She Was Bound To Enjoy It

First Taste Of Bondage

My lover,Alice, is a pretty open-minded lady, and when I suggested that we try some mild bondage games she was all for it. I made a set of padded Velcro cuffs, each attached to five feet of soft terylene strap as attachments to the bed legs. For our outdoor sessions I made some strong wooden pegs, about a foot long.

We used the gear for the first time at a motel, Alice insisting that I try it first!

We undressed each other and I attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles,-there was no way were they going to come off once tied, without releasing the straps. Then I lay on the bed on my back, and A. tied the straps tightly to to the bed legs, spreadeagling me. When I was helpless, she brought out a blindfold and a gag…she’d obviously been thinking inventively..!

With me helpless, blind and gagged, I awaited with some interest what would happen turned out to be Alice’s tongue on the base of my shaft,delicately licking my balls before kissing and nibbling up the length of my rapidly-stiffening prick.

Then I felt her fingers on my nipples,- (she knew how arousing I found it!), and she pinched, sucked and bit them until I was thrashing around, totally consumed with lust and only wanting to be loose and deep inside her. She slid up my body until her delicious cunt was over my mouth, pulling off the gag so that I could eat her. My stiff tongue was in her slit in a second, teasing her swelling clit and pushing deep inside her chamber of delights.Alice reached behind her and grasped my cock, wanking me slowly as I tongue-fucked her.

“Impatient boy”, she murmured, leaving my nipples, to slide down my chest and give my cock a little more attention. I felt her lips slide over my swollen wet tip, and she started to suck and bite me,-my prick was rigid, almost painfully swollen and throbbing. I could feel A.’s tits and nipples against my thighs and I strained at the wrist straps, wanting to get at her sweet arse to pull her down harder on to my prick. I felt my balls contract as I approached my climax, and so did Alice.

She slid her mouth off me, and the next sensation I had was of A’s sweet tight cunt screwing down onto my nob as she knelt astride my thighs. God! It felt sooo good! Then she started to shag me, slowly at first, as I matched her thrusts with mine, then she speeded up the rhythm, pulling almost off before slamming her wet snatch down hard onto my shaft ‘til my balls nearly disappeared up her slit…

Then, still shagging me senseless, she leaned forward and bit my nipples again.. just as I was approaching the point of no return, she pulled off me.

“Now tie me up and give me a thorough fucking” she gasped, undoing the straps,- she was so wet and ready for it..

With trembling hands I tied her onto the bed,-no gag or blindfold, as I wanted to see her face and listen to her (she has a great line in dirty talk as she approaches her climax..) I knelt between her spread thighs and ate her sweet wet pussy,-she tasted wonderful, as always. I licked and sucked her clit until she told me to get it in her without delay.!

I was pleased to obey, and, grasping her lovely tits, her nipples swollen as cherries, I rammed my eager cock into her, sliding right up until my balls were tight against her slit….I stayed still for a few seconds, savouring the wonderful feeling of her tight hot passage, until her gasping entreaties for me to finish her off triggered me to rut her deep and fast until we came together (don’t you just love it when it all comes together?!) She bucked her hips against mine and screamed softly as I shot my hot load deep inside her, and I felt her cunt tighten on me as she climaxed again and again..

We repeated the exercise in the woods a few weeks later, but with variations-Near our usual woodland rendezvous I found a beech tree of sufficient girth to tie Alice to in comfort. Her arms were tied around the tree and her legs spread wide and fixed to the ground with the restraints tied to the stakes.When I’d secured her she was wet with anticipation, I could see the juices on her hairs and her nipples were swollen in anticipation of the attention they were about to get from my teeth and tongue.

 I started by kissing her deeply as I caressed her gorgeous tits,rubbing her engorged nipples, causing her to shiver and thrust her hips at me, I knelt in front of her and tongued her pink slit, licking the beads of juice on her thatch, then licked her clit until she moaned with pleasure.

” Put it in”,she groaned,” Ram me with your prick!”

I stood and leaned forward until my throbbing prick was just touching her cunt lips, then thrust hard, Alice screamed softly as I filled her eager slit,and I could feel her sucking me in until my balls were tight against her cunt.

“Push, oh! push!” she gasped,“Fuck me hard,Cum inside me! Fuck me with your hot cock!”

I was on the brink, and A’s frenzied thrusts pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” I gasped, “I.m going to fill you with my hot cum!” As I said it my cock throbbed and I shot my load into A’s garden of delights. A came and came.and I could feel her cum on my shaft as I slowed my fucking,just sliding it in and out,squishing our juices so that they ran down our thighs.

I undid the straps and we went back to our bower and cuddled and felt each other up until I was hard enough to take A from behind. I couldn’t manage another climax, but A did.She always said how much she enjoyed taking it from behind.

Alice said that she’d had a lovely shag, but next time it would be me tied to the tree!

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