi grinned back, “Even better to see you, Jones.”

He leaned against the washer and drew her to him, bending to kiss her as he did so. She felt his lean, muscular body against her but more noticable than that was his erection that was pressed right where it should be. Brandi gasps and kisses him back harder. He rubbes his hard cock on her and she shamelessly rubs her supple body right back on his. She hears noise to the left of her and looks over to check on the others. Stanely is in a laundry heap with her sailor. Brandi was shocked to see Hanks being undressed by the two latecommers, one behind her and one in front of her while she fondeled both of their buldging packages.

Jones very gently put a finger under her chin and turned her face back at him.

“You have no idea how much I want you.”

Brandi presses her body up against him and said very pointedly, “Yes I do.”

He starts kissing Brandi again, much more frantically now. His gentleman side clearly gone. First he rips off her shirt. Then her pants. Soon there is a pile that belonged to both of them on the floor. Brandi kisses her way down, going slower and slower, effectively driving him crazy and only when a small moan escapes his throat does she take him in. He was way bigger than any guy she had ever been with. Probably somewhere around ten inches. His cock responds to her sucking with a steady throbbing. He grabs her by the hair to make her stand and picks her up just to sit her back down on the washer. He jerks her legs apart and starts pumping as hard as he can. She moans at the feel of the fullness of his large cock stretching her. She starts gasping and then groans in frusteration when he stops his thrusting just before she cums. He chuckles in her ear, “Patience, Fields.”

He pulls her from the washer and puts her in front of him, facing away from him but toward everyone else. Slowly he starts to finger her as they watch everyone elses’ activity. She reaches behind her and slowly jerks him off, understanding what he wants. Stanley is stratteling the dark haired sailor on the laundry bags. Hanks is further away but is clearly enjoying having two men to herself. They all three move in unison on the floor. Brandi has never seen anything like double penetration before and the sight of it makes her feel her heartbeat in her clit. Jones responds by going faster and she begins to pull his penis harder. Unable to stand it any longer he bends her over and takes her from behind. Stanely and her sailor finish at the same time the other three finish. Jones grabs Brandi by the hair, forcing her to arch her back even more. The sound of their action echos off of the cheap government built walls, increasing in rhythem every second. Plap, plap, plap, plap. Soon Brandi’s cries are added to the sound until at last Jones’s low, guteral groan signal his marvolous end.

Just as Brandi sighs in full content Stanely catches sight of the clock, “Shit! We have to get back across the hall! They’ll be checking on us soon!”

Everyone fumbles with their clothing. Before she runs off Jones grabs Brandi and kisses her hard but with tender feeling, “See you tomorrow.” He says in a deep voice. She smiles in agreement.

They race across the hall and she makes it to her rack just as a Petty Officer walks in. She grins to herself at how much she loves boot camp and without problem falls into a deep sleep.

Navy Recruit Brandi Fields never had issues sleeping again…

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