Shes Tempting Part 2

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The first thing people heard was the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. She walked with confidence with her head held high. Next was seeing her caramel skin tone, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair and the curvy shape of her body. Her lipstick color always matched her outfits. She was very attractive, in her late twenties, and single. “Good morning” she would say with a smile to people who were near her. The perfume she wore was soft but, very strong. The females in the office would see the men close their eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of her perfume and then exhale. A few women in the office found her to be very attractive as well. Her name is Jasmine Rossum…..

Jasmine drove her Diamond white metallic Mercedes-Benz CLS550 to work and always parked her car in the building garage. There were security camera’s in the garage. Usually a few security guards were stationed in the building. The main security desk was located lower level. Jasmine got out of her car and grabbed her suitcase from the back seat. She closed the car door and then locked it with her keys. Jasmine walked over to the elevators and was about to pass the security station. Today Ken who was security was doing a double shift. Ken was the manager of security and had been with the company for 3 years. He was tall, weighted 275, good looking, and was friendly. Everyone knew Ken in the entire building and liked him. Ken saw Jasmine get out of her car and walking towards the elevators which was right across from the stationed desk. “Damn she always looked every time she came to work” he said to himself. Today Jasmine was wearing an electric violet dress it had a front and back plunge neckline. The front of the electric violet dress had split and showed off her legs. As good as Jasmine smelled Ken knew she kept her skin soft. She had on light shade of purple lipstick.

“Hello Ken, how are you doing today?”

“Very well Jasmine, it’s always a pleasure to see you” said Ken.

“How are you doing on this beautiful day”?

“I’m great Ken” said Jasmine.

“You also look great” said Ken. Jasmine blushed and thanked Ken for the compliment and pushed for the elevator to come.

The elevator doors opened and she got on and it went up to the 5th floor. Jasmine reapplied her lipstick as she waited for the elevator to go to the fifth floor. She finished just in time and the doors of the elevator opened. Jasmine walked towards her office. Everyone on the floor greeted her and smiled. Jasmine always got attention when she entered into the office. The men would wink at her and compliment her every time they saw her, especially her boss Mr. Reynold. Mr. Reynold’s was an attractive French man. He was very tall, stayed in shape, and had tailored suits made to fit him. He was in is thirties, married and had two children. Jasmine worked from 9am to 6:30, but today was her late night. Mr. Reynold’s and her were usually the last to leave the building. On Jasmine’s lunch break she would make sure Maggie secretary would hold her calls. Also Maggie would make sure Ms. Rossum would not be disturb at all. Maggie loved when Jasmine took her lunch break because she could hear her boss masturbating in her office. It would turn Maggie on to hear the low moans escaping from her bosses mouth. As time continued to pass 7pm finally came.

Jasmine packed her brief case and started gathering her belongs to leave the office with. She left her office and locked the door behind her. Mr. Reynold’s heard the click of Jasmine’s heels on the floor as she walked to the elevator. He quickly gathered his brief case and left his office. Jasmine pushed the button for the elevator to come to the fifth floor and patiently waited. Mr. Reynold’s crept up behind Jasmine and put his arm around her waist. Jasmine put her head down and shook her head. “What are you doing Mr. Reynold’s ?”. “Just being a friendly boss” said Mr. Reynold’s. He kissed the left side of Jasmine’s cheek. Mr. Reynold’s lowered his hands to Jasmine’s ass. Mr. Reynold’s whispered in her ear with his lips just barely touching her ear “Votre façon sexy, mais encore chic. Vous pouvez faire n’importe quel homme dans ce bâtiment descendre sur ses genoux. Il te donne rien et nous espérons bien, il vous plaisirs. Je peux vous donner du plaisir en ce moment. Avez-vous la mendicité pour ma bite, jambes tremblaient et incontrôlable. Permettez-moi d’être cet homme pour vous ce soir. Qu’est-ce qui se passe reste entre nous”. Jasmine turned to face Mr. Reynold’s “What did you say to me in French?”. Mr. Reynold’s smiled and said “I’ll only tell you if you follow me to a hotel”. “I will not go with you to a hotel”. “I guess you’ll never know what I whispered to you Jasmine”. The elevator arrived on the fifth floor, “After you Ms. Rossum”. Jasmine stepped into the elevator and leaned against the elevator wall on the right side. Mr. Reynolds stood in the middle. Jasmine felt Mr. Reynold’s starring at her and he was. Looking at her curvy shaped body. Jasmine took a deep breath in and exhaled. Mr. Reynold’s put his brief case down and hit the emergency stop button on the elevator. He stood in front of Jasmine, he was so close she could feel his warm breath. The scent of his cologne was so powerful. Jasmine felt his erection pressing against her He caressed Jasmine’s face and tilted her face up. Jasmine couldn’t look into Mr. Reynold’s eyes because she knew would lose it. “Look at me…Look at me Jasmine”. She looked into Mr. Reynold’s eyes. Their lips mer inches apart from each other. “Mr. RRReynold IIII, wwweee shouldn’t be this close nor doing anything with each other. Seconds passed and either one of them said anything. Finally Mr. Reynold’s backed away from Jasmine and pushed the button for the elevator to continue to go down to the garage level. Mr. Reynold’s stood against the elevator walls on the right side. He just starred, Jasmine began feeling uncomfortable, and felt herself getting hot. The elevator arrived at the garage level and Jasmine quickly got off. Both of them walked to their cars, Mr. Reynold’s was the first to leave the garage. Jasmine didn’t start her car she just sat in the drivers seat thinking about what could’ve/happened in the elevator.

