Sex Triangle

And So It Begins

I dashed in from the gym..dropping my kit on the bedroom floor and stripped off, I looked again at Allan’s text message and smiled, I sent a quick text back telling him that I was about to jump in the shower as sweat was running in rivulets down my breasts and I would be ready at 7,30 ! his reply ? “Don’t say things like that..I’m already feeling horny !” so I quickly text back “I’ll wear my chastity belt then ! Lol”

I jump in the shower and think back to the first and only time Allan and I had ever met, We had first made contact on a dating site but I had already met someone and was only looking for friendship..we hit it off straight away and I knew I had found a good friend, I also knew that he fancied me and I was quite taken with him.

I had been seeing John for 4 months but we had little in common and sex with him was boring and so I fantasized a lot ! I also had a couple of sexual encounters with girlfriends but hadn’t considered cheating on John with another man..until I met Allan ! As my mind wanders I take the shower head out of it’s cradle and aim it..full force at my pussy, I close my eyes and with my head now resting on the cool tiles it’s not long before I drop the shower head and push two fingers into my eager sex, I’m so horny I rub and flick my clit and it’s not long before I climax… I have a feeling tonight is going to be interesting, what Allan doesn’t know about me yet is that I’m insatiable..and I always get what I want !

I quickly dry myself off in front of the mirror paying particular attention to my clit (I love to play with myself in front of the mirror) and then I select a rather demure maxi-dress, not my favorite attire as I usually wear short skirts and dresses..I love to show off my legs as they lead to my greatest asset..Lol I then cover myself in cocoa butter body lotion and smooth it in gently, I stand back and view the result in the mirror, my breasts look amazing ! even if I do say so myself, I check the time and I have 10 minutes before Allan is due to arrive and so I quickly dry my hair..throw on my dress and a thong, a little make-up and I’m ready just as Allan arrives.

I run down the stairs..out the door and as I approach the car I can see that he is watching me in the rear-view mirror, I climb into the car and Allan is already undressing me..with his eyes that is, I decide I’m going to tease him a little tonight…We drive to a little country pub and decide to sit outside, Allan puts his arm around me as we talk and his fingers find the strap of my thong through my dress, he says “That’s a very flimsy chastity belt, shouldn’t pose too much of a problem” I laugh and tell him that he’s naughty..but I am naughty too, then he says “God I bet you taste good” and I reply “Well maybe someday you will find out” and I wink at him..The next hour is spent telling funny and naughty stories, plenty of innuendo, which I love..and then we decide to move on elsewhere, we walk over to the secluded car park and Allan suddenly pulls me to him and kisses me running his left hand lightly over my breasts and so I press my body onto his, I can feel his heart beating faster and the bulge in his trousers getting bigger, he pulls away from me and says once again “I bet you taste good” and so I reply “Lets get into the car, if you can reach are welcome to lick me” Allan looks at me with a smile on his face and dives into the car, I laugh and jump into the passenger seat, we kiss and my pussy is already convulsing at the thought of what may happen next, I remove my thong, lift up my dress and Allan leans over and plants kisses at  the apex of my thighs.. I groan and  my back arches, Allan pushes his tongue deep inside and I am already moist, wow he’s good..gripping the door handle I know it won’t be long before I cum and when I do it’s mind blowing ! I beg him to kiss me, I love to taste myself and then I climb into the back seat and with one leg over the back of the seat and one over the back of the passenger seat I spread my pussy lips wide for him to see, he licks his lips and admires wet pussy and then climbs over to join me, I cannot wait to release is cock from his jeans and when I do I am not disappointed, i reach out to grip him and his rather large cock jumps and throbs to my touch, I lean forward a little and he kneels either side of me so that I can take him in my mouth. He’s so big..I cannot get the full length into my mouth, as I lick and suck and nibble I play with myself, I am dripping wet by now and cannot wait to have him inside me and so I ask him to sit down and I jump astride him, I lower myself slowly onto his cock and I ride him like there’s no tomorrow….it doesn’t take long for me to cum again and again and again, 5 times in all before Allan shuddered to the most delicious climax ! We stayed there for a while, our sexes locked together and still pulsing from our amazing encounter. “I have a feeling we’ll be doing more of this” I say breathlessly..

“Hell yeah” he replies…

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