Sleep Over With Friends

Three Way

Me and my wife were out in town with friends. It was absolutely chucking it down. At the end of the night my friend suggested we walk to his place for a few more drinks then taxi from there.

He only lived two minutes from town so we agreed. Even in the short trip to his we got soaked to the bones. He got us towels and poured us a vodka. We had a few more drinks and watched the music channel.

It was 3.25 am now so we told my friends we better get off. I got up to put my jacket on when my friend suggested we stay over. We didn’t really want to taxi home in wet clothes so we decided to stay. My friends girl brought us a dressing gown each so we nipped to the bathroom and changed.

After a few more drinks my friends girlfriend said she was calling it a night as she was shattered. We said night then carried on drinking. I’ve always suspected my mate had a crush on my wife and could tell by his mannerisms this was true.

He sat to the side of her knowing that the gown had fallen open revealing her tits. She was quite drunk now so she didn’t realise.

I didn’t mind though and didn’t tell her because I love exposing her. We chatted away getting more and more plastered at the same time. My friend kept going to check on his girl, as he did I kissed my wife opened her gown and gave her clit a few quick licks before he returned.

I had a rock hard dick now which was getting difficult to hide. My friend new we were up to something I could see it on his face. I got more and more daring taking more risks when he went to get us drinks. My wife was falling a sleep now which gave me more opertunity to play. The next time he went upstairs I fingered her with her legs spread wide and left her dressing gown wide open, then I went upstairs to the toilet.

I stayed up there and listened for him going down. I sat in the toilet for five minutes giving him time to take in the views.

I returned downstairs to him handing me another drink with a huge smile on his face. He said she was showing all her bits so I covered her up. I said cheers but it didn’t matter were all friends. He looked at me and grinned.

We carried on drinking and then he said I’ve seen your girl naked, do you want to see mine. I said too right thinking he meant in the flesh. He chucked his phone to me and said look in pictures under us. I opened this folder to see his girlfriend with a cucumber in her hole. Then another using a dildo. Each photo got more filthy. Fisting pissing and some fairly big objects.

I never new she was so filthy. He beckoned for his phone back like he didn’t want me to stray so I past it back and told him I thought she was quiet. He said far from it she’ll do anything.

The way he asked for his phone back intrigued me. So when he went upstairs again I grabbed it and quickly thumbed through it looking for the albums. Bingo album called random, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My friend had taken pictures of my wife his dick and balls on her face and the next one she had her legs spread wide pussy and tits all hanging. I quickly bumped all his pictures to my phone even his girl. Then deleted my wife off his, Then put his phone back.

I felt a little betrayed by his actions but aroused at the same time. I didn’t say anything about this to him but said I need to go to sleep. I shook my wife and dragged her off to bed. She was part awake now so I told her what he’d done and showed her the phone. I thought she’d hit the roof but she just said cheeky bastard and laughed. We both got a little horny talking about this and decided to use our friends naughtiness to our advantage.

They stayed on the top floor we were on the floor below next to the bathroom. We waited until we heard him coming down then my wife removed the covers and began playing with herself and making loud moaning sounds. I laid at the side of her pretending to be asleep but watching the door. He didn’t even go in the toilet he knelt down and peeped round the door. I stiffened at the naughtiness, feeling the bed rock as my wife fingered herself in front of another man. She turned to the door and said why don’t you just come in you little perv. He moved back away from the door shitting himself then plucked up the courage to come back in. She covered up and he sat on the end of the bed. She said does your girlfriend know you take advantage of your drunk friends and spy on them in bed. He panicked a bit then answered no. I turned over and sat up. He looked at me expecting something bad, I just grinned. My wife said well you’ve seen me so I want to see you.

He asked what she meant and she said take your gown off. He said no way, to which she replied if you don’t I’ll show your girl the pics you took. He stood up and removed his gown and dropped it to the floor. He only had a little cock it was about three inch long with all the pubes shaved of around it. He had a beer gut and a saggy body. He stood there naked at the end of the bed embarrassed and humiliated.

My wife pulled the covers off her again and said did you like what you’ve seen anyway. He stuttered a bit, and she said you obviously did as his cock sprang to life. His small cock grew to about five inch now but was fat at the bottom then narrowed towards the end with a bulbous head with no foreskin.

She said would you like to lick this rubbing her pussy with her fingers. He moved nearer too her and she grabbed hold of his arse pulling his little man into her mouth. I started needing her tits as she swallowed his hole rod. He pulled her head into him and he thrust his groin into her face.She pushed him away and said to me fuck me and the perv can lick my clit. I quickly jumped up with my cock pointing out like a branch, manoeuvred my wife on top and slid my fat seven

inch cock into her sopping wet hole.

My friends face was a picture when he saw my fat rod. He knelt between her thighs and started licking away, my wife responded gripping his head with her legs. It was a very awkward position and as I pumped her my dick fell out now and then hitting my mate in the face. He grabbed it guided it back in then licked away again making my wife’s pussy tense round my rod. She exploded in to orgasm trying her best not to scream out then shuddered to limpness on top of me . Her body jolted a few times as he flicked her pulsating clit teasingly. I was desperate to cum now so I whispered in her ear, I’m gonna fuck your arse now slut. I pulled my cock out and rubbed the juices from her clit onto her arsehole.

She told my friend to guide my cock in which he did. I eased it in very slowly until her bum hole popped and allowed it in, what a feeling. She grabbed his head and said I want you in my pussy. He dived up on top of her and shoved his dick in and began ramming away. This was too much for me as his cock rubbed her pussy walls onto my cock forcing my cum to blast out. I couldn’t hold the pressure back any longer. It was intense but felt great as my cock pumped into her bum, staying hard because her hole was so tight. It’s hard to thrust when your underneath because of body weight on top. my friend made up for this though because his little cock hit the g-spot perfectly. She gasped and moaned again her body writhing between us. She started to cum again but didn’t hold the screams back this time. This triggered my mate into orgasm as he pumped and pumped into my wife dumping every last bit of semen into her. We all flopped onto the bed, giggling like children. My wife in between like a well fucked whore. We chatted for a few minutes then my friend shot back upstairs to his bed.

My wife told me she’d definitely want to fuck him again because his cock was perfectly shaped and sized

To hit all the right places inside her. She said he made made her cum harder and more intense then she’d ever cum before. Since this we’ve let them stay at ours four times, two of the times we did a full wife swap. That’s a story for another day though.

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