Ken awoke from his nap and noticed Jasmine’s car was still in the garage. He got up from his desk and decided to walk over to her car. Ken noticed Jasmine had fallen asleep in her car. She looked so peaceful and beautiful he while she slept. Ken was about to head back to his desk but noticed her car door was unlocked. Ken opened the driver’s door and the scent of her perfume filled his nostrils. He moved Jasmine’s seat back and lowered it back. Ken froze, “should I go through with this” he said to himself. Seconds passed and he finally made a decision.Ken took off his security shirt and his undershirt.

Ken reached for Jasmine’s panties and slide them down to her ankles. He pulled her dress up to her waist line. He stared at her thick thighs, shaved pussy, and big ass cheeks. He put his fingers inside of her pussy and felt she was already wet. He was surprised but he thought back to that time. One day he had went upstairs to Jasmine’s office say hello to Jasmine. Maggie her secretary wasn’t sitting at her desk. Ken was about to knock on her door but heard moans coming from her office. He cracked open the door and saw her legs spread wide on her desk and she was masturbating. Ken quickly closed the door and walked back downstairs to his office. Ever since then Ken was dying to bury his cock inside Jasmine’s pussy.

He removed his fingers and lowered his head down to the entrance of Jasmine’s pussy. He stuck his tongue inside of Jasmine’s wet pussy. He swirled his tongue exploring her Pussy. Ken placed his hands on her ass cheeks squeezing each cheek. He pushed his tongue deeper into Jasmine’s pussy, her juices poured into Ken’s mouth. He was eating Jasmine pussy like it was an all you can eat buffet. He was enjoying himself, his cock began to swell. Delicious he mumbled to himself. Jasmine stirred in the driver’s seat. Her eyes fluttered open, and she felt a male tongue fucking the hell out of her. His speed increased more and she threw her back. Before Jasmine could utter a word she had an orgasm, her body trembled. Ken realized Jasmine was awake, he lifted his head up to look at her. Jasmine bought her head forward and saw it was security ken. “Ken wwWhat are you doing in my car?” she asked. “You car door was open and I’ve wanted you for so long” Ken said. “Your car door was open and IIII..I thought would just take this opportunity” he said. Jasmine just looked at him at and didn’t say anything. Ken got on top of her making sure he was face to face with her. He kissed her slowly at first enjoying soft lips. Ken wanted more of Jasmine the kiss became more passionate. Sweat formed on his forehead he broke the kiss. Ken torn the front of Jasmine’s dress and took her breast out her bra. “Oh my” Jasmine said, surprised at what he had just done. Jasmine’s breasts were exposed and Ken sucked on the right breast. He fit half of her breast inside of his mouth and cupped the other one with his hand. Ken gave the other breast the same attention.

Ken stood on his knees and began to unbuckle his belt to stripe down. He was confident that Jasmine would love his fat and very long cock. Jasmine was in awe of Ken’s massive cock, she her face close bought to Ken’s cock. He rubbed his cock all over Jasmine’s face. Jasmine opened her mouth wide and took in Ken’s cock. Ken stroked her hair as she sucked his massive cock. “Yea suck it, suck it hard, squeeze my balls Jasmine” he said. Jasmine sucked his cock harder. He grabbed Jasmine’s head and yanked it back and forth. He wanted her to gag on his cock and have it hit the back of her throat. Jasmine liked the way he was handling her, rough with his massive cock. His cock was hitting the back of her throat. Jasmine felt Ken’s cock pulsing in her mouth. Ken’s large stomach was hitting Jasmine’s forehead. “Take it baby!!!!, make me cum in that pretty little mouth of yours” Ken said. He held her head in place when he felt himself about to cum. Ken let out a load of cum, shooting into Jasmine’s mouth. “Swallow it baby!!!”. Jasmine swallowed the cum, some of came out of her mouth to her chin. She licked her lips and wiped it off her chin. Jasmine smiled at ken and said “I want more”. Ken put his dick back into her warm mouth. Jasmine sucked on Ken’s dick longer then the first time. “Yeaa, Suck my Cock again baby!!!” Ken was saying to Jasmine. Ken felt himself about to cum again this time he pulled his cock out of Jasmine mouth. Ken unleash his load on Jasmine’s breasts. Jasmine caressed her breasts, causing the cum to spread.

“Lay back sweetheart and spread your legs wide for me” said Ken. Jasmine did what Ken said and felt his massive cock enter into her hot pussy. He fucked her slowly making sure she would get use to his size.““Ahh Yeaaaaa, more baby” Jasmine said. Ken began to speed up the pace causing his stomach to go up and down. “Go deeper, Go deeper” Jasmine said. She felt his thrust becoming stronger. He pulled on Jasmine’s hair, as he entered Jasmine deeper. “OHhhhhhhhhh, Thats it baby!!!, Fuck with your massive cock”. Jasmine’s pussy was so hot and the feeling of her pussy cream around his dick was sending him to the edge. Ken growled and Jasmine moaned loudly. The windows in the car had fog up. The only sounds that could be heard was the sound Ken ramming his dick inside of Jasmine’s wet pussy. Jasmine put her hand on the window, it caused a hand imprint on the window.“Fuck my tight cunt” Jasmine said. Ken massive cock was buried deeply inside of Jasmine’s pussy. When Ken came, he unleashed his cum load into Jasmine’s hot sticky creamy pussy. Jasmine’s body reacted, she had an orgasm. Cum from him and Jasmine began running down from the top of ken’s dick down to his balls. “That was amazing Ken, you fucked me good and long. Ken laid on top of her and sucked on her breasts. Jasmine felt the cum that from the both of them trickling down to her ass cheeks. Her ass cheeks would soon be lotioned with cum. Ken laid his head down to relax but to suck her Jasmine’s nipples. He sucked and bit gently. Jasmine relaxed catching her breathe. She watched as Ken sucked and she moaned softly. Ken continued pleasuring her and peed on her. Jasmine felt Ken’s warm piss coming on her body.

